Relapse prevention activities

Creating this discussion for you to share what you do when you feel that you are about to relapse. Personally I like to go for a run or take a shower. 
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  • I have a few strategies up my sleeve. I tend to write, walk, shower, listen to music or spend extra time with my fiance. 
  • I find that when I feel a bit "wobbly", it is usually a reaction to stress. I try and remove myself from the situation I am in as quickly as possible. So if I am at home, I'll go out and walk to the park, stay there for a while. 
  • I plan something fun with a friend or do something I really enjoy. Go workout. Write. Music. Read.
  • I recommend working out, it's great for the body and your mind. Also remember to take your dose of sunshine from time to time.
  • Good tips here, the main is, find something that we are passionate about and dedicate ourselves to it, could be sports or not, what matters is that we love it. 
  • Thanks for the advice! I've recently started painting, I think it's a great way to relax and unwind for a few hours while getting the feel that you are doing something productive. 
  • Taking a quick walk always works.  You don't have to prep for it.  You just get up and walk to the door put on your shoes and take a brisk walk.  Works for me all the time.
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