Tips for Finding Detox Centers

A common misconception about addiction is, addiction itself. Surprisingly enough, people get this idea in their minds that people can just quit drugs, alcohol, sex, work, or whatever addiction they’ve become plagued with. But, if people could just quit, wouldn’t they? Yeah, I’m sure that a lot of them would.

So, what people aren’t understanding is the very nature of addiction, that people become physically dependent on their substance or behavior and their brain/body relies on that substance or behavior to remain in equilibrium. Should you go without suddenly, you enter withdrawals, which we all know comes at a price that is different for everyone depending on many things.

That’s why detox is such a crucial step to recovery. Some programs come with the detox aspect, some programs require that you detox prior to being released into their care. But, how do you know how to find the best detox center to suit your needs?

Here’s a couple tips:

You’re probably going to be looking at several factors, namely what’s available, right? Whether you’re wanting to detox and go to treatment close to home or far away, you’re going to search what’s available by location. Make sure the location works for you and the rest of your treatment goals, that’s the first step.

If there are more than a couple of options, and for most people in urban areas there will be, then you may look at credibility of the programs offered, if the staff holds necessary certifications and credentials and what their treatment methods are, if their values align with yours, and if both you and the program are suited for one another.

You may also want to pay attention to the length of treatment offered, if treatment is a one size fits all, or if the treatment will be tailored for your success. Of course, you’ll also want to know that the program or center is accessible, within your means, and affordable. Lastly, don’t forget to make the most of what you’re paying for – ensure that you’ll get the necessary referrals, support, transition to care, or aftercare services. These are all highly important to your success so, don’t forget to be your own advocate.

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  • Talking to people who are clean and sober and have been through detox or a treatment program is a good way to get the straight scoop on treatment facilities. I think it's always best to hear about a treatment program from someone who's been through it. You can't beat getting a review of a place from someone who has experienced it first-hand.
  • don't be lazy on your research.... spend time researching, asking questions, and seeking others who may have been there.... get their feedback. there are some excellent drug rehabs/detox centers, and there are not so great ones....

    do your homework :)
  • On the ball @DeanD I was thinking this before I saw your comment. The best place to find out real insider information is at an AA or NA meeting. Well this was the case for me anyway. Hit up your local groups, syphon all the information you can because at least then you can go armed to your counsellor with some positive ideas. These professional types just love positive ideas by the way, it shows a want in the person. Those who want it enough will have no problem in asking for direction. So what are you waiting for? Your new life begins now.
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