Paging ______! Please check in with us!

Hey, @Tommy... Just wondering how you're doing, man. It's been a while since you've posted and I want to make sure you're alright. If you get a chance, check in with us, okay? Miss ya, buddy!
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  • @Tommy yes, i'm wondering too!! absence really does make the heart grow fonder!!

    hope all is well and you're busy living a good, good life ! :)
  • Still hoping you'll check in with us soon, @Tommy. We miss you!
  • I know, I've been "in search of" @Tommy as well! No Freedom Train, no Step work, no stories... :'(
    Here's hoping he stops by soon...
  • Hey, @Tommy... Starting to worry about you, my brother. I hope things are okay. Let us know how you're doing when you get a chance. Sending you love and positive juju.
  • Yoohoo.... long story!!! I landed on my feet!!!!!
  • Good to hear from you, @Tommy! You know we're always here for you, my friend.
  • @Tommy just thinking of you and wanted to reach out! i hope you are doing well!

  • I'm gonna call this the: "PAGING _________" (so n so) Discussion!

    We haven't heard from @TWSJ in awhile...I was reading some old posts, gleaning and smiling and realizing how for I've come, because of some early support from people like TWSJ. Are you still in Savannah? Are you struggling? Are you in good health? Time to check in! B)
  • I like this idea @Goodtr8s as many people on here who go quiet have been quite helpful for myself & I'm sure others feel the same :smile:
  • Great idea, @Goodtr8s! I even changed the name of the thread! :)
  • @Goodtr8s @TWSJ checked in not that long ago from savannah doing well! can't remember what post :)

    the freedom train rolls on!!! :) always!
  • test 1 2!! Here I is. Doing pretty well. I have been going to a lot of meetings. A coulple months ago, I was hurting bad. It was a thursday. And I promidrd my soon to be ex that I would stay gone 4 days for her to move all her things. As I kept house. The very day she left, I was asked to cover a meeting for someone that night at 7. AND friday. and saturday.And mine on sunday. 4 meetings in a row. I thought shit. I cant do that. I need to wallow in my sorrows!!! Poor me. lol. So I go to the meeting. Only one other person showed up. A newbie. with 10 days sober. Scared to death!! So as I was helping him. It took focus off myself. 4 evenings. He came every night. Afew weeks later, I noticed how much better I felt. It was a blessing to be asked to chair 4 meetings. But it was perfect for me. And, he still comes every week!! And He said I helped him. I said NO. You helped me. That. My people is why I love the Spirit of AA. Call it what you will. Its God working through people. Amazing really. So I hope all is well. And yes yes. The Freedom Train is rolling strong for me!! Big hugs to all. @deand @dominica @Goodtr8s @Leaker
  • I'm enjoying your story, @Tommy! What a roller coaster at times! You are sounding awfully strong, too! Like me, you keep yourself open to small blessings and share them every chance you get! God, bless you for sure, for being there for the "newbie". I pray his recovery continues...We'll create a train car to handle those, "still suffering", where ever they are! We WILL carry on the spirit of AA with you!
    Thanks, @dominica for sharing about @TWSJ. I must have missed that. And, @DeanD, thanks for changing the name of our discussion/thread!
    ...think I'll reach out to @Ocean right now, and see how she's holding up!! o:)
  • Love your updates @Tommy

    To add to this thread & i hope it’s ok, and not to take away from your reaching out @Goodtr8s ...

    I was thinking of 2 peeps I haven’t seen lately who were a big support when I was new to the forum @HulkZmash @SalTheGalFromCal
  • Good Morning my friend! Still hanging in!!!!! Like everyone else, there are still and will be "tough" times but I think back as to what made me stop drinking in the first place!!!!! I am going away over night & trip includes a winery (like putting a diabetic kid in a candy factory) but I really wanted to go as the trip encompasses so much more than that! For me, its better I face the alcohol head on as I really want to get away rather than staying home as I know how I am and I will feel "pity" "resentment" etc.....I hope you are doing well Goodtr8s!!!!! I keep busy working out, working long hours, painting my entire I need to fill in those hours between 4-8 where I want to drink....but honestly it is getting easier as it was a "habit" coming home from work and opening a bottle of wine now its like I am coming home and thinking what yoga class am I going to, what else can I possibly paint.... the list goes on!!!! I Reading helps tremendously as well as re-arranging the furniture :) I am sure I am driving everyone nuts in this house ( I hope my dogs understand that I would never attempt to paint them as they are the only ones that remain in their natural state :) ) I did have a doctors appt. and my BP very good, I am what she said "on the thin side" & my cholesterol is down plus I haven't made a fool of myself since June 11th, 2017 (which is a miracle in itself)….God Bless, Keep in touch wishing you peace
  • You're not taking away, @blueorchid, quite the contrary, adding to it!
    Have a great weekend!

    Thanks for responding, @Ocean! You are a hero! Wish I had half of your motivation!!
    So glad you are healthy and enjoying life! Such an inspiration!

