Getting Clean? You’ll Need These People in Your Corner

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Do you know what all good movies have in common? A great cast. And it’s more than just the leading man or woman; they have a strong supporting cast. The Academy Awards even acknowledge these roles with “best supporting actor” nominations.

Just like any good movie, your life in recovery needs the right key players. You may be the star of the show, but your supporting cast and crew are what carry you through.

Meet the Cast

  • Someone who has played your role: This person has worn your shoes. They walked through the horrors of addiction and came out on the other side, scarred but clean. Their stories and empathy provide you with perspective and hope. You can go to them when times are hard, and they can help you work through them. This might be a friend, mentor, or sponsor.
  • Extras: You don’t want to go through this alone. A good support group can help fill in your story with the empathy, acknowledgement, and accountability you need to stay sober. They may not be your best friends, but they are an invaluable part of your story.
  • Supporting actor/actress: This person hasn’t been in your role, but they support you anyway. They don’t fully understand what you’re going through because they haven’t been there themselves, but they make the effort to understand and love you where you are. Their support makes you stronger in your own role.
  • An honest critic: This isn’t someone who tears you down. (Those are the ones you need to cut out of your cast.) Your critic is someone who loves you enough to tell it to you straight. They know you need to hear the truth and don’t care what you think of them when they tell it to you. You probably won’t like them at all times, but their reality checks are good to keep your performance on track.
  • Your agent: This person pushes you to try new roles and grow as a person. They have your best interests at heart and work with you to make the best decisions for your life in recovery. This role is filled by a therapist or other treatment provider.
  • Your biggest fan: This person loves you unconditionally. They don’t approve of everything you do, but you know that no matter how bad your performance gets, they will be there with open arms. Their love and support will help carry you through the toughest times.



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