Painless Opiate Recovery Bridge: Too Good to Be True?

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After a skiing accident, Micah was prescribed oxycodone for his intense pain. After the prescription ran out, he wanted more.

Innocent Beginnings and Long Roads

Micah’s doctor refilled his prescription. When his refills ran out that time, he experienced withdrawal and was in a great deal of discomfort. Over the first 24 hours, he experienced muscle aches, restlessness and excessive sweating. On the second day, he had severe abdominal cramps, insomnia, accelerated heart rate and continued muscle aches.

By the end of that second day, Micah couldn’t take it anymore. He called a “friend” and bought a handful of pills. It’s a decision that took Micah down the path of addiction, joining the 2.1 million people who abuse opioids each day in the U.S.

Typically, the painful symptoms of opioid withdrawal begin to improve after 72 hours. Within a week, you feel close to normal. But Micah, like many others, couldn’t make it that far.

The issue of withdrawal is a common roadblock for anyone struggling with addiction. The pain is so intense that it’s difficult not to seek relief. But what if this pain could be avoided? What kind of impact would that make for those who really want to get clean and sober?

A New Solution?

We might not have to dream about an easier way to come off opiates anymore; the solution may be here.

Innovative Health Solutions, Inc. created the Bridge, an FDA-approved device designed to target the pain associated with opioid withdrawal. It consists of a small, programmed computer chip enclosed in a clear plastic shell that fits behind your ear.

The Bridge works by sending gentle electrical impulses into your brain. These are sent via electrodes placed near nerve endings located in and around your ear. It targets the dysfunctional areas of the brain in people suffering from pain associated with opioid addiction. The Bridge blocks pain signals coming into the brain and spinal column. The result is pain reduction in as little as ten minutes.

The Bridge is designed to be used with physician-guided programs and provided by licensed medical professionals. It’s currently available in single-use disposable kits and offers hope to millions struggling with opioid addiction.

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