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Paying for Treatment

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Treatment Insights

Above It All Residential Addiction Treatment Center offers clinically proven treatment for drug and alcohol abuse. We accept most private health insurance and offer flexible financing options to help pay for treatment. Our clients love us- 84% of past clients surveyed said they would recommend us to a friend or family member. Our treatment staff are a hand picked group of licensed professionals with decades of combined experience and certifications ranging from MFT's to PhD's and MD's. A day in the life of our clients consists of eating chef prepared meals, experiential activities such as yoga and hiking in our scenic location to promote healing of the mind, body and spirit. Clients get to the underlying causes of their addictions in group and individual therapy then return to our luxurious cabin-style residences. Our clients are treated like the adults that they are- with respect, dignity and empathy. Our industry leading treatment outcomes show that change is possible for anyone who is willing to do the work, and Above It All is dedicated to connecting with each and every client to help them achieve long-lasting sobriety. Contact us: https://aboveitalltreatment.com/contact-us See our facility: https://aboveitalltreatment.com/the-experience

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Best experience of my life


I really loved going to treatment here! Everyone was so nice and genuinely cared about my needs. Thanks to the great start I found at Above It All, I now have 14 months sober and I'm on my way to a br...


BEWARE OF THIS PLACE and if you need help, thoroughly check out other places, but DON'T GO TO Above it All or any of their other facilities. I refuse to give this place any part of a star. They promis...


I owe my life to Above it All treatmeant center! Without the help, education care that I received from their amazing treatmeant team & staff, I do not think I would be alive today! I am currently 3 ye...


this place has really turn my life around, at the time they kept saying things will be better and all I rmember saying to myself was like yea what ever u say. the fact is they where rite things do get...


On March 9 th I can proudly say I'm 4 years sober thanks to the staff at AIA and my continued support groups 😀😀😀


Big joke of a place to go !! Rude, manipulative, deceiving, uncaring !! They continually tried to start me on taking new medications...They forced me to go to the hosp and get heart tests done and I h...


Compassion and professionalism. The staff genuinely cares about the client's well being, and go above and beyond to make sure the clients are com This facility is top notch I had a family member stru...


Loving staff, environment/locale. The feed back that I have had from former clients has one common denominator, that our staff is loving and dedicated and meets our clients where they are.


Kind, loving, supportive staff members, structured groups, great communication with families. Due to the structure of the program the facility fills up quickly and we have had to turn people away. I t...


Great place with excellent staff Sometimes we care about clients to much I have worked with this facility for over two years now and I have never worked with a group of people that are so caring, unde...


Compassionate, well trained staff Staff works as a team to address and prepare individual clients' needs.


They have a very comprehensive treatment program. The staff is well trained and the facility is run with integrity. From the first call to the aftercare, the staff really cares about you and your rec...


Located in beautiful mountain setting with spectacular views, Above it All will help clients recover from Physical, mental, and spiritual addiction. Genuine and compassionate staff who truly care wil...


They treat each client with Love and Respect. Because it is such a large facility sometimes they can't get everyone in. I have been sober for 893 days today thanks to Above It All Treatment Center a...


Family atmosphere. Staff is very caring, and involved.


Compassion, Understanding, Experience were nice. I have worked with AIA for roughly 6 months. The clinical care is second to none which never comes at the expense of fair and equal treatment. Patients...


Private homes nestled in a gorgeous mountain setting, chef prepared meals catered towards healthy living, strong local 12 step meetings, fun diverse weekend activities, individual counseling that is c...


I have 893 days sober thanks to Above It All Treatment Center. As a client I was treated with Love and Respect.


Never before have I ever worked with a group of individuals that truly care for the well being of every addict that walks through our doors. The staff is very committed and take great pride in sharing...


5/2016 Bottom line. Above it all saved my life. My body and spirit were shutting down completely and the day I picked up the phone, and got there a few days later saved me from certain death. I was a...


We are a small, personable, effective treatment program that is set in a comfortable, home-like atmosphere. We include family and friends to insure that our client has strong support both during treat...


Their ability to customize programs based on strengths of individuals was a strength of the facility. The inability to include more family time was a downfall. I feel this center is geared for those w...


Bull. You really wanna know what's going on? I'm paying a ton of money for treatment that I never got. The whole thing is a sick joke.


Strengths: Caring, understanding, structure. However, Very strict on fraternization. Above it All provide the knowledge I needed to understand my disease and helped me build a foundation I could stan...


It is in a beutiful location, in the mountains in Lake Arrowhead, California. The clinical team is is unbelievable. It is gender specific. The groups were small. Individualized treatment plan. I r...


Everything this program does is great! I wish my insurance would cover longer. My experience here was awesome! When my insurance stopped covering, they even helped me find another program that I could...


Wife signed up for 28 days to rehab off xanax. After 12 days she was okay and decided to go home against their wishes. They said if she left she is on her own with NO assistance with flight or taxi. O...


Some of the staff were great to talk to and relate to. They helped you through some of your issues. However, it was all about money and staff members not wanting to help the next person just wanting t...


I got pneumonia three weeks ago at this rehab and ended up in the hospital for 7 days. I still have not gotten back my personal items back including a laptop. I\'ver called and emailed a half dozen ti...

Areas of Focus
Medically Assisted Detoxification

Clients are provided medically assisted detoxification to ease withdrawal symptoms in a safe, therapeutic environment for maximum comfort. Clients are provided medication such as Suboxone® as needed.

Life Skills Training

Clients who have successfully completed the first phase of treatment are invited to participate in a comprehensive life skills training program. Program offerings include themes such as medication management, financial planning and budgeting, resume writing, time management, job interview preparation, meal preparation, and more.

Key Staff Members
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    Paul Robertson - Executive Chef

    Paul Robertson is Above It All’s head chef and kitchen manager. Paul has been a culinary chef for 15 years. Paul’s favorite part about working for Above It All is that he gets the chance to help change and save lives. He enjoys being able to comfort our clients through nutritional home cooked meals. Paul takes pride in knowing his meals help our clients feel at home and loved. Paul enjoys the freedom of being himself and feels most alive when he is sharing hope to those in recovery. Paul loves to hike and hunt for giant pinecones. He has competed in The “Worlds Biggest Pinecone” Contest and is known as the Pinecone King!

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    Mary Tabooda, MA, MFT - Therapist

    Name: Mary Tabooda, MFT Title: Therapist Education: Studied Marriage and Family Therapy. Received her Masters Degree in Counseling and is a licensed MTF (marriage and family therapist) About: Mary describes herself as a "simple unique person with a humble personality". She loves to help others, which is a perfect fit for her profession as Marriage Family Therapist. Personal Interests: Mary is an avid writer, particularly fictional stories for youth and teens.