Hangover Hiatus

Day 19 of nothing. I think in some way or another about booze daily but not in a tempted way. It's funny how when I'm not drinking I notice the alcohol theme more, for example advertising or co-workers joking about drinking. I'm still waiting for the glowing skin and weight loss to happen. Maybe it won't but one thing I realized as I'm sitting here on a dreary Saturday watching "Gunsmoke" is that it is WONDERFUL to not be hungover. I realize now that compared to how I feel now, that even on the days I was not technically hungover I still wasn't 100 percentage my best. I am just taking it day to day. Someone on the forum wrote that to say they will never ever drink again seems too overwhelming. I agree. Day to day is much more doable. Just keep reminding myself how horrible a hangover feels.
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  • @Baigum That's some fantastic insight, and some great motivation. One of the funny things about alcohol is how it tricks us into thinking certain things are normal. Insomnia. Nausea. A throbbing ache in the brain. Waking up with dread wondering what happened last night, or if one will make it to the bathroom without heaving.

    Then, when one stops, those sorts of things go away. One remembers how good a full night's rest feels. One wakes up actually refreshed. One doesn't need to worry about what happened the night before, or if they will make it through the coming day. I had forgotten what good a solid night's rest felt like, so when I got sober and actually started feeling those again, it was magical.

    As for the whole, "never again", you have a great attitude. If you are crushed by the thought of never drinking again, then just day by day. No booze today means a solid night's rest tonight, and that means the best chance for a good day tomorrow. Keep that up, and pretty soon you will look around and realize, "wow, it's been 4 months since my last drink. My how the time flies".

    Keep the faith!
  • One day at a time, @Baigum. Always. Congrats on your 19+ days of sobriety. Hopefully it's 21 today, which is 3 weeks!

    P.S. I love watching those old "Gunsmoke" episodes!
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