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Rohypnol Addiction Rehabilitation Programs

Rohypnol is known as the “date rape drug,” but it can also be abused for its sedative effects. Some people may develop an addiction to the drug after abusing it and require treatment at a recovery center.

To choose the best Rohypnol recovery center for you, first know your treatment options and then find a program that can cater to your needs.

Abuse of Rohypnol

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Rohypnol is a brand name for the drug flunitrazepam-a prescription benzodiazepine used to treat insomnia. It continues to be prescribed legally in Mexico, and some South American, European and Asian countries. But it is an illegal substance in the United States. In street slang terms, people refer to Rohypnol as “roofies,” “roach,” “rope,” “Mexican Valium” and the “forget-me pill.”

While it has achieved a certain level of media-fueled notoriety as the “date rape drug,” as a benzodiazepine, Rohypnol can be abused for its pleasurable sedative, hypnotic effects. However, recreational Rohypnol use rates have steadily decreased since 1996.1

Why People Abuse Rohypnol

People use Rohypnol recreationally for the sedative euphoric effects: 2

  • Intoxication.
  • Muscle relaxation.
  • Drowsiness/sedation.
  • Decreased anxiety.

Mixing With Alcohol

It is particularly powerful when combined with alcohol, as the depressant effects of the alcohol enhance the sedative effects of Rohypnol, leading to increased risk of dangerous side effects and death: 3

  • Severe sedation.
  • Unconsciousness.
  • Slowed heart rate.
  • Slowed breathing.

Is Rohypnol Addictive?

Repeated use of Rohypnol can lead to psychological dependency.

Repeated use of Rohypnol’s euphoric sedative effects can promote the development of a psychological dependency. Once this occurs, users may find it difficult to manage everyday affairs without the influence of the drug. The symptoms of Rohypnol addiction are similar to signs of alcohol abuse. Rohypnol abusers may present with:

  • Memory impairment.
  • Headaches.
  • Impaired reaction time.
  • Poor motor coordination.
  • Slurred speech.
  • Dizziness. 3

If any of these effects seem familiar, Rohypnol addiction or similar sedative abuse may be affecting you or a loved one. Seek help immediately before the abuse becomes life-threatening.

How Much Does Treatment Cost?

The cost of rehab will vary based on the type of program you choose, location of the program, length of treatment and how much your insurance will cover. Inpatient programs will cost more than outpatient programs. But longer treatment courses will cost more than shorter ones for all program types. In addition, city-based treatment will cost more than suburban or rural programs.

Using Insurance

Private insurance plans cover Rohypnol rehab to varying degrees. The Affordable Care Act requires that insurance companies cover substance abuse treatment to the same level as they cover other medical care.

Government-organized insurance plans such as Medicare, Medicaid and the healthcare marketplace plans generally cover Rohypnol abuse screening and parts of treatment. The actual coverage depends on which state you are in. Check in with your plan to find out how much of your treatment can be covered.

Paying for Rehab Without Insurance

If you do not have insurance, visit the health insurance exchange to find a plan that fits within your budget. If you cannot afford to get insurance at this time, other options are available to help you get recovery.

  • Sliding scale. Look for a program that offers income-based treatment costs.
  • Payment plans. You can also look for programs that offer long-term payment plans so that you can divide the total cost over many months.
  • Finance treatment. Supplement other payment methods with credit cards or by applying for different loans to help meet the treatment costs.
  • Rehab scholarships. Sometimes the facility will offer rehab scholarships that can cover part or all of the treatment costs. These are limited, though, so you should ask a program about how to apply as soon as possible.

Types of Treatment

Addiction to benzodiazepines like Rohypnol can arise for many different reasons. Every person has a different motivation for abusing Rohypnol, and proper treatment will address these differences by adapting to each person’s needs.

Inpatient Recovery

If taking time away from home and work to stay in an entirely sober environment sounds like the best option for successful sobriety, then an inpatient treatment program is the best choice for you. Inpatient rehab treatment provides a complete escape from the original environment that led to Rohypnol abuse. It is the best option for anyone suffering from more severe addiction or anyone who has relapsed before.

Inpatient treatment can involve different treatment programs:

  • Residential. You stay at the facility for an extended period of time based on your particular needs. This gives you the chance to focus entirely on recovery.
    • 30-day residential stays help you work on understanding the root cause(s) of your Rohypnol addiction and address these causes through group and individual therapy.
    • 60-day residential stays give you a longer time to build up abstinence skills.
    • 90-day residential stays let you build up stronger coping skills as well as grow a sober support network with fellow people in recovery.
  • Luxury. You stay at a treatment facility focused on privacy and comfort. These programs have many amenities for you to enjoy while you work on recovery. At the same time, they provide the complete escape from the outside environment.
  • Executive. Like luxury recovery facilities, you stay at an executive or CEO facility focused on comfort and amenities. But you also have access to work-related amenities, such as Internet and meeting rooms.

Outpatient Recovery

man talking to doctor at Rohypnol addiction recovery center
If taking time away from home and work life is not a possibility, then an outpatient treatment program may be the best option for you. Because you will still be living in the original environment that may have contributed to your substance abuse issues, make sure you have a strong home support system and will realistically be able to stick to the treatment program before selecting this option.