    EXCEPT for the 8 day relapse last March, I am about 17 months clean of pain pills! I like to count the hard months prior to the 8 days, cause, I EARNED THEM!! (at first I just kicked myself...)

    Have a great visit to the winery! Enjoy the views and the fellowship!
  • @Tommy... "It's God working through people." I love that, my brother. I'm so glad AA has had such a positive impact on you. And that you're able to help others, too. That's what it's all about.

    @ocean... Do NOT paint the dogs!!!

    @Goodtr8s... Happy to change the name of the thread!

    @blueorchid... I would love to hear from @HulkZmash and @SalTheGalFromCal, too. Maybe they'll see the "Bat Signal" and check in. :)
  • i'm so alone and he is so mean. He gives me the silent treatment and I don't know what I did wrong.
  • Hi @Julia
    I can only hypothesize what’s going on with your situation... I don’t know if this will help as it did for me... when someone gives us the silent treatment, it is a form of abuse. Often in abusive relationships silence is used rather than physical abuse.
    Because of my childhood, I knew about the cycle of abuse. There are 3 main stages:
    1. Tension building
    2. Incident (may be physical assault or silent treatment. Often you haven’t even done anything wrong)
    3. Reconciliation/Calm

    I don’t know if this is helpful. There are many topics with great posts on this forum that you may also find helpful.
  • @Julia... Do you want to share more about what's going on with you? If so, feel free to start a new discussion thread. We're here to help and support you however we can.
  • @Julia Hello there. So sorry that you’re going through this right now. Would love to hear more about your situation. Know that we are here to listen and support you however we can .
  • @Goodtr8s , @dominica , and @_________,
    Sorry I don't check in as much . But I'm still active in AA and 18 months Sober . Hurricanes have missed Savannah so far . And I am heading to Jacksonville tomorrow to buy a dock building rig .
    Step 12 says to carry the message to the alcoholic ( or addict ) who still suffers , as @Tommy mentioned . So I'm always a page away . And speaking of @Tommy , I loaded the boat with trout , redfish , and black drums this morning . So hit me with a left coast fishing report .
  • @TWSJ Hey you! I'm glad the storms missed Savannah! And a dock building rig sounds interesting LOL. I'm so glad that you are still active in AA and congratulations on 18 months sober. Super happy for you and the life that you've created for yourself. Thank you for popping in to say hello!
  • Good to hear from you, @TWSJ. And big kudos to you for 18 months! Keep catching those fish, my friend!
  • Has @Drained1 started a new post? I've not been here as frequently as usual and feel like I've missed any updates. I know you/ she is going through some tough, tough times.
    :s <3
  • @Goodtr8s hey you! i don't think she's started a new thread.... yet ;)
  • It's just not like her, @dominica! I pray @Drained1 is okay and will catch up soon.
    She needs US! LOL! ...and, we need to hear from HER! o:)
  • @Goodtr8s hey you! thinking about you this morning! hope you're doing well!
  • Hi, @Dominica! Thanks for reaching out! I've been busy. I HAVE been reading here on the forums and keeping people in my prayers!
    I've been to SC to visit family. My son-in-law had thyroid surgery. I've been involved with church a little more and of course keeping busy with the senior I live with. Doing all this, clean and sober, too. It's not always easy. Temptations still need to be resisted. Funny how I'll still think of that "opiod calm", and remember the warm feeling. It was so very deceiving...
    I hope you and yours are doing okay. I'll read your responses to friends here, and, think: "That comes from her heart of hearts and from her experiences."

    I've loving the cooler weather! You?! o:)
  • Great to hear from you, @Goodtr8s! Look at you, dealing with life’s ups and downs while clean and sober. How wonderful!!! I hope your son-in-law’s surgery went well and that he’s feeling better. Keep doing the next right thing!
  • @Goodtr8s Sounds like you're doing quite well. I'm glad to hear that. Glad that you got to go visit your family and things are going well with your senior. Sounds like things are balanced in your life. Definitely not giving into those Temptations. The mind can come up with some pretty interesting lies huh?

    Definitely enjoying the cooler weather. Although it was still in the 80s this week but now it's going to be cooling off into the 60 so yay. Thank you for always praying for those who are struggling! Sending Big Love Your Way!
  • Speaking of colder weather...@DeanD, I'll just bet you are feeling it right now!

    Thanks for the pep-talk! Yes, just "look at me...!" Sometimes I think maybe I could do with a glass of wine, like "normal" people. I mean, that's a LONG way from popping pills or snorting crank. Instead, I say a quick prayer or look at pictures of loved ones, take a walk, ANYTHING to get past the moment. I want to tell people still suffering that these moments pass quicker than you think, give yourself some credit, eh?
    Hope you, your son and family are doing well, @DeanD. B)
  • Thirty degrees and snow flurries here in the Detroit area today, @Goodtr8s. It's too soon for this weather!!!
  • Up-date on my where abouts and what's going on in my world. Most of you know I live with and care for a senior. 24/7
    He had a major stroke in 2015, I moved in to help with medicines, his un-managed diