Binge drinking is always in the news, and people getting into trouble after a night out also garners media attention. So we surveyed over 1,000 drinkers to learn about their drinking and after-drinking habits. More importantly though, how do those habits vary with minivan/SUV ownership and cat/dog preference? Let's first take a look at how the type of vehicle you drive may influence your alcoholic beverage of choice – truck drivers may surprise you!

We often associate fruity drinks with women and straight alcohol with men, but is that actually accurate? According to our survey, women indeed favor mixed drinks and wine, while men stereotypically lean toward beer and liquor. What may be surprising is the nearly half-and-half ratio of both genders enjoying their alcohol one shot at a time.

Many of us have been there – after kicking back a few when you’re out with your friends, you crave something greasy and deliciously unhealthy. Then, you wake up with a hangover and more cravings. How do your own food hankerings stack up against those of our respondents?

Are you a “cat person,” or do you prefer the company of a canine? It appears that these preferences affect what we do when intoxicated. We broke down how drunken activities correlate with pet preference, and it seems that kitty loyalists are more likely to turn to drugs when under the influence of alcohol.

We think of cats as dignified and regal, and dogs as excitable and impulsive, but what about their owners? According to our survey, those with a proclivity toward canines partake in more embarrassing activities than their feline counterparts. Although cat enthusiasts are pretty on par with “dog people” when it comes to passing out.

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