Outpatient rehab centers tend to be effective for those in the earlier stages of addiction. Consider an inpatient program if you have extreme cravings or if you have relapsed.

Outpatient Rohypnol recovery centers also have different program options:

  • Counseling and therapy. You attend weekly group and individual sessions at an addiction treatment facility to understand addiction and why you began using Rohypnol. You also develop coping skills to maintain abstinence.
  • Partial hospitalization. You check in at a drug recovery facility for a portion of each day throughout each week for medical needs and evaluation as well as group/individual therapy.
  • Intensive outpatient. While still permitted to return home each night, you’ll follow a strict treatment process, including drug tests, and structured daily sessions with treatment staff to make sure you are steering clear of Rohypnol. In addition to treatment, you have the chance to get addiction education and vocational training.

12-Step Programs

12-step groups are a great way to develop a support network of sober peers that will help you maintain sobriety. These groups help recovering users through 12 predetermined steps to recovery, focusing on making amends. The most widely recognized 12-step group is Alcoholics Anonymous. But there are many different groups that address different addictions, including Rohypnol. Narcotics Anonymous is a 12-step option for Rohypnol abusers.

Treating Dual Diagnosis

If you are struggling with psychological problems as well as Rohypnol addiction, you are likely to be experiencing what is known as a dual diagnosis. Some theorize that people who abuse Rohypnol may be trying to self-medicate for a variety of mental health conditions such as insomnia, anxiety and mood disorders. Each of these challenges must be addressed to allow for healthy and lasting recovery.

Long-lasting use of benzodiazepines such as Rohypnol can make pre-existing depression and anxiety even worse. 5 For treatment to be effective, it must address both the addiction to Rohypnol and the psychological struggles that may accompany it.

How Is Rohypnol Addiction Treated?

Detox and Treatment for Rohypnol Abuse

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The first step is an intake evaluation. You meet with a facility professional to determine the best course of treatment. Together, you will create a treatment plan.


After intake, you will go through detox to get all of the Rohypnol out of your body. Rohypnol withdrawal can be both uncomfortable and dangerous, so professional monitoring is important.

Rohypnol Withdrawal Symptoms
  • Headache.
  • Muscle pain.
  • Extreme anxiety.
  • Tension.
  • Restlessness.
  • Confusion.
  • Hallucinations.
  • Convulsions.
  • Seizures.
  • Shock. 3


After detox you will begin attending therapy sessions in both group and individual settings. Because there are no FDA-approved medications to help Rohypnol addiction, therapy will be a major focus of the treatment process.

Therapies used in the treatment of Rohypnol addiction focus on behavioral changes and rehearsal techniques: 4

  • Motivational interviewing: A trained therapist will help you find self-motivation to maintain sobriety, including incentives for sustained abstinence.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy: The therapist will help you identify life stressors that may have contributed to your drug use, recognize future temptation scenarios and help you develop coping skills.
  • Relapse prevention: You learn how to recognize high-risk drug use situations and how to avoid them.


Once you complete the formal treatment program, engaging in various forms of aftercare will ensure a longer-lasting sobriety. Aftercare can include 12-step programs, continued therapy/counseling, sober living arrangements and community support groups.

What Other Factors Should I Look for in a Rehab Program?

Selecting a program involves a lot more than just the type of treatment. Consider the importance of these other factors when choosing a recovery program:

  • Where is the program located? Some people find that traveling away from home helps them focus better on recovery. Others prefer to stay close to familiar areas.
  • Is the staff qualified? Look for adequate experience in the staff such as college degrees related to substance abuse treatment, experience hours and certain state-based certifications.
  • Do you want your family involved? Some programs incorporate family into treatment. But not everyone wants their family members involved.
  • Does the program specialize in treating Rohypnol addiction? Look for recovery programs that specialize in or have prior experience treating Rohypnol or other benzodiazepine addictions.

Are There Rehab Programs for Teens?

teen at Rohypnol group therapy drug treatment

In 2014, 1% of 10th graders reported having tried Rohypnol in the past year. 1 Teens may be especially susceptible to the potential damage that Rohypnol abuse can cause because they are still growing. It is important to catch teen Rohypnol addiction early and get them teen-focused treatment.

Treatment programs tailored to teenagers focus on:

  • Development of emotional coping.
  • Building up the teen’s self-esteem without drugs.
  • Relapse prevention skills.

They also teach the teens about addiction and the potential dangers of Rohypnol abuse, especially when combined with alcohol.

Types of Teen Rehab

Family involvement is much more prevalent in teen treatment, and family members are often asked to join the teen in counseling and therapy. Teen programs are also age-restricted because many teens feel more comfortable among their peers.

In addition, teen programs should have experience treating dual diagnosis. Many Rohypnol-abusing teens suffer from mental health struggles.

Find a Rohypnol Rehab Center

Rohypnol abuse can lead to serious mental and physical problems. If you think you or someone you love has a problem with Rohypnol, call 1-888-319-2606 Helpline Information right now to speak with a treatment support specialist about getting into a recovery program today.


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