Is Alcohol Safe to Drink?

Now we all know that binge drinking and abusing alcohol leads to several negative consequences, but can one drink a day really be that bad?
According to a new study published in the Lancet: Yes! The study found that there is no safe level of alcohol consumption. We have all heard the facts about how moderate drinking can protect against heart disease and can flush out your kidneys, but this new information states that the bad of moderate drinking outweighs the good. So while a glass of red wine may help prevent heart disease, it’ll increase the chance of contracting liver disease or various forms of cancer.
This new information is considered to be the most significant to date because of the variety of factors that were considered.
Moderate Drinking- The Risks
A study by the Global Burden of Disease looked at the health factors and alcohol levels consumed in one hundred and ninety-five different countries over a twenty-six-year span. During the study, they compared people who did not drink to people who consumed one alcoholic drink a day. The research data concluded that out of 100,000 non-drinkers, 914 could potentially develop a health problem related to alcohol. If they drank one alcoholic drink, an extra four people would be affected.
Others who drank two alcoholic drinks a day, 63 more developed an alcohol-related condition within a year. There was also an increase of 338 people who developed an alcohol-related condition who drank five alcoholic drinks every day. As you can see, one drink a day doesn’t play a large increase in health risks, but it does play one large enough to reconsider. The more one drinks, the more the health risks increase.
What Can You Consume
Fourteen units a week is the recommended amount of alcohol to consume between men and women. The equivalent amounts of alcohol to reach fourteen units a week include:
• Six pints of beer (4% strength)
• Seven glasses of wine (11.5% strength, 175ml)
• Fourteen single shots of spirits (40% Strength)
Although there is a recommended amount of alcohol to drink per week, drinking a small amount a day can potentially affect your health in a way that could have been avoided if one did not drink.
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  • I have always believed that alcohol can't really be good for you. I mean, just look at the way it affects your brain and body when you drink it. How could it actually be GOOD for you???
  • to me it's common sense that any amount of alcohol is not good for the human body
  • @dominica... Great minds think alike! B)
  • Well all our governments seem to think its safe. But then again smoking was seen as safe for you not so long ago........
    Apparently if alcohol was discovered today it would be a class A substance right along side heroin, and crystal meth, etc. So basically when anyone drinks any alcohol they are poisoning themselves with a class A drug. ( I know its not a class A drug in the eyes of the law but in the eyes of the world health organization it bloody well is seen as one ane if they could have their way it would be classed for what it is.) But alas money and profit for multinational dirnks industrys comes above the health and welfare of every man woman and child in the world.

    Sometimes, man, sometimes the mind really does boggle.
  • It's not good for anyone. It angers me that it's promoted so easily....subtle and outright advertising that "you need alcohol to have a good time" "celebrate with alcohol!"

    come on folks. that's brainwashing.... don't fall for it. alcohol is poison, and dangerous, and the majority of the population just cannot drink responsibly, whatever that means.
  • Why do we think its cool to mess with the part of the brain that deals with logic and reason? You know, that part of the brain that tells you its safe to cross the road for an example, that same part that warns you about unfolding situations in advance. And the crazy part is the brainwashing is so extreme the last thing we blame is the alcohol or ourselves, instead we cry, we hide away, and then we pour another drink to make all the pain go away.

    Its desperately sad.

    Im so happy I found myself and got sober, my life is far from perfect but at least I dont have to face any of the crap or any other disasters on an almost weekly basis. My brain is fine and well, just as we are here in this wonderful, wonderful corner of the Internet.
  • "my life is far from perfect but at least I dont have to face any of the crap or any other disasters on an almost weekly basis."

    Amen, @AlwaysAlex! Amen!
  • @Redroad Hey there! Good to see you here in the Forum. I love to learn more about you.
  • Hello @Redroad ,
    Hope you are well man. Im Alex and im an AUD sufferer. ( Alcohol Use Disorder )
    Prehistoric terminology such as alcoholic bears no fruit for me, its a stereotype that has been consigned to the history bin by the WHO and rightly so.
    Junky is another of my pet peeves, its such an unrealistic way of saying a person is an addict. Its wrong on so many levels.

    Anyway I hope maybe you will join in the convo sometime. We are all good people here so get stuck in, one day at a time. :)
  • @dominica Ha! Drink responsibly........ And this has happened when and where? :)
    Take Class As Responsibly sounds just as ludicrous but makes an almighty statement I feel.
  • @AlwaysAlex haha, i hear you. drink responsibly... i suppose it can happen... but not for the one struggling with alcoholism, or binge drinking...

    my mom drank "responsibly"... and i mean that in she rarely ever drank. the few times i remember her drinking, she had one or two mixed drinks at a social event. she just has very little desire to ever drink.

    for the problem drinker, alcoholic, binge drinker, etc.? best to leave it be...abstaining forever.
  • The ancient Persian governments of the day at least tried to be responsible drinkers...... National decisions were decided twice by those in charge..... Once when drunk and once when sober.

    This is all I can find on positive drinking. True story as well.
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