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Port St Lucie, FL 34986
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Treatment Insights

Ambrosia has earned an industry-leading reputation for quality care. Located in beautiful Port St. Lucie, FL, this specific Ambrosia center offers comprehensive drug and alcohol addiction treatment, with a focus on young adults. The resort-like residential facilities provide safety and comfort, while holistic treatment modalities restore the body, mind and spirit. Clients learn the tools and skills to build a solid foundation for a happy, fulfilling and productive life. Everyone that contacts Ambrosia is made a priority, which continues for a lifetime through wellness support for both alumni and loved ones. While other treatment centers also talk about individualized drug and alcohol addiction treatment, the concept is truly ingrained into everything Ambrosia does. The facility is committed to your complete, lasting recovery.

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This place is a absolute joke of a rehab . They make it seem like alot is being done while kids just run off to get High and they accept them back as long as Mommy and daddy’s insurance is good. The...

Pete N

I recommend anyone to come to this facility therapy is extremely helpful.

J. P.

I loved my experience here. I felt that all my assignments hit everything that I've been avoiding over the years and helped me more than I thought was possible. The staff cares so much and goes above ...

A. D.

Ambrosia is a great experience for young adults whom are trying to recover from substance abuse. During my experience, I have encountered genuine care and concern for me and I have witnessed the love ...

D. C.

I learned a lot about myself and came to accept the fact that I am an alcoholic and I do need help. I learned a lot from other people and a lot about this disease. I feel like I am in a much better he...

M. R.

This place helped me so much in so many ways! I have never had this much growth in my life! I never thought I would be happy sober. I never thought I would get rid of insecurities and talk to people w...


My experience was very comfortable, I didn't not like anything! They really helped me to feel better about getting sober! The staff was great! Very helpful, kind, and easy to relate too! The housing i...

Lucas P.

Ambrosia really helped me with getting clarity on things and maturing me more than I was before. The therapy was really good and helped me out a lot. The staff was really good, I don't have one compla...


This is a very nice facility. Everyone is extremely helpful, very friendly. Always got me what I needed when I needed it. The food is great and the housing is very nice!

M. F. B.

The difference between New York treatment centers and Ambrosia is like jail and going swimming. The staff was very good, excellent. Always very respectful and helpful. The housing was great too! They ...


Everybody was very helpful here and treated me well and was very comforting. They all did their very best to help me and were supportive. The housing was good, there were things to do, entertainment, ...

J. B.

The staff is excellent and goes above and beyond for you! They helped me with everything! This is my fourth, unfortunately, and they are absolutely 100% the best program I have ever been in. They are ...


They helped me be comfortable while going through withdrawals. The management handles situations very well. The staff was phenomenal! The housing was good too!

G. B.

The staff was great! They definitely know how to handle situations and if you needed someone to talk to there was always someone there. The housing was nice and made me feel so comfortable. All of the...

P. R.

The staff is awesome, they are really nice people. I didn't have an issue with anyone, I think every single employee is awesome! I learned how to open up about my issues and be less shy. The therapy w...

K. M.

I worked on a lot of trauma while I was there and got a lot of help! They helped me with self-pity, self-loathing, and getting out of my head. I also built a relationship with a higher power while I w...


Ambrosia really helped me stabilize my moods and how to cope with my mental health! I learned a lot of coping skills for life, that I don't have to pick up! The staff was great and very helpful! When ...


Ambrosia really helped me learn how to deal with my family in a healthy way and how to be more patient. I also learned self-acceptance for who I am and where I am at in my life! The staff made me feel...

T. T.

This place saved my life! Ambrosia has gone above and beyond for me when I had lost all hope and faith in myself. They have become a second family to me, and I would not be where I am today without th...


Ambrosia really helped me learn how to cope with my trauma, becoming stable enough to further my recovery outside of treatment, and coping skills that are necessary, easy to use, and that I like doing...


Ambrosia really helped me get used to outside 12 step meetings and knowing they are an important part of my aftercare plan. They helped me learn how to communicate better and helped me get back into p...


I really liked it at Ambrosia. Everyone was really helpful. My therapist was great and really helped me to get to know myself and what was really bothering me. They helped me a lot with my co-dependen...


Ambrosia was helpful with stabilization and planning goals to work towards outside of recovery. They helped me find productive ways to execute my goals and recognizing ineffective behaviors for my rec...


