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Treatment Insights

Ambrosia has been raising industry standards for over 10 years, with a reputation for quality care. A team of passionate professionals surrounds each client to ensure progress is made every single day. Evidence-based therapies address the physical, mental & spiritual aspects of the disease. In the comfortable, palm-tree lined surroundings, clients are at ease and focused on their own healing. Both family & alumni remain supported with 24/7 help that never expires.

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Ambrosia is a beautiful place, and it is a great environment to get sober. Ambrosia focused on client needs in a caring and attentive fashion.


Ambrosia has a friendly staff, and the facility is beautiful.


Ambrosia is a place that truly cares about the clientele, Ambrosia has a staff that truly cares and they work as a team to get the client in a good place.


Ambrosia saved my life!! I was in a hopeless state of mind, body, and spirit. Ambrosia has given me the tools to truly feel confident in maintaining my sobriety. I am truly grateful for what Ambrosia ...


Ambrosia is a beautiful place to get clean, and they are equipped with staff that truly care about the clientele.


Ambrosia is a place that I would recommend to a family member.


I had a very positive experience here, this is the first treatment center I have ever completed, and I am very grateful to the staff for helping me along this journey.


overall great experience. very grateful for the staff here, would recommend this facility 10/10 to anyone struggling with an addiction problem.


i had an amazing experience here, i came in kicking and screaming i didn't want to stay but i have to tell you the staff is very good at what they do and i thank them for putting up with me. i love yo...


Ambrosia Singer Island is a beautiful facility, the staff is friendly and kind and goes out of their way to make you feel comfortable. Ambrosia Singer Island put a lot of my problems into perspective ...


I came here for a stabilization period I was welcomed with open arms, and I was truly able to get the help that I need to get while being here, they were very accommodating to my needs. I would highly...


I love everything about Ambrosia I am very grateful to have been able to come back here after my last relapse. They really care about you as a client, but more importantly as a person, I owe a lot to ...


great staff, good food, beautiful views, amazing amenities, treat you like adults, i mean what more can i really say? it was a great experience, i truly valued my time here i felt like i got exactly w...


I love each and all of the staff here they go above and beyond to make your experience comfortable, safe and nice. The staff are superstars, I wish i could take them all home with me, there isn't a lo...


This place went above and beyond to make my stay accommodating for me. The staff was very kind, helpful, the techs are all great, they work harder then most people here and don't get a lot of the cred...


My experience at Ambrosia was very eye opening, I got to know my self very well while I was here, and I was able to fully open up about my addiction problems. I like the fact that it is age appropriat...


I don't have anything bad to say about this place if you are looking to heal then you should highly consider coming here. i have never been to treatment before and although i was scared i made the lea...


Ambrosia is a gorgeous facility, the look of it, the clinical staff, the aftercare staff, the techs, I mean everyone is genuinely phenomenal here. The food is subpar, honestly i would prefer to just g...


I was very hesitant to come to treatment, but with the help of all of the staff members, i am able to say that I made it, and i feel like i have a real shot, I didn't want to stay down here after trea...


I can't say enough good things about this program. I never thought I would be able to go to a program dedicated to my needs, and it met every expectation. I asked god for a long time for a miracle, an...


I have to say, my experience here was wonderful. I was able to enjoy yoga, massages, acupuncture, fishing on the dock, and really indulging fully in my recovery. The fact that the community is older, ...


Ambrosia Singer Island was a breath of fresh air. I didn't think it were possible to have such a beautiful facility to go to, the fact that it's age appropriate, on the water, catered, and has the mos...


saved my life ... real grateful for the staff thank you for everything


Has to be the worst place I've ever been. Food is terrible, therapy is very poor. Non CHRISTIAN.


ambrosia is by far the best treatment center i've ever been too.


I couldn't put this more simply, ambrosia saved my life. i love you all.


I couldn't have asked for more of a safe haven to change my life, this treatment center isnt like any other treatment center, they care about you, help you, and guide you, i am very thankful for the s...


Phenomenal facility, truly grateful for the experience of me being here.. the staff was truly a god sent to me..


I love Ambrosia, and am forever thankful for it, amazing facility, top notch.


Ambrosia is an amazing facility, great staff, beautiful residences, helpful and accommodating in all ways


I have been here for almost a month now, Ambrosia Singer Island is a beautiful facility, the clinical staff is amazing, and i would recommend to anyone. When you first get here they treat you with the...


Horrible #1 the website pictures are bullcrap I wouldn't let my dog sleep there very unprofessional dirty dirty dirty dirty I was told I was going to Singer Island that was not the building that I wen...


Ambrosia Singer Island was a phenomenal treatment center !


Facility: 11/10 Would Recommend. Housing is very clean, and one of the nicest places I have stayed in Florida. Clinical Support: I have been able to work through alot of things that I have never been ...


The staff are all very nice and helpful. The therapy is top notch. They have great amenities that you normally don't find at treatment centers. There were lots of activities that are provided by Ambro...


Fantastic location and accommodations paired with world class professional addiction services. Ambrosia has one of the best reputations in the industry and takes the health and well being of their pat...


