How Hope and Transformation Lead to Change: My Chat With Brahman Kyrie

How Hope and Transformation Lead to Change: My Chat With Brahman Kyrie
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If I have learned anything about transformation it is that, with hope, one has the fuel for radical change. If hope is lost within us we can look outside to those who have risen out of the darkness, and hold onto the possibility that maybe we can too. These people become beacons of light, a full moon in our black sky.

I believe it is important to share the story of such individuals, in service to highlighting what can manifest with dedication and courage.

Walk the Life

Recently I sat down with Brahman Kyrie, a woman who has walked the life of what she calls the underbelly of society, the grim and dark lifestyle of mafia, gangs, abuse, and drugs. She told me of waking up in a ditch in a state of psychosis, not able to fully grasp reality after days on drugs and alcohol abuse. She regularly weaved moments like these with a very successful career as a dancer, model, and actress. Despite often not being sober, she was in high-demand.

In the world of fantasy, it would be easy to think that a beautiful woman living her dream career would be happy and free. This is the all-too-frequent illusion of the comparing mind. It often believes that if we just had what someone else had, we too would be happy. In fact, Brahman Kyrie humbly admitted she spent those years living in fear, insecurity, and shame.

Like many who suffer from addiction, Brahman Kyrie grew up not knowing how to handle her emotions. As she became an adult, she continued to feel the need to present in a way that fostered an image of having it all together. She perceived her emotions as a weakness and her sensitivity as a burden.

Today, Brahman Kyrie understands that being able to honor her internal state is a great strength, but it took some time in recovery to learn that courage lies in facing the truth.

Rock Bottom

Like many who decide to start the journey to recovery, Brahman Kyrie had to hit rock bottom before she was ready. She started to fear for her life after repeated overdoses and seizures landed her in the hospital. In a state of desperation, she prayed to God to help her stop drinking and using, which she admits was surprising given the fact that she was not identified with spirituality. In time, she found an in-patient treatment facility and walked through the doors, beginning what became a lifelong transformation.

Keeping in line with her then defiant side, Brahman Kyrie resisted a lot of what she was being told she had to do in order to stay sober. This “Higher Power” thing was completely new, yet she found herself eventually willing to give it a go because she saw it working for others.

“I had to put my ego aside and become willing…even if I didn’t know what I was doing,” she said. She told me she simply started connecting with an energy bigger than her own self. She connected through prayer regularly, despite having to walk through the motions for a long time before a true connection was established. Putting one foot in front of the other, she kept showing up, and in time her faith was built on something solid.

Through her willingness and commitment to her recovery process, Brahman Kyrie became stronger and found herself building faith both in her Higher Power and in herself. She focused on building her “spiritual fitness” as she calls it, which involves prayer, meditation, being of service, and a commitment to walking a life of recovery. This has radically transformed her inner-world, and as a result she has been provided opportunities that many would only dream of. “Every time I took one step toward God, God took 100 toward me,” she shared. She kept surrendering her old ways again and again, and in that process, she created something new.

When It’s Time to Surrender

This is how we take a step toward our Higher Power; we surrender. We stop trying to manipulate our emotions and we accept what is happening around us…whether we like it or not. We simply accept the truth that is happening and we start to work with it rather than against it. We start to work with ourselves rather than fighting ourselves. This is not easy, which is precisely why surrender is a far cry from the notion that it is weak. To face what is we have to dig deep. We have to trust that we are going to be okay. This takes courage, therefore making the ability to surrender a state of mind that only the strongest can afford.

After leaving rehab, Brahman Kyrie began a sober lifestyle and continued to work on herself. She met a mentor and started following her guidance to the best of her ability. She attended meditations and other events that aligned with her new way of living. The more she followed her intuition and invested in what she was drawn to, the more she began to heal. And the more she healed inside of herself, the more the world started to give her feedback that she was on the right path.

In the world of spiritual psychology, this process is what is known as course-corrective action. As a person takes an action step, there is often feedback from the universe signaling the action step is either in alignment or not in alignment. When doors keep opening, no matter how small, there just may be an invitation for you to walk through it. The key is to know the difference between real feedback and perceived feedback. For example, if we tell someone our truth and he or she has a strong emotional reaction that does not necessarily mean we made the wrong choice. And sometimes things have to fall apart before they fall together. It takes discernment to be able to differentiate between what is an open and closed door. After all, as the saying goes, when one door closes another door opens.

A Life of Service

Today, Brahman Kyrie travels the world as a humanitarian, spiritual teacher, and guide to those in recovery. She has a non-profit called The Brahman Project, where she supports animals in need, the underprivileged, and a wide array of other worthy causes.

One project near and dear to Brahman’s heart is a prison project where she goes in to support those who have landed where she would have landed had she not gotten sober. She is sought after for her courses in transformation, along with the healing sessions and the mentorship she provides. And if you see her walking down the street, chances are you will be met with dancing eyes and a huge smile. I feel she is a true testament to what is possible when we face our fears and turn our lives over to something bigger than ourselves.

I realize that not all people who are walking the path of recovery, or who are considering it, feel called to a life of service. Given how beautiful such a lifestyle is, one would think that is what prompted me to interview her. However, it was actually the joy she embodies and her ability to take what can feel like abstract concepts and make them digestible so people can actually apply them in their life. This is what makes her so successful as a spiritual teacher, making it possible for more people to relate and benefit when following suit.

If you want to learn more about Brahman Kyrie and her projects click here.



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