Ambrosia really helped me learn life skills such as cooking and cleaning up. It's not like other treatment centers, they teach you how to live on your own so it's not a big shock. They take it very se...

J. P.

I am very pleased with the treatment that I have received while here. The staff members and the program truly helped me work towards my assertiveness and recovery. I don't have anything negative to sa...

T. W.

All of the counselors are very knowledgeable and good at their jobs. Ambrosia is very welcoming and supportive. They actually touched on the things that I said I wanted help with and individualized it...

M. M.

Coming in from rehab hopping and continual substance abuse, this place really changed me. I learned the underlying reasons for my addiction, coping skills, getting to know who I am, learning to be vul...

J. J. C.

Ambrosia has helped me learn how to open up more and talk to people! I have learned to talk about what I have been through and learned how to cope with my feelings and emotions! Staff is really good a...


The staff was really helpful and my therapist was amazing! Everyone is very kind and open-minded! I learned how to be happy in my recovery and not have to use! This place helped change my life by lear...

A. R.

Ambrosia is awesome! They helped save my life! They helped me become more self-aware and helped me identify underlying issues! The staff is very understanding and willing to help with anything and eve...

N. R.

Ambrosia helped me to be open-minded and willing to take on the program. The staff were all very helpful and enlightening. I was very down on myself, low-self-esteem, and angry. Now I am not so angry ...


Ambrosia is awesome! I will be recommending this place to anyone whom is struggling! The staff are all great! They helped me learn to be myself, learn to respect myself and others, and helped me a lot...


Ambrosia gave me a lot of insight and was very uplifting. As I went through the emotional roller coaster of getting sober, they knew how to comfort me and how to work through it. The staff was phenome...


Ambrosia treatment centers in my opinion is one the best treatments around at this time, if you actually want to be clean and sober as well learn to be self-sufficient this is the place to go. i have ...


Ambrosia helped me to actually start loving myself and made me look at life in a different perspective. I really loved all of the staff and worked through things I had never worked through before. Amb...

K. A.

The experience was really beneficial for me here. I have never been able to talk about my trauma the way that I have been able to here. I have healed in so many ways. I feel like I got the tools I nee...

T. M.

Ambrosia is a very close knit community. Everyone in the staff does very well at their job and cares. They helped me with focusing on areas that I needed to focus on in my recovery and helped me get o...

T. M.

Ambrosia really helped me work through the loss of my father, things from when I was a kid, and learning what recovery is really about. All of the counselors and techs were really helpful. Everyone tr...


I love Ambrosia! This facility knows how to rehabilitate and deal with trauma while building character. I don't know what I would do if I had not received the help that I did here. The staff is wonder...


I loved how most people are in recovery and there is a lot of support. Family day, groups, and my therapy was amazing. I like how there was a set routine daily to help prepare me for when I get out. T...


The facility is a lot better than other facilities and has different approaches to recovery. The staff is really friendly and helpful. My therapist was amazing and helped me work through trauma. They ...


Ambrosia has changed my perception of rehab. I learned a lot about myself that I would not have learned otherwise. The therapist have really helped me to search inside myself and find out who I really...


My experience was really great! They helped me a lot with my anxiety and getting to know myself better. They helped me get out of my comfort zone and open up. The staff was great, they are all really ...

D. L.

It was a great experience and I wish I could stay longer. Everything was good. When I first got here, I didn't want to be here but it turned into me wanting to stay longer. I got a lot of help with my...


Ambrosia is great and they helped me with a lot of coping skills to get through every day life and work through my trauma. I never thought I would be able to get through some of the things that have h...

A. G.

The therapists are really great and helped me so much! All of the techs were fanstastic! I feel like I have made good bonds with staff. I will feel guilty if I relapse because I feel like I would let ...


Ambrosia is excellent because they helped me get through things that I could not get through alone. The staff was fantastic, they actually care about you and were very helpful. My therapist helped me ...


I had a really good experience! I learned a lot about how not to react on impulse, getting honest with myself and catching myself when I begin sinking back into old behaviors. The staff is really good...

D. T.

I have been to treatment centers before and this was the best experience I have ever had! The approach was great. I needed the structure because when I don't feel like doing something I don't do it. I...


This is the best treatment center I have ever been too. The staff was great and helpful through any issues that I had. The setting and scenery here is nice. A lot of opportunity to get out of yourself...

