Recreational Use of Stimulants

The use of stimulants in America has been around for more than 100 years. Its popularity in the beginning was due to allowing people to achieve the American Dream. It allowed people to work longer without getting tired, people remained alert for problem solving and be cheerful no matter what the situation. Taking a stimulant seemed to allow someone to have it all. As early as 1830, it was written that Americans were obsessed with achieving success in as short a time as possible. Many people today feel that methamphetamine use is the first drug epidemic faced by America. Actually, this epidemic is the second. America’s first drug epidemic was with cocaine. Cocaine was legal at the time and widely used. The first epidemic reached closure so effectively that many thought its resurgence in the 1970’s was the first epidemic.

Today, stimulants are used recreationally to create feelings and emotions of positivity. Taking a stimulant for recreation can let you dance all night, have sex for days or lose weight without effort. Someone can do all these things while feeling they are invincible. Popularity leads to abuse and addiction. Statistics show most stimulant use starts occurring as early as the 8th grade, when experimentation starts with a percentage of 1.5%. In the general public, stimulant use is the highest in the 18-25 year old group with a percentage of 6.4%. The key to keeping your child from using stimulants recreationally is open communication and education about the effects.


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