What If I Can’t Afford Medical Detox?

If addiction has finally taken its toll on you and you’re ready to quit, you might be wondering what the next steps are and how you’ll get to a place where you’re back on your feet and free from the constraints of addiction. You’ve probably done some research only to read time and time again that medical detox is the “best way” or “most effective” way to get clean. While we absolutely believe in the efficacy of including a medical detox program in your recovery planning, we also find it a little bit discouraging to see these statements because so many people just can’t afford medical detox. 

That’s why we want to share with you that medical detox isn’t the only way to get clean, there are other ways that can be just as effective should you get the right support and make the commitment to changing your life for the better. Check out our list below for a few options you may not have thought of.

Join an Online Community
If you’re reading this post, then it’s likely that you’ve joined or at least had a chance to walk around our online community here at Recovery.org. If you haven’t roamed our community yet, please do. We are one of many online communities that seeks to offer support, build confidence, and be there when you need us. 

Support Groups
Although many of our community members enjoy the vast options and flexibility that comes with online support communities, many of us still prefer to join in person support in place of or in addition to online support. In person support groups can be an awesome way to hear other’s stories, learn, grow, and build the confidence you need to get sober and stay sober. 

Even though counseling is traditionally thought of as an expensive treatment plan, it doesn’t have to be. There are many counseling programs among cities that offer free, low-cost, and sliding-scale counseling opportunities to get you back on your feet and get you connected with more resources that may be available to you. Always research what’s available to you in your city, you never know what you might find!

Outpatient Treatment
Lastly, don’t count out outpatient treatment, even if you believe you may not be able to afford treatment. Many programs offer a spot on a needs-based waitlist, some offer scholarships, and some partner with cities and hospitals to offer limited free spots when they’re available. Don’t pass up the opportunity to check in on these regularly, a spot could open up just in your time of need. 

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  • great post. there are other options to get free from addiction. try the ones listed here...and do your own research. i just heard someone this morning talk about how they got free using hypnosis for smoking...and we all know how darn addictive nicotine is!!!!!!!!!! i know i'd give it a shot if i needed to get free!!!!!!!!!!

    along with other things too!
  • Detoxicating one’s blood and liver from the effects of any addition is an important step that can make all the difference in your recovery. Quite contrarily to what you may believe, getting pharmaceutical help may not be as expensive as it seems. Getting medical consultation and high quality drugs online is one way of receiving affordable treatment. Acamprosate is one of the most highly acclaimed medications used for detoxicating the body from the detrimental effects of alcohol. Acamprosate, whose administration must always be associated with a psychosocial or psychotherapeutic support, does not cause dependence, abuse or abstinence to its suspension; does not enhance the effect of alcohol if it is taken during treatment; it does not modify the psychic state of the individual and can, finally, be associated with drugs often taken by alcoholic patients. The effectiveness of the treatment was evaluated and quantified with numerous clinical studies. Pharmacological therapy is a valuable aid to psychotherapeutic support, to obtain a good result in the treatment of an alcohol dependent patient.
  • I took Librium for like the first week of sobriety, doctors orders, made me feel drunk, bloody horrible it was. After that I had no more than an asprin for the following few years.
    Im very skeptical when it comes to the pharma industry so if you could provide links regarding these trials that were evaluated and quantified id be much appreciated. Moreover id regard ' buying high quality drugs online ' as a very foolish and dangerous thing to do as well.

    Regards AA.
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