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Treatment Insights

Treatment at Alina Lodge is based on the idea that addiction is a chronic, progressive and potentially fatal disease that is also highly treatable. Effective recovery involves the changing of attitudes, values, feelings and family roles, and Alina is dedicated giving individuals the therapeutic tools to begin this process. The hope is that clients will leave the rehab with a renewed feeling of optimism, as well as the coping skills to maintain a long and satisfying life in sobriety.

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This place is a prison like setting, facilitors are like correctional officers(Keys claining and walkie talkies) watching your every move and reported! The is no program, you sit around a lot and give...


I believe The Lodge is a vital part of my recovery from alcoholism. The Lodge was the start. It was there for me when I finally reached my bottom. At the point I got to The Lodge I had a tiny amount o...


Most bizarre experience of my life. Definitely not a normal rehab, you can't really understand it unless you experience it. We had to sing, we were allowed outside to walk around a "track" (a cement d...


I've read the reviews and have to agree with all of them! Yes it is a "long-term" up to a year or more stay, but that time is necessary for each individual whom has been living in the throws of addict...


So I left this facility around the halfway mark (avg stay is 11-13 months despite what their web sight might say). First the positives...the councilors and staff generally do care for the students wel...


I have been to Alina twice and it has been the only rehabs were I have been able to leave and maintain long term sobriety. It is a big scary step to take but alcoholism is no joke and Alina helped me ...


Archaic, outdated program stressing shame and isolation as a means of recovery. Perhaps it was once effective for juvenile delinquents, but no one should ever send a loved one there. There are better ...


My daughter was at Alina Lodge for 12 months. She credits her time here for saving her life. Her words not mine. Her spiral down into addiction was a slow painful one for her and us, her family. She r...


I am confident that were it not for Alina, my loved one would have succumbed to the disease of addiction. After a little more than a year he is restored to health and hopeful for his future. Alina...


This place saved my life, sober over 5 years now. Hands down the best rehab facility. Highly highly recommend.


My oldest son went there for 11 months. The first 6 he fought the program, the last four months were a thing of beauty as he finally discovered himself. Now my youngest is there. After all the out ...


I was in Alina lodge for just under a year. I was court ordered to complete a treatment program. Alina lodge was my first rehab. I was physically addicted to heroin, and I needed help. My mother, not...


I brought my long-term partner to Alina Lodge for a second visit. He had underwent 10.5 months of inpatient treatment previously and was therefore offered a complimentary 30-days of inpatient followi...


Very misguided approach to addiction treatment. Punitive approach. Near incarceration conditions.,


Alina saved my life but there really is no program. You sit and do nothing most of the day . It\'s not 6-9 months . It\'s 12 months. You feel manipulated the whole time your there but hey, that\'s wha...


A “no-nonsense” approach should cost a no-nonsense amount. 12-step. Yes, pick up your packet - depending on the counselor, and hope to get some time with them. Meanwhile, walk around in a park...


Finally had a chance to het honest, they demand it. Confusing u never no when u are leaving You truly need to go there and be honest


Treatment-wise, their approach is really terrible. It's true, there is a way for everyone, and some say it works for them. But I think that if one responds best to discipline and punishment and shamin...


Alina Lodge is the only place that worked for me and countless others who are reluctant to recover.


I am sober for 6 years now but not as a result of Alina. Counselor was not honest and they had us listen to tapes of a very strange lady who founded the place.


Our daughter is still at the facility but from what I understand, it is helping her and is more "strict" with her than other treatment centers have been (which is a good thing).


Alina Lodge is a longer , undetermined term treatment center for drug and alcohol addiction. The length of stay , in my case 11 months, was crucial as it allowed me to feel safe in a rehab setting and...


Helped me out.


All good counselors left and went to a different recovery site.


My after care consisted of sober living/outpatient services.

Areas of Focus

6 Month minimum for those who have failed to maintain sobriety after attending other inpatient programs. Those who need long term inpatient or residential treatment can obtain what Alina Lodge has always been known for... superior treatment, second to none.

Process Addictions

Our New York area alcohol and drug addiction treatment program has proven to be one of the most successful programs for the alcoholic and addict. At Alina Lodge we know undiagnosed and untreated disorders are a leading cause of relapse. We address this through trauma work, grief group, co-dependency, eating disorder group, anger management, spirituality weekends, psycho drama, sex and relationship addiction, gambling addiction, and other process addiction treatment.

Key Staff Members
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    Michael Hornstein - Executive Director

    In 1981, Michael Hornstein was a student at Alina Lodge. After having failed three prior treatment attempts elsewhere, he has enjoyed continual sobriety since graduating from the Alina Lodge program. Michael was on our Board of Trustees for over 20 years and served as President of the Board twice. He worked for 25 years for the Miami Dade school system and successfully completed a most fulfilling career in June 2008. From 1985-2000, Michael was a part time group therapist for the Broward County Commission on Alcoholism, which is one of the DUI programs in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Michael brings with him his expertise in administration, counselling and teaching. His background, coupled with his vast knowledge of the inner workings of Alina Lodge, makes him an effective Executive Director.

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    Rita Cohen - President

    To all of you who have supported Alina, I send out a great big thank you. Words cannot express what your contributions do to a life of an addict entering the doors of Family Hall. The testimonials that we receive are so motivating and inspirational - and as a parent of an alumna – I can relate to the heartfelt gratitude expressed. If you are considering contributing to Alina or Haley House, I encourage you to do so, it feels good to make a difference in a life of another