Struggle Mode vs Creation Mode – How Do You Operate in Recovery?

Struggle Mode vs Creation Mode – How Do You Operate in Recovery?

Your mind and body really are fascinating. They often work in tandem, but they also have two completely different operating systems. The thing that causes so much suffering for so many people is when they keep these two modes of operation completely separate, or maybe even suppress one and lean on the other more consistently. It’s this separation (instead of collaboration) that produces pain and frustration.

If you’re struggling, you’re focused on the wrong thing.

Two Modes of Operation

Let’s take a look at these two modes of operating – struggle vs. creation. When you are not consciously creating your future and how you want to feel, you will default back into struggle and survival.

Although happiness is our natural state, most of us are conditioned to default to survival mode, because that is where we have been operating from for so long. When you operate from struggle mode, it isn’t because you lack willpower or motivation; it’s just simply how your brain is designed. As humans, we operate from the reptilian brain, which is always trying to keep us safe.

Remember – your brain is your biggest protector. It’s default mode is fear as a method to keep you safe at all times.

It can take more awareness and work to operate from a state of creation. When you’re in creation mode, you are cognizant of what you want to attain and experience, and who you want to be. You set an intention of the changes you want to make in your life and the things you want to manifest. When you’re in creation mode, you are also vibrating at a higher frequency. Just thinking of something you desire can pull you from struggle mode and raise your vibration.

Try it right now:

  • Focus on something you want to attract into your life. Maybe a new job? A romantic relationship? To stop binge eating and achieve your ideal body?
  • Next, focus on what it feels like. Get really into this. What does it look like to attain your desire? What is the expression on your face? How do you feel in your body? What do you say? Who do you tell? Are you crying in joy? Imagine every little detail of how this scenario unfolds.
  • Let yourself be in that energy. Just for a moment, become aware of how you feel in your body right now. How has your body shifted by changing your thoughts? Can you feel the difference in your energy/vibration?

Check in With Yourself

Check in with yourself daily to determine if you are in struggle mode or creation mode.

You can do this by using the practice above. Or you can just stop and do a quick check in in the moment. Ask yourself how you feel right now. Do you feel pain? Struggle? Overwhelmed? Stressed? Once you determine how you are feeling in the moment, ask yourself what you are focusing on that brought about that feeling. If you’re in struggle mode, shift toward creation mode.

Creation is the state you want to try and be in most frequently. It all starts with awareness and integration. You can read every personal development book in existence and then cross your fingers and hope that your life will just change as a result, but honestly – that will never work. It takes intentional effort and a commitment to constantly raise your frequency in order to attract the things you want into your life.

Change Doesn’t Need to be an Uphill Battle

The more in tune you become with which mode you are operating from, and then shifting when you find yourself in struggle mode, the closer you will get to long-term transformation.

Real change isn’t about hustling to get what you want, it’s more about consciously aligning to the frequency of your dreams and desires.

Become the witness of your own experience. Commit to observing which mode you are operating from. Get in tune with your intentions. Work on shifting away from the things you want to change, and instead start to align with the things you want to do and the person you want to be.

Life doesn’t have to be a struggle. In fact – you get to create the very life you’ve always wanted to live – you just need to hone your awareness and set your intentions to get there.

Remember: What you focus on expands.


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