Silly Halloween Candy Warning Spreading Around Facebook About Ecstasy

Lately, I've seen the following warning message being spread around Facebook warning parents about the following types of supposed "candy" which are actually supposed to be drugs...

"If your kids get these for Halloween candy, they ARE NOT CANDY!!!
They are the new shapes of "Ecstasy" and can kill kids through overdoses!!!
So, check your kid's candy and "When in doubt, Throw it out!!!"
Be safe and always keep the shiny side up!!!"

First of all, there are about 35+ pills there. And lets think this through here... a single pill of Ecstasy can sell for around $35 a pop, so that's about $1,200 worth of it pictured right there. Has anyone ever seen a person passing out candy, passing out one tiny piece of candy to each kid?! I've never had someone give me a single Skittle, it's usually a bag of Skittles. I've never gotten one Starburst, it was a pack of Starburst. Not to mention, if that crap cost $35 a piece, and say you get around 100 Trick or Treaters each year, that's about $3,500 you're dropping - quite generous of you! 

If that pile of candy was supposedly representing one *bag* of candy being passed out to each kid, that would mean you're spending $1,200 on each kid, x 100 is $120,000. Who in the hell spends $120k on passing out "treats" to kids on Halloween?! How would they even dare package these things up to hand out, in Ziploc bags?!

Some people, lol
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  • you have a point...but def parents need to go through the candy bag before giving it to kids!

    thanks for sharing!
  • I remember when I was a kid, it was all razorblades in apples, that sort of thing. There was also the old woman who allegedly chewed the Hallowe'en candy, put it back in its wrapper and gave it out! Urban legends, that's all. 

    There's always going to be some type of oversensationalized myth concerning this. The ironic thing is, candy is unhealthy enough as it is, yet you don't ever see someone warning us that people are giving out treats which could cause diabetes or obesity do you? 
  • And what's the purpose for spreading these drugs during Halloween? Should that rumor be true, let's just hope the ones responsible would be arrested. What if a ten-year-old kid accidentally swallows a drug-laced candy? Kids have a weaker system, they'd sure be ill taking such drugs. They're not as resilient as adults. Hopefully, nothing of the sort will happen come October 31st.
  • I agree with your point. Who the hell would spend so much only to get some children addicted and eventually kill them? I know, there are some hateful people out there, but this is just too much, and most likely isn't true at all.

    Parents should check their children's candies, though, to see what their children are going to eat.
  • Thanks for sharing this warning with everyone. I heard about it from my kids that some people were lacing candy with drugs because they had been talking about it at school. It is beyond comprehension that some sick and twisted people would do that sort of thing. If the candy packages look altered in any sort of way do the smart thing and just throw it out.
  • @area51, you know that the OP is completely dismissing this story as nothing but over-sensationalism? It's not a warning at all, the thread is just highlighting the ridiculous things that people believe just because they read it on Facebook. Don't get sucked in!
  • I honestly don't think I would let my kid go trick or treating if she was old enough! Not unless it was a very supervised trick or treating and only to houses where I knew who was living there. Call me crazy and overprotective but I hear about stuff like this all the time and it freaks me out - who would think of giving this stuff to KIDS? I mean's awful!
  • Eh, they used to say  the same thing about LSD in the 70s, and then the razorblades in the apples in the 80s. I researched these on Snopes and some other sites, and they report that there has never been a confirmed incident of anything like this happening. I really don't know who starts these kinds of rumors or why but people almost seem to embrace this type of fearmongering.
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