Dry January! Who is up for the challenge?

Dry January begins next month... January 1st.... Can you go the whole month of January without alcohol?

This health campaign began in 2013 in the UK...urging people to NOT drink for January... and many people have taken this challenge and noted the positives in their lives b/c of it...

Anyone up for the challenge??

Feel free to write your journey here too!
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  • This will be my 11th dry January in a row. I'm in. :)
  • I read this article on the HuffPost site and thought it was worth sharing for Dry January:

    How to Cut Back on Drinking Alcohol

    Does anyone have any other suggestions to add to the ones in the article?
  • @dominica & @DeanD I started my dry January as of January 7. I am not an alcoholic, just a social drinker on occasion, but through the holidays I found I was having far more than normal and more frequently. I'm in!!
  • @Drained1... That's awesome! I think Dry January is a great thing, even for people who are just social drinkers. Giving your body a break from alcohol and finding out that you don't *need* alcohol to have a good time can do everyone a world of good. Glad you're in! :)
  • educating yourself on the negative effects of the poison. the toxins associated with alcohol. This Naked Mind by Annie Grace is a good read on this.
  • Dry January # 8 for me, so me & @deand will be the ringers for this one!

    "Dry January" sounds so bland and boring though. Obviously "First Month Freedom" is open to debate and might not be compelling. But what about a "New Year Mind Clear" or a "Mental Cleanse", or something else that is factually accurate but sounds hip and edgy like something one of the cool kids would do?
  • @Leaker i like New Year Mind Clear!! :)
  • @Drained1 glad you are on board!! your body will be grateful for the break, regardless of how little you drink. i'm good so far!! :)
  • Just think, if you do the dryjan you will save plenty of bucks as well. I normally maxed at about 150-200 euros a week. This is a possible 800 euros a month.

    If you get really good at the dryjan thing you could really start making yourself some serious coin. Today after allmost sixty consecutive dryJans, im almost 40,000 euro better off. ( this is between ourselves, my other half doesnt need to know this. And besides she has enough shoes already )

    Good luck everyone :)
  • ooh, and thats sixty consecutive months, not januarys, dean and drained. The title is yours.

    But who cares, im still forty grand better off. whey hey!! The midlife crisis porsche 911 is still a viable, and quite reasonable goal says me. :)
  • Saving money is just another benefit of not drinking or doing drugs, isn't it @AlwaysAlex? :)
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