D. H.

I had an overall great experience and I don't have any complaints. The therapy was really good and I am usually against therapy. Now I'm willing to continue therapy after treatment. Every one here has...

R. K.

My therapist helped me forgive myself and work through guilt and shame. This is my 16th treatment center and I got the most out of this place! Top therapists and efficient discharge planner! Highly re...

M. L.

By far the best clinical I have ever had. The therapist are amazing and all of the stuff are very understanding and helpful. It's a very comfortable place where you feel safe and that you can share in...


Ambrosia was something that changed my life. It helped me with the beginning stages of my recovery and I am excited to see what happens in the future and to stay sober. When I first I got here, I wasn...

P. M.

It was a good experience. I gained a lot out of the program. I learned what I need to do when I get out and what I need to work on. I also learned a lot of good coping skills with my therapist. The ho...


When I first came I wasn't ready to share everything. I didn't trust anyone. After that, my therapist really helped me to start sharing and gained my trust. I started listening to his guidance. I have...

D. M.

Ambrosia really helped me get into deep rooted issues. They helped me manage my PTSD and flashbacks as well. The therapy sessions were very vital to me staying sober. The staff and therapist were amaz...

S. M.

My experience was great with Ambrosia. It's a very good rehab and I learned a lot about myself. I actually gave it a shot this time and I am grateful for all they have done for me.


It is a good place because I always had someone to talk to and I had time to reflect on what I had done. The staff is nice and I appreciate all they do.


They helped me with understanding addiction and how to overcome it. As well as how to make good changes in my life. The staff is really good and want to help you. I would suggest Ambrosia for any addi...


Ambrosia has dedicated staff that's personally invested in helping their clients get well. My experience here was great and I would recommend it to other people seeking recovery.


Ambrosia helped me with learning about coping skills, my higher power, and helped me to grow as a person. The staff is very kind and care about you. I would recommend this place to people I love and c...


I came down and was comfortable right away. I was able to open up immediately. I got out things that I thought I would never talk about and take to my grave. I felt safe with my therapist and group. I...

J. C.

I got a lot out of it even thought I didn't want to be here at first. The houses and pools are really nice. The staff is really good and they made it comfortable. I'm glad that I stayed and now I'm ne...


It was a fabulous program. The staff actually care about you. All of the groups are very well done and versatile. They helped me work through a lot of my trauma. The programming is consistent with gro...


It was great! It was really easy for me to feel comfortable here. The staff was welcoming and my counselor really helped me a lot. I learned tools on how to manage my depression and anxiety. When I ca...


Wonderful facility, i have scoliosis, and really had a hard time sleeping on these beds, the could be a little bit better. great food great therapists.


this place is amazing. i would recommend to all my family and friends. if anybody needs help with drug addiction i would recommend ambrosia. best rehab experience.

R. P.

Ambrosia educated me on my dug addiction and how to get and stay sober. This program changed my perception on life and showed me that it's possible to be happy and functional in life without drugs. Th...


Ambrosia had helped me get through my trauma by helping me to dig deeper and that i was not alone.


Amazing clinical team.


My stay at ambrosia was amazing all of the groups were very effective and I learned a lot about myself the couselers were amazing


got vary good life skill to take with me from ambrosia. councilor have help me a lot with my trauma and to be more open about it. i had a really great time and enjoyed my stay at ambrosia


Ambrosia helped me with my grief issues and my co dependent issues but most of all how to live life on life's terms. Something I struggled with for years. They taught me not only how to stop using but...


Ive been through many others treatment centers and this place has been the most caring out of all of them and helped me to get in touch with my inner self and learn the right way to jump into recovery


I thought Ambrosia was very effective. They really cared about me and my well being. They did not focus on only the substance abuse but the root of the problem which i really appreciated. I felt cared...


I think ambrosia was an incredible humbling experience. I truly processed and identified where my core problems and actions stemmed from. for the first time in my life i feel free . i would recommend ...


I found my spirit animal.... Fact! I had the most solid tech Ive ever had. One staff has helped me more than ever, shes an angel and she deserves a raise. My favorite person PERIOD, shes definitely ge...


I love this place & would definitely recommend anyone who is struggling with addiction to attend this facility.


This jawn was fire


I received a lot of coping skills from ambrosia to deal with my anxiety and the trauma that I went through in the past. My counselor was a great counselor and helped me very much with all of my trauma...


