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The AdCare name represents innovation, quality and cost efficiency in alcohol and drug treatment. AdCare’s integrated system of care offers a nationally-recognized hospital facility in Worcester, Massachusetts; an inpatient treatment center in North Kingstown, Rhode Island; and a network of outpatient offices conveniently located throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island. AdCare, which is owned and operated by American Addiction Centers (AAC), embraces a philosophy of quality-driven, patient-centered programs that are also relevant to the challenges of today’s healthcare environment. AdCare’s continuum of treatment levels and modalities enables us to match the needs of the patient with the most appropriate level and cost of care. We believe that addiction is a disease that affects not only the individual, but his or her family as well. Successful treatment requires placement at the appropriate level of care and involvement of the family throughout the treatment continuum. This treatment philosophy has allowed us to advocate for the patient while remaining responsive to the interests of commercial healthcare companies, Medicare, and other insurers.

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You are soooo ... full of "it"!!!!


Be forewarned! This is not the way to Detox off from Benzos! I was already in withdrawals when I went in due to a too-quick taper by my psychiatrist, only to find myself in a medical NIGHTMARE!!!! I w...


Everything was good but I'm allergic to milk,eggs and seafood. The kitchen did nothing for me. I starved eating nasty turkey sandwiches and food from the vending machines. Friendly staff. The chairs t...


I was there for two days and never met a patient who wasn't on at least their fourth stay at Adcare. Doesn't seem effective. I think they were starting me on a 12-step program, which didn't feel right...


Good News: Staff is very a point. Bad News: Their food is HORRIBLE!! No joke. Many complained. I'd rather have a TV dinner than that "stuff. Didn't eat hardly any food while there. Literall...


This was first time ever being through a detox for alcohol. I found every person there to be supportive, compassionate, and caring. It was 24 hour care around the clock. Everyone saw a Doctor every da...


I was discharged when I was suppose to but that's not my problem my problem is when your councelor says call me anytime they don't mean it I called her and nothing back yet


I was not able to visit my loved one at this facility.


The first time didn't help, the second time they had psychiatrists on staff and I was diagnosed bipolar and put on meds. The doctors and nurses were great, but the counselors were idiots.


Some staff are decent, case worker on the other hand was awful, doesn\'t want to really help and do her job! She is not sincere about people in recovery! I\'m not the first to say this! So be carful w...


This facility is totally ineffective, my sister was discharged with some stupid treatment plan and did not succeed. She was obviously not fit to be released but this hospital only cares about profitin...


Dedication to the physical, spiritual and psychological aspects of addiction, detoxification and rehabilitation along with a good record of aftercare programs. All of the hospitals inpatient programs ...


Decent meals. Almost no real treatment. Mostly AA type groups. No exercise options, no going outside for air, no real treatment/education other than AA, only phone use was a payphone that cost 50¢ fo...


I think they should hire on more counselors. for over growing in patients. Over whelming mass of patients. Despite that, the staff is well trained and experienced.


I wasn't there. My friend went to them.


The staff was very nice. It wasn't very clean. I felt somewhat like I was in prison. we could only use the phone once a day for 5 minutes at a certain time of day.


They have a great outpatient program.


It was great it was effective and i was cured all in 30 days. Yeah.


Daily meetings are effective,and smoking policy is fair. Cleanliness wasn't great,some of staff was only book qualified not experienced, food was unappealing. Had a very hard time getting a bed the fi...


My son was terribly mistreated at this specific facility (Worcester, MA AdCare.) There was no where near enough staff to ensure security. One of the counselors asked VERY personal questions which were...


Meetings were great. However, continued care was a weakness of the facility. Too many repeat patients acting like it was only their vacation


An overall good facility.


Great staff lot of griups and support for further treatment. Phone use was a downfall. I had a good stay staff was great I enjoyed the groups and felt they got to know us all on an individual basis.


Strengths: effectiveness. Weaknesses: cleanliness, activities, food. It's good for it's price.


respeaking the people. food could be better. the group treatment was the best.


they were helpful in all aspects of treatment. the staff were very helpful , and it was close to home.


They have both inpatient and outpatient treatment programs as well as programs for loved ones of those receiving treatment. However, it is very difficult to get into the program because it is so busy....


