I want to use but it is ruining my life.

This is my 5 th day of not using,  I am stressed beyond belief.  I would normally use to escape my problems,  but as with anything I find that in escaping I have made things worse between myself and my fiance and everyone else around me.  I have lied and stole and lost a couple of goods paying jobs.  My relationship with my fiance is at a cross road at this point either sober up or get lost. My relationship and mental well being are worth fighting for.  I just need someone to talk to that understands what I feel and how I feel.  Life had been difficult and I was hiding behind the drugs now I have to learn to stop hicing and start living.  
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  • Give yourself credit for not using, that's huge!!! You can do it, just one day at a time. Keep reminding yourself that you're doing it for YOU! My husband has been sober for 30 days today, everyday is a struggle for him but he takes 1 day at a time.
  • @Grady hello and welcome. great for 5 days sober! that's a great start. the beginning of sobriety can be tough..learning to live on life's terms sober and cope sober..it can be new and scary...and sometimes not go all that well..and that's ok. recovery is a learning...life is learning...cravings will come and maybe even a relapse. if so, get back up and start over...

    if you need more help, seek it in the community. (rehab, counseling AA, etc.) whatever works for you. 

    take some time to read some posts here in the forum...great info and great people!

    @Amengas CONGRATS to your husband!! yay!!
  • You should be proud of yourself. Keep going, yes you will definitely overcome from these problem. keep reading some thing motivating it will be a great help!! 
  • @Grady... Welcome to the community, my friend. I'm glad you found us. And congratulations on your 5 days of not using. That's a fabulous accomplishment!

    Learning to deal with life as it was meant to be dealt with can be challenging. But I'm here to tell you that it's worth the effort. Using will only cause the problems you mentioned to continue. Not only that, things will likely get worse. So try your best to keep doing the next right thing. 

    Have you considered seeing a therapist? I think they could really help you with the stress and anxiety. I know my therapist changed my life in ways I couldn't have imagined. 

    We are here to help and support you any way we can. Always remember that. You can come here and lean on us anytime, for any reason. You are not alone.

    Sending you positive, clean & sober vibes. You can do this!
  • @Grady hello! just thinking about you and wondering how you're doing! when you get a chance, pop in and let us know.

    we care!
  • Dominica: I am completely empathetic to your situation. I am divorced. I was using this substance then, but a "legal" drug I hid from my ex-wife, and was a major factor in the dissolution of our marriage. Coke's a seductive and ugly drug. I feel so good the first hour or two, then it's just...blah.  It's cost me much much money, and the simple pleasures I've had in life - reading in the morning with coffee, in particular - are not as pleasurable anymore. Feel free to contact me and we can talk, maybe support each other in this. Problem is, once you have a contact: it's so easy to get! Especially when living in a major city, which I do.  Peace.
  • Hi, I am just concern. Coke is the most expensive drug, right? Better quit using it. It makes you poor and your family plus the fact that you become an addict, you make your life miserable and non sense.
    Good thing you realized. God bless you!
  • @trappedincycle i'm just seeing your comment now for the first time. i know it's been a while..i hope you are doing well! :)
  • @Grady Its so nice to complete 5 days without it. I understand it becomes a part of your routine, your life BUT not the life. Life is bigger and more joyful than you think. 
    I just can say, live your life to fullest with love not in dark with drugs. Your Fiance loves you a lot, that's why he asked you to leave addiction away from life. Be addict to his love. <3

  • @JudiB ;Hello and welcome. Thank you so much for your comment! Hope to keep seeing you around in the Forum
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