I had a really good expience in ambrosia,the service and recovery was really good. i would recommend this treatment center to friends and family.


amazing program


it was amazing!


AMBROSIA was the best treatment center i could have on my side. They were there for me and took care of me.


I had an amazing therapist. not seeing the doctor much sucked.


this was the best experience of my life! Ambrosia has helped me in so many ways to achieve my sobriety. the staff are so great.i enjoyed everyday and looked forward to my small group therapy. i can no...


great staff. great therapists. very nice facility. over all great treatment center


I feel that Ambrosia was a good fit for me. I have been to several treatment facility's and Ambrosia is on the top of the list. I would recommend this place to anyone who struggles with substance abus...


This place is the bees knees


Horrible place that only cares about making money. Super unprofessional and unorganized.One staff member is the only good thing about that place.


it was really nice and all staff were very helpful and made the experience much better than i expected. i enjoyed my time there


this place really helped me. staff are the best


Ambrosia is the only place I have been that truly cares about helping me learn how to maintain long term sobriety. At Ambrosia I have more than just assistance with my substance abuse, but how to mana...


There is too much leisure time and the staff does not provide any activities to engage in during that time.


Amazing counselors and staff that actually care about you. My time at Ambrosia was very helpful and I learned alot.


Ambrosia and the therapists here probably saved my life. they gave me insight into my true self.


Ambrosia treatment centers was an amazing place to work on myself. My recovery would have been totally different if I hadn't come here. All the therapists and staff were amazing!


my experience was great, i learned a lot about my self and the disease of addiction i enjoyed my therapist and the staff


Wonderful staff, very effective program!


Of the numerous treatment centers I have attended Ambrosia was the most effective & educational one yet. The staff is extremely intuitive in not only recovery but in assisting clients through their tr...


the staff was excellent. They really helped me when i was down and picked me up and dropped fire on me which changed my life. I had the best therapist to ever do it. This place is a dream come true.


Ambrosia Treatment Center in Port Saint Lucie revitalized my perspective on my ability to maintain sobriety. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to complete such a strong program. The counselors ...


This has been the best rehab i have been to. The staff are very supportive. The therapists work with you and your problems individually. Ambrosia changed my life for the better and I cant thank them e...


I had a great experience at ambrosia PSL. It was probably the most successful treatment i have been to. I recommend this place to anyone who is struggling with addiction and the clinical therapists ar...


Ambrosia was very welcoming, all of the staff really cares about the people that stay here. i would recommend this treatment facility to anyone close to me.


Excellent treatment center. Gave me all the tools and knowledge I need to stay sober.


The staff really cares and the therapy and small groups are extremely effecive


Ambrosia completely changed my life, they offered me the trauma counseling that i needed and was able to give me insight to my addiction that i haven't already heard before, i love this place with eve...


Ambrosia has changed my life for the better


This is the best treatment center you can go to. The therapists are amazing and all the staff is friendly. You go out to the beach and 12 Step Meetings almost everyday. This treatment center is like a...




Ambrosia was a great facility with a great staff who had a great knowledge about addiction and recovery.


I have previously been to 3 treatment centers, and by far Ambrosia was the most effective and enjoyable one I have attended. The counselors are extremely educated about the disease and provide efficie...


I attended Ambrosia Treatment Center and was extremely satisfied with my stay.


Staff are super friendly, go to the beach every week, there's a pool at the houses, you're respected and treated well.


they really helped me work on trauma this time around and i fell like that's gonna allow me to maintain long term sobriety.. all staff here are great!


I came to Ambrosia PSL for a 2 week stabilization before going to an aftercare program and was honestly surprised at how well this place runs and all they have to offer. All of the staff and other cli...


I have been to multiple treatment centers and Ambrosia has by far made the most impact on my life and I look forward to the next step.


its great its amazing it had free food and massages and chiropractors


Ambrosia has played and imperative part in my recovery. They provided a safe & very comfortable environment for me to begin to recover. The therapeutic experience was very realistic & has given me gre...


This is an amazing treatment center


This place was great. staff was great.


I love Ambrosia i would recommend it to all my friends. Beast rehab i have ever been to.


