National Recovery Month: What Does Recovery Mean to You?

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National Recovery Month, a nationwide observance held every September, focuses on educating Americans about the treatment services that help people overcome their addictions and go on to live healthy, rewarding lives.

Recovery Means…

For Recovery Month, we’re putting stories of hope in the spotlight by hosting a four-week campaign meant to break down the barriers of addiction-related stigma, while providing resources and hope for individuals and their loved ones. Each week throughout the month, we’ll honor people in recovery, along with their loved ones and community support systems. By celebrating strength, love, success, and perseverance, the hope is to deliver a message of inspiration, encouragement, understanding and acceptance for others who are traveling this road.

We think it’s time to honor the possibilities of full, powerful lives in recovery: loving family members, successful business owners, courageous leaders, loyal friends, dedicated employees, and innovative thinkers. And what better way to kick off our 2016 campaign than to highlight a few awesome success stories? We asked ten people to submit a picture and brief statement explaining what recovery means to them, and what their lives look like now that they’re living in sobriety.

Without further ado, let’s meet these inspirational people and learn how they define the term “recovery.”


Recovery Means Adversity:


“Now that I’m clean, I am able to face adversity with a clear mind and make responsible decisions. Recovery is possible now that I am able to deal with adversity fearlessly.”







Recovery Means Empowerment:

Before recovery I was in fear of everything. After I got a connection with the universe, fear was replaced with faith. The stronger and more intimate my connection was with my higher power, the universe, the more I realized the power is within and I became more confident! Without my recovery, I never would have found my empowerment, which in turn helps me to be of maximum service to the universe’s children!








Recovery Means Freedom:


“Recovery means freedom. Freedom to be who I am, to be who I want to be. Freedom to do what I want to do and freedom to continue writing the rest of my story. Freedom to make my dreams come true and to dream again.”







Recovery Means Freedom:


“Recovery means freedom from having to wake up needing a devil substance that controls your entire life. Recovery means a chance at a new found life, a new beginning, a second chance at life…and for that I am grateful.”







Recovery Means Gratitude:

So many people are worried about what they don’t have, or about what they need to have. In my recovery, I get to be grateful for all that I have and all that I get to experience. That changes the whole world. Now I get to be a dear husband, a great dad, an employer, business partner, triathlete and so much more that I never even knew I wanted








Recovery Means Happiness:


Recovery means having a fair shot at happiness, instead of living in constant misery. With that happiness, I’m able to have a successful career and be there for my wife and daughter.”







Recovery Means Honesty:


“Recovery means honesty because it is part of the foundation of my recovery. I value honesty with myself and with others. It allows me to be genuine in my relationships. “







Recovery Means Opportunity:


“Recovery means having opportunity I didn’t have before. Having opportunity means being able to be a great husband, dad and member of my community.”







Recovery Means Real Friends:


“Today I have friends that I can count on. I can be a friend and help others.”







Recovery Means Rebirth:


Recovery means rebirth and a second chance at life. A second chance to be the son and brother I used to be. Life in recovery presents many new opportunities that were never possible as an active alcoholic.








Now it’s your turn! Tell us what recovery means to you by using #RBRecoveryMonth on social media or by commenting below.


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