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Treatment Insights

Whether you’re looking for trauma therapy, addiction treatment, or mental health work, All Points North Lodge exists to bring healing to dysfunctional behaviors and their root causes. For you or your loved one, there is hope – no matter the past. Via telehealth counseling or in the beautiful mountains of Colorado, our expert team offers custom-curated treatment selected for each individual and personalized for your needs and goals. With whole-person care, your story matters, and you’re more than a medical chart. We offer opportunities for physical, emotional, and spiritual health. We focus on families. If you’re staying 28 days or longer, we offer your family members a weekly therapist appointment too. Our trauma-integrated treatment goes beyond trauma-informed care to tackle addiction, trauma, and mental health by addressing the root causes instead of just the symptoms. With our custom-curated care, your personalized treatment plan is made specifically for you – based on your needs and the therapies that are right for you.

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I have waited nine months to write this review to give myself some time to consider how to adequately express myself and "cool off" from my absolutely disappointing experience. Unfortunately, my mind ...


My therapist Lana on my second session with her broke my ROI and HIPPA laws. We spent the following weeks trying to repair her screw up. She gave me “ homework “ to do in my room but we never got ...


The environment at the lodge is comfortable and safe to encourage the healing process. There are the comforts of home in AMAZING rooms, beautifully prepared meals, activities and adventures, and oppor...


I love the commitment as care provided by all the staff. That’s what makes working here so enjoyable. To see the difference when clients leave in tremendous!


All Points North Lodge truly exemplifies what “luxury treatment” should look like. From the beautiful mountainous location to the fabulous clinical services provided, I would not recommend any oth...


I went to All Points North Lodge to work on some anxiety related to past trauma. If I\'m honest, I was intimidated to start my program, because I was not sure how hard it would be to process my past i...

Areas of Focus
Trauma Therapy & Mental Health

All Points North Lodge accepts clients who are struggling with mental health or trauma—with or without the presence of an addiction. Mental health and trauma therapy are offered at the residential, PHP, IOP, and OP levels. Even in the absence of addiction, unresolved trauma can be crippling. Whether it manifests as PTSD, anxiety, depression, attachment disorders, codependence, or some other diagnosis or dysfunction, there is hope for healing. The team at APN Lodge is dedicated to helping you confront past trauma, resolve it, and finally move forward with direction and fulfillment.

Substance Abuse & Dual Diagnosis

APN Lodge is about much more than symptom management. With a heavy trauma integration, drug and alcohol treatment at APN Lodge looks below the surface to examine the root cause of dysfunctional behaviors and patterns. Therapy modalities include CBT, DBT, group work, family-focused treatment, psychodrama, experiential work, inner child work, post induction therapy, and more. After extensive assessment, treatment plans are custom-curated for each unique client. Levels of care available include residential, PHP, IOP, and OP. Social detox is offered at the Lodge, and higher levels of detox can be coordinated through APN Lodge's partnership network.

Telehealth: Virtual IOP and Outpatient Sessions

Addiction treatment, mental health, and trauma therapy are now available remotely through APN Connection: All Points North Lodge's exclusive telehealth app. Address the heart of the issues, find professional support, and make serious progress from the comfort of your own home. We are accepting clients for virtual IOP addiction and mental health programs. Individual and group sessions are also available. For more information or to see what your insurance may cover, contact the team at APN Lodge today.

Custom-Curated Care

APN Lodge is committed to person-centered, custom-curated care. Every residential client gets a one-on-one psychiatric evaluation with our staff physician. We carry out a comprehensive and reliable battery of indicated evidenced-based tests, assessments, and interviews that thoroughly examine all aspects of a guest’s condition – psychologically, physically, and spiritually. A one-on-one interview allows us to assess the biopsychosocial status of each individual. Evaluations also help to assess the origins of substance abuse and any indication of a dual-diagnosis.

Family Involvement

At All Points North Lodge, we are intentional with clients and their families. If families played a role in the circumstances surrounding the problematic behaviors, families must now learn healthier roles that lead to healing. After all, when clients go home, they go home to family. Our family-focused treatment guide both clients and their families to a deeper understanding of the emotional consequences which accompany addiction, mental health, the recovery process, and finding a new normal.

Alumni Testimonials
  • I received the care I never knew I needed, for the trauma that I knew was there, but had no clue the impact it had on my life by trying to suppress it for so long. The friends I've made there I'll be connected to forever, the scenery was incredible, and the staff there I'm indebted to. A price could never be placed on getting my sanity and confidence back, thank you, thank you, thank you. I can't wait to go back for alumni and recharge weeks in the future! Love this place.
    Elliot S.
  • A place where I got a second chance at life.
    Yitzy G.
  • There are no real words for me to express what your guidance and support have meant to me and my family. I would have rather met you under different circumstances but sometimes you do not get to choose how you encounter a gift.
Key Staff Members
  • Photo of Dr. Ryan Drzewiecki, PsyD
    Dr. Ryan Drzewiecki, PsyD - Director of Clinical Operations

    Dr. Ryan Drzewiecki is a licensed psychologist and experienced clinical director with over a decade of experience in his fields. After his undergraduate education at Northwestern University, he earned his masters and doctorate in clinical psychology from the Arizona School of Professional Psychology. Dr. Drzewiecki then completed his postdoctoral internship at the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation in Center City, Minnesota. During the internship, he created the National Screener position and championed the ongoing training of staff and students. In 2016, Dr. Drzewiecki began as Clinical Director for A New Leaf, a community non-profit which has provided housing, career guidance, family services, crisis support, and behavioral health to nearly 33,000 individuals throughout central Arizona. He created his own practice as a psychologist and consultant in 2018, specializing in substance abuse and other dependencies. Dr. Drzewiecki has consulted for various behavioral health companies and served as a board member for the Arizona Psychological Foundation in addition to a range of other volunteer activities.