Daily visits with doctors, lots of nurses on floor. Unprofessional counciling staff. Works with insurance, quick to admit me, definitely saved my life.


Strong background


one on coumseling is intense the food fantastic. the care and consideration of the staff made me at ease and very comdfortable they are right there to help in anyway the food outstanding the intens...


it is close to home, they did a good job with my friends treatment, they had a lot of different programs that helped my friend


It is a great facility, the rooms are clean, the staff are nice and they help you find further treatment. The education groups and outside commitment are great but the stay is not long enough.


They did let you use the phone but didn't require any follow up meetings. The AA meetings were great but the counselors were not consistent.


The food could be more nutritious and the portions could have been larger. Not enough night time staff. Addicts don't sleep much and that is when they most want to talk. If no one is available that's ...


I was impressed by the caring nature and knowledge of the entire staff. However, the location was a downfall.


The staff is very qualified and helps out. However, it is expensive.


They group therapy was great. They helped me see the light. However, it was too crowded.


They really seem to care and the therapy was good; however, the food was not good.


It was a good and effective program.


They pick up and drive home. Lack of has to call every morning to see if any are available. It was covered by all kinds of insurance including medicaid.


They allow people back many times; after many trips, their program worked for me. It is a hospital. A downfall was that there was not enough one-on-one time.


Professionals(police,lawyers, doctors) have negative things to say about this facility. Poor follow up with patients. They are organized and try hard at first.


This place has alot of different treatment options. It is a clean, friend and non-institutionalized setting. However, they lacked organization.


Great staff, most have been through treatment themselves. Great medical care as well as sobriety programs. Lots of aa commitments. Lots of information about programs outside of just aa that I knew not...


The staff seemed very reassuring and communicative with the family, which helped me from feeling so helpless and made me feel more involved in his recovery. Should have more books and other things to ...


It saved my life. Only downfall was that they did not have enough leisure activities.


An overall great facility.


Great place. Great staff. This place saved my life!!!!! However, there were not enough activities.


They provide transportation for in/out patient treatment. They also provide dual diagnoses treatment. They are open during holidays for persons with no family for comforting. I didn't have much one/on...


Works w a wide diversity of backgrounds. An intensive treatment with well trained staff. However, it does not offer long term stay for treatment.


Filling the day with informative classes while touching upon many aspects of addiction was great. However they lacked structured extracurricular activities. Went into this rehab scared to death about ...


Great staff, most have been through treatment themselves. Great medical care as well as sobriety programs. Lots of aa commitments. There were no extra things to do outside of treatment.


Discharged while suffering from depression. I almost died after being discharged.


I am still sober after leaving this facility over 6 years ago. I am in the fellowship of AA. Although my personal opinion is that there needs to be more one on one with individual counseling and gro...


Poorly executed treatment.


The staff was well trained, respectful and supportive. However, I was displeased with the holistic offerings.


I recommend 28 days for detox and rehab. It helped me to understand and learn about my addiction. It is a hospital setting and it did frighten a little in the beginning.


The Adcare Worcester staff (case managers and workers) are horrible and provide little care to their clients. My husband went there for help with his alcoholism. He went to the inpatient treatment ...


It may have not been the best at the time but when you are getting help from the state you know you go where they want you to. I hear it has changed since I was there. Whatever kind of rehab it was ...


IOP, personal Counsel and aftercare Groups @ Adcare near my home in western mass. Alcohol detox fine...the people on drugs were moved on to rehab way too early in their detox stage and subsequently, M...


The clinicians were very weak. Wrote up a report with inaccurate information with incorrect dates throughout. The therapy before exiting was a joke. Clinician called me by the wrong name.

Donald Q.

If you want a religious experience that won't stop you from drinking then this is the place for you. I've been in ADCARE four times and it never helped at all.

Areas of Focus
Medical Detoxification

Drugs and alcohol have widespread effects throughout your body, including but not limited to the addiction and/or physical/psychological dependence that develops with substance abuse over time. Many organ systems are affected by addiction and will react to withdrawal. The term “medical detoxification” means that there is a trained and licensed medical professional onsite to monitor your vital signs and protect your physical and emotional health as your body goes through withdrawal.

