Jumpstart the New Year With a Few Simple Recovery Goals

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There’s something great about the start of a new year and having the belief that anything is possible. It’s the perfect time to reassess certain areas of your life and make some much-needed changes where you’re lacking.

Where Can I Improve?

Recovery, I’ve learned, is all about balance – and it’s up to us to keep all areas in check if we want to lead happy, productive and sober lives.

With that in mind, I’d like to share my recovery goals for 2017 and how I plan to go about achieving them:

  • Recovery Resolution #1: Get Out of Debt
    Why: Now that my boyfriend and I are planning to get married and start a family in the near future, it’s time to think beyond “me” and really buckle down financially.
    How: Start budgeting better. This means doing a better job at distinguishing between a “need” and a “want.” Do I really need that cute shirt in the store window? (No). Do we really need to go out to dinner when we have plenty of food at home? (Definitely not). By gaining better control of my finances, the stress of being in debt won’t serve as a trigger for me to use down the road.
  • Recovery Resolution #2: Stay More Present
    Why: This is a constant complaint of my boyfriend’s, as I’m easily distracted and often find myself stuck inside my own head. Whether I’m dwelling on the past or worrying about the future, I find that I often miss all the greatness of life all around me. By being more mindful and in tune with what’s going on right now, I will be more grateful and appreciative of all that I do have, rather than all the things I don’t.
    How: I’ve set a daily reminder on my phone to take five minutes out of the day and reflect on everything around me. I’ve also started a journal to put all of the stuff in my head down onto paper.
  • Recovery Resolution #3: Challenge Myself Intellectually
    Why: Knowledge is powerful and learning something new keeps your brain sharp.
    How: I plan to start by strengthening my Spanish skills! I downloaded a free app (I chose DuoLingo) and practice 20 minutes every day. The more regularly I practice, the more likely it will become a habit. Recovery is all about personal growth; the more I push myself, the better version of myself I will become.

How About You?

What are your recovery resolutions for the new year? And how will you go about them? Now that I’ve shared mine, take a minute to share yours in the comment section below. You never know who you might help!

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