Ambrosia of Singer Island is a special place that is dedicated to any individual who is trying to better their life. It provides the tools and care needed in a comfortable setting that allows an indiv...


Ambrosia Singer Island is the best treatment center available for 35 and older. The staff is absolutely amazing and management is just as amazing. Life is great when you "Let go absolutely"


I have spoken twice with the person who answers the phone. She does not have a professional tone or attitude with someone trying to ask about a lived one who has been admitted there. She is not compas...


Excellent, from the beginning of my treatment until I left, I was treated like a real person. I learned how to not have another relapse. I'm feeling stronger , and ready for a sober life that I was mi...


Excellent treatment center. Staff was excellent. Great accommodations.


this place saved my life. age appropriateness helped me out a lot the clinical staff knows what they are doing wouldn't go anywhere else.


phenomenal treatment center. very effective.


I showed up to treatment a broken person. At Ambrosia, I learned how to live a good life without drugs and alcohol. There was a caring therapist and helped me look deep inside and heal old wounds. I d...


My brother came to Ambrosia in 2015. This place really went above and beyond to help my whole family heal. The family sessions were amazing and really helped my parents and I to understand addiction a...


I did everything they said they told me I would get my phone to use it to morning I was leave when I demanded my phone the next morning after I was told I would get it they refused to give it to me ...


I finally let me who go and admitted I had a problem. I came to ambrosia with mix emotions on my diasese and wasn\'t fully committed. But with the help with the staff there I went all in, I had nothi...


I loved my time there, I was treated like a good person that has a disease that is treatable. I loved the trust I was given and the level of treatment was outstanding.


I am coming up on 3 years sober and I believe Ambrosia saved my life. They gave me the tools I needed to continue to live my life sober. They did set me up for After care but after my interview with t...


Exceptional Experience! 2 or 3 group meetings a day based on day of the week


Excellent counselors, great food, beautiful surroundings, thorough aftercare plan.


Outpatient counseling and doctors appointments were my aftercare.


I attended outpatient treatment as my aftercare. Greatly enjoyed this facility.

Areas of Focus
Joint Commission (JCAHO) Gold Seal

Feel confident knowing you chose the highest accreditation in healthcare, earned by less than 10% of addiction treatment facilities.

Affordable, World-Class Rehab

Address the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the disease with both proven and innovative individualized treatments — often fully covered by private insurance.

Reputation for Quality Care

Work with the country's best therapists, physicians and recovery specialists to ensure genuine progress is being made every day.

Free Recovery Helpline

Get answers, support and a personalized recovery plan that fits your specific medical and insurance needs — even if it’s not with us.

24/7 Family Support

Receive personal feedback on how to offer support without enabling and communicate without triggering — available via phone, text, email and in-person meetings.

Commitment to Complete Recovery

Know that life-long help is available with no expiration.

Alumni Testimonials
  • The therapy at Ambrosia has changed my opinion on therapy overall. Without their help, I would've never talked about the things that I was able to start working through while I was here. It's a supportive environment with the structure needed to heal and grow as a person. This experience helped me get in touch with who I am outside of being an addict.
    Antonio R.
  • Ambrosia changed my sister's life. That's not an exaggeration. She had been to several other facilities, with little, short-lived success, but Ambrosia was the only one that kept her sober for over a year now. She's a whole new person!
    Missy S.
  • Everyone was so supportive. I was scared when I came in, but the therapists brought a lot out of me. All the exercises and classes on how to prevent relapse have been life changing. This never would have happened if I didn't come here!
    Jean M.
  • I knew I made the right decision as soon as I settled in. Moving away from my home up north was uncomfortable, but Ambrosia made me feel welcome and cared about. I've never seen a treatment center where the counselors care as much as these ones do.
    Kali S.
  • I constantly wonder if I'm doing enough, if I'm saying the right things. There's a weight of guilt and worry that I carry around, though I have a hard time letting go of the anger and resentment too. It's a struggle, but Ambrosia is there for me 24/7. They have been life-changing for both me and my sister’s recovery.
    Elizabeth K.
Key Staff Members
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    Vanessa Fernandez MS, LMHC - Clinical Supervisor

    Vanessa was inspired to work in the addiction treatment industry after witnessing some of her best friends transform in their recovery. For the past three years, she has worked as a primary therapist helping individuals at multiple of levels of care. In addition to substance abuse treatment, her diverse background includes co-occurring mental health, family dynamics and self-esteem building.

    “My goal is to make clients realize that not feeling is no replacement for reality. Their problems today are still their problems tomorrow. When we help them face these problems and feel their feelings, they become stronger than their excuses.”

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    Brenda Ott CAC, LCADC, CCDP, ICADC, ICCDP - Primary Therapist

    Brenda has seen it all in her thirty years of experience as an alcohol, drug and mental health therapist. She maintains five industry certifications that require her to upload the highest national, international and Florida-specific standards.

    “People aren't addicted to alcohol or drugs, they're addicted to escaping reality. My job is to empathize in a way that also holds them accountable for change. The reality is that people do recover. I see it every day.”