Family Program

Research shows that the odds of successful, sustained recovery from addiction are far higher when family members and loved ones are involved in treatment. Drug and alcohol addiction often have genetic roots, whether related to substance abuse, mental illness or both. Family dynamics also play a role and, often, family members are the first to realize a loved one has developed an addiction. Also, it’s important for family members to understand and embrace the lifestyle changes that are required to sustain recovery.


The term “12 Step Program” describes a way to recover from addiction that is based on the model developed by Alcoholics Anonymous. Many drug and alcohol treatment centers base their treatment on 12 steps – the first three of which are situational, the next four addressing the practical issues created by the addiction, followed by two steps focused on making amends for hurting others. Steps 10 and 11 involve a deeper examination of the previous steps and the final step is focused on helping others avoid and recover from addiction.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

The focus of cognitive behavioral therapy (also called CBT) is helping people to understand the thoughts and emotions that underlie their addiction with the goal of learning new, healthier and more productive ways to understand and express themselves.

Alumni Testimonials
  • The staff here are amazing. Everyday they were kind, sincere and caring. I don’t know how you managed to pick such a winning team, but you couldn’t have done better.
    AdCare Alumna
  • The care I received was outstanding and the staff were so knowledgable. I would recomment AdCare to anyone!
    Lisa J.
Key Staff Members
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    Jeffrey W. Hillis, J.D., M.B.A. - President & CEO

    Jeffrey Hillis joined AdCare Hospital as Vice President of Administration in 2002. He became President in 2014 and President and CEO in 2018. Mr. Hillis continues to oversee hospital operations, including The Joint Commission, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), Massachusetts Department of Public Health, and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) survey processes for AdCare Hospital. He is a frequent presenter at conferences on issues related to substance use disorder treatment and meets regularly with legislative leaders, executive branch leaders, and representatives from managed care organizations to discuss issues surrounding substance use disorder treatment, managed care, finance, legal issues, and employment.

  • Photo of
    Dr. Patrice M. Muchowski - Sr. VP of Clinical Services

    Dr. Patrice M. Muchowski, Sr. Vice President of Clinical Services since 2018, and Vice President of Clinical Services since 1988, is also an associate in the University of Massachusetts Medical School’s Department of Psychiatry and a clinical instructor in Harvard University’s Department of Psychology. Dr. Muchowski holds a doctor of science degree and a master’s of science degree from Boston University, in addition to the following professional certifications: National Certified Addiction Counselor (NAADAC), Certified Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor (CADAC), Master Addictions Counselor (MAC), and Proficiency in the Treatment of Alcohol and other Psychoactive Substance Use Disorders (APA).

  • Photo of
    Susan B. Hillis, LICSW, CADC-II, LADC-I - VP of Clinical Services

    From 2006 to 2017, Susan Hillis served as Treatment Director. Prior leadership positions include Director of Inpatient Rehabilitation Services and Director of AdCare Outpatient Services’ offices in Worcester and Boston, Massachusetts. Ms. Hillis received the Massachusetts Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors (MAADAC) 2015 Robert Logue President’s Award for her support of membership, as well as her dedication to substance use treatment, recovery, and professional credentialing in Massachusetts. A former Board Member and Chair of the Massachusetts Professional Recovery System (MPRS), she currently oversees clinical practicums for students in the Addiction Counselor Education (ACE) Program at AdCare, and provides clinical supervision for students in MSW Programs at a number of schools. Ms. Hillis presents frequently on substance-use related topics locally, regionally, and nationally. She holds a master’s degree in social work from Boston College, and an undergraduate degree in music therapy from Anna Maria College in Paxton, MA.

  • Photo of
    Mohammad Alhabbal, MD - Medical Director

    Dr. Alhabbal is certified by the American Board of Addiction Medicine (ABAM) and the American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM), as well as a member of the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) and the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP). A graduate of the Damascus University Medical School in Damascus, Syria, Dr. Alhabbal completed his Family Medicine Residency at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester, Massachusetts, where he is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Family Medicine, Hospitalist Division. Dr. Alhabbal is also a family practitioner at 200 Lincoln Street Primary Care in Worcester, Massachusetts.