Here Comes the (Sober) Bride

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It was supposed to be the happiest day of Sarah’s life. Yet she was dreading one part of it. Very few people knew she was sober…it had only been a few months, yet she had vowed to keep alcohol from destroying her new married life.

What would she do when everyone raised their glasses of champagne?

Planning the Perfect Day

Sarah and her fiancé strategized. They bought a bottle of sparkling apple cider to toast with, and no one would know the difference. She was already in the habit of drinking sparkling water with a splash of cranberry and lime, so that would look like a bar drink.

Sarah didn’t want to make her wedding all about her newfound sobriety – she just wanted to be a normal bride. She didn’t want to field questions about why she wasn’t drinking.

“Let me get the bride a drink,” said one of the more boisterous groomsmen. “What would her majesty like from the bar?”

“Oh just a seltzer and cranberry with a lime,” she replied, having feared this moment would come.

“Surely not, my dear lady! Not drinking at your wedding? Unthinkable!”

“I’m just spacing them out,” she said, having practiced this line. “So I can enjoy myself all night.”

“A seltzer and cranberry it is then, my lady!” he said, and wandered off to the bar

“That was a close call,” Sarah whispered to her new groom as they danced.

“You handled it beautifully,” he said. And she could tell he was truly proud.

A Match Made in Heaven

Alcohol had threatened their relationship before they got married, and Sarah was determined not to let it now. Her fiancé was extremely supportive of her efforts to get sober, made his own dinner, left her leftovers when she went to night meetings, and understood that sometimes she needed to spend time with sober pals.

Some of her friends were not quite so supportive. One bridesmaid in particular threw a fit that the bachelorette party would be a day at a local spa instead of a drinking extravaganza. But Sarah stood her ground, and the other bridesmaids stood with her.

“Hey, this is Sarah’s day,” one said. “We do it her way.”

The best part of Sarah’s sober wedding day was crawling into bed that night with her new husband, knowing she would remember every detail of her wedding night.




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