This time at ambrosia was only for a stabilization but overall it was a good experience. the community was pretty small but it was tight knit so that was good. the groups always had some substance beh...


this place really helped me reach my goals of sobriety and showed me tools on how to keep it.


staff was really nice and helpful when i needed help. the clinical team was very helpful when i first got to ambrosia, i really enjoyed my experience here!


Ambrosia Treatment Center was very useful for me and effective. Good Techs and very caring counselors.


I had a good experience enjoyed attending outside meetings


i would definitely recommend this place everyone was very nice and always helpful and i had some fun times here .


Ambrosia really cares about there clients and does everything they can to help them out. The Facilities are extremely nice and accommodating!!!!


very great facility. All the staff honestly cares and im glad i came.

Dylan K

it was good


i love this place and the people that work here are phenomenal

Donald L

During my stay here at Ambrosia, I have had a wonderful experience. The staff is amazing and offer you any help that you could possibly need. The housing situation was great as well, and the clients h...


Ambrosia is amazing!!!! This place changed my life! I have no complaints whatsoever!!! They have best tech ever!!!


Ambrosia is a great treatment center


Very different approach to addiction which is more realistic. Staff was amazing. The wellness program for parents is a life savor. I am still contacted by them months later to see how I am doing. Woul...


This facility was great


Wow ambrosia in port st lucie is amazing when i came on there i was lost and my councilor helped me find myself and and not only focused on drugs but the underlying issues that make us continue go dow...


When I found out about my son\'s addiction, I had no idea what to do or where to turn. By the grace of God, he landed at Ambrosia in Port St Lucie. He received compassionate treatment that is helping ...


Personally, this is the best rehab I have ever been to. They don\'t treat clients like patients but more as fellow addicts. The houses I stayed in are beautiful and clean, and very spacious. Most of t...


detox, it was wonderful


Wonderful place that not only treats the individual who is suffering but the family as well


My daughter was in Ambrosia. She is now 26 with 5 1/2 years clean. I felt like they truly cared about her and her recovery. There are some wonderful people who work for Ambrosia.


The support given to the family was over the top ! They still reach out and contact me months after discharge ! Would highly recommend


They stay in touch, very helpful


The Treatment for My son was Amazing. The Competence, efficiency & aptitude of the Staff is second to none. My son is doing great & is on the right path. Thank you to all who saved His life & Gave us ...


Amazing, beautiful, clean facility. My sister went to Ambrosia PSL and has been sober now for over 3 years. We go back for alumni get togethers every few months and the staff is always so friendly & t...


Ambrosia saved my son. It is the very first place I recommend to family or friends who are dealing with addiction for themselves or lived ones.


My daughter at the time was 22 now 25 was taken from the airport to a detox place which looked rather sketchy. After detox she was housed with others elsewhere and felt rather unsafe by a few of the g...


There was one staff member in particular who was a strength of the facility. However, the director is a uncaring cold and more like a dictator. No communication nor parent education Driven by greed...


I found that Ambrosia cared about my son and about me as his mother.


Horrible, my son died within 48 hours of discharge after a two-month admission.

Areas of Focus
Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

Patients who undergo intensive outpatient treatment continue to live at home and sometimes go to school or work while participating in a highly structured treatment protocol that is focused on ending substance abuse. Programs vary in terms of how much treatment patients receive, how often and for how long. Some facilities design individualized intensive outpatient treatment programs.

Residential Treatment

Residential treatment programs provide housing (food and meals) in addition to treatment for substance abuse. Some facilities offer only short-term residential treatment, some offer only long-term treatment and others offer both, ranging from a few days to many months, based on patient needs.

Key Staff Members
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    Ashley Bassett LCSW - Clinical Supervisor

    Ashley began working for Ambrosia in November 2011. She continued her education to obtain her Master’s in social work and brings knowledge and experience in mental health into treatment. Ashley brings forth an empathetic and direct approach for assisting the client in the first steps to their sobriety. “It’s crucial for each client to be aware of their emotions and their actions. My proven method in assisting clients enlightens clients in their early recovery.”

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    Dr. Duy Nguyen DO - Medical Director

    Dr. Nguyen is a graduate of Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences and completed his psychiatric residency training at Palm Beach Consortium for Graduate Medical Education. Dr. Nguyen has served the South Florida community since 2012 and has extensive inpatient, residential and outpatient experience in drug detox, addiction and mental health. “I believe in a comprehensive, holistic treatment approach which focuses on integrating and enhancing spiritual, mental and physical health.”