  • Photo of Dr. Shahla Modir, MD
    Dr. Shahla Modir, MD - Chief Medical Officer

    Shahla Modir, MD joins APN Lodge as Chief Medical Officer with over ten years of experience in addiction, psychiatry, and integrative medicine. She is dual board-certified in Addiction and Psychiatry, serving as a diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and its Addiction Psychiatry certification. Dr. Modir completed a residency in General Psychiatry at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center and a 2-year fellowship in Addiction Psychiatry at UCLA Medical Center. For the past ten years, Dr. Modir has worked as medical director and chief psychiatrist for various dual diagnosis residential facilities. She collaborated with the leading experts from UCLA Integrated Substance Abuse Program to develop inpatient evidence-based treatment programs. This blend of experience has built her the credibility to evaluate and treat even the most complicated of patients. Dr. Modir has often served as an Addiction Psychiatry expert on various TV shows including The Doctors, Dr. Oz, Dr. Drew Life Changers, and the local ABC news. Dr. Modir is a licensed buprenorphine provider and a dual diagnosis expert. She received an NIH grant to study the effects of acupuncture and motivational interviewing on methamphetamine withdrawal symptoms and is trained in evidence-based psycho-social therapies such as motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, and dialectical behavioral therapy. She also has expertise in pharmacogenetic testing and MTHFR mutations. To round out her expertise at APN, Dr. Modir is also an Integrative Medicine expert. She is certified by UCLA-HMI to perform medical acupuncture and has completed a 2-year clinical Ayurvedic medicine specialist program. She was a Bravewell scholar and completed the Associate Fellowship at the University of Arizona Program in Integrative Medicine, led by renowned expert, Dr. Andrew Weil. She worked as an integrative medicine specialist and lecturer with Dr. Deepak Chopra at the Chopra Center. She also wrote a chapter for the textbook, Integrative Cardiology, edited by Jack Vogel, M.D., on Ayurvedic approaches to cardiovascular disease.

  • Photo of Jerry Vaccaro, MD
    Jerry Vaccaro, MD - President

    Jerry Vaccaro, M.D., joins APN Lodge as President with over 30 years of experience in Behavioral Health. Jerry received his Bachelor of Science in Biology and Sociology from City University of New York and his Doctor of Medicine in Psychiatry from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Over the course of his career, Jerry has progressed from Director of Community Psychiatry Programs at UCLA to CEO of some of the world’s largest behavioral health companies. Dr. Vaccaro served as President & CEO of PacifiCare Behavioral Health, CEO of United Behavioral Health, and President & CEO of APS Healthcare. While at United Behavioral Health, Dr. Vaccaro was responsible for the Behavioral Health oversight of over 33 million lives. Dr. Vaccaro has also served as an advisor to the White House during his career. Dr. Vaccaro joins APN Lodge as a key member of the leadership team. Dr. Vaccaro‘s clinical background, paired with his years of leadership at Behavioral Health conglomerates, is incredibly unique and an invaluable asset to APN Lodge’s high standards of care and far-reaching vision.

  • Photo of Lana Seiler, MSW, LCSW
    Lana Seiler, MSW, LCSW - Associate Director of Clinical Operations

    Lana is a licensed clinical social worker and Associate Director of Clinical Operations at APN Lodge. Lana places a high value on “holding space” for guests to process their experiences and begin to heal. She is a champion of holistic and scientific mental health and addiction treatment, helping clients fight for their development of a healthier view of themselves, others, and the world. Those hard-won results are her greatest reward. Lana was born and raised in Delray Beach, FL and received a double BA in political and social science from Florida Atlantic University in 2008. After moving to New York City and completing a yoga teacher training program, she discovered a passion for somatic processing and effective trauma treatment. Lana returned to Delray Beach in 2010 to earn her master’s degree in social work from Florida Atlantic University and was selected for a clinical internship at the VA in West Palm Beach where she gained valuable clinical experience working with veterans suffering from severe and persistent mental illness. Since graduating and gaining licensure, Lana has attended numerous trainings and read extensively on treating developmental trauma in adults with or without co-occurring disorders. She has trained in EMDR, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Neurolinguistic Programming and Risking Connection, Internal Family Systems methods, AEDP, Neurolinguistic Affective Relational Model and completed a six-week intensive trauma therapy training led by Bessel Van Der Kolk. Lana recently relocated to the Vail area and loves time spent with her partner of four years and puggle named Lily.