Leaving Fido: Smart Petcare Solutions While You’re in Rehab

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Making the decision to get help for substance abuse is one of the most important decisions we can make in our lives. While we’re using drugs or alcohol, we’re not ourselves. We don’t perceive the world the same way others do. Relationships with our friends, family, and pets suffer because feeding the addiction is always our top priority.

Most facilities have rules, like a blackout period for calling families, no pets allowed, and no Internet use of any kind. The point behind these restrictions is simple: the focus needs to be completely on ourselves and getting well. Distractions can create obstacles and hinder our chances at a full recovery.

What About Man’s Best Friend?

Many of us have strong attachments to our dogs. They always love us, no matter what. They cuddle with us and make us feel better when we’re sad.

There’s an unfortunate reality to remember, however. If we don’t help ourselves, our beloved furry companions begin to suffer, if they aren’t suffering already.

Was there ever a time you chose a bottle or a pill over dog food? Has your puppy ever been forced to use the bathroom inside…because you got high and forgot to take him outside? When was the last time Fido went to the vet?

Using an attachment to your fur-baby as an excuse to not go to treatment only exacerbates the existing problems. Fortunately, there are some pretty cool options to consider when preparing to enroll in a treatment program.

Options for Your Dog

The easiest option, of course, is to leave your pet with a friend or family member. Some will allow your pet into their home, others may prefer to keep an eye on your pup while they stay at your house. Either way, it will put your mind at ease knowing that a loved one is taking care of your baby. Most family members will be more than happy to help out knowing that you’re taking steps to get help.

Another option is boarding your dog. With current technology, there’s an app for just about anything – boarding facilities included. Most kennels have webcams placed throughout, allowing pet parents to logon 24/7 and see what their babies are up to. Along with thousands of boarding facilities around the country, you can also look into pet hotels, pet resorts, or even a vetted dog-sitter’s home.

Believe it or not, certain companies will even hire dog-sitters for employees who are receiving inpatient treatment. Sitters come to your home several times a day to check on your pooch, take them for a nice walk, or provide food and fresh water. The goal is to make sure your dog feels as comfortable as possible during this separation.

No matter which option you choose, just know you’re doing what’s best for you and your pet. If you’re not well, you simply can’t provide the care that your furry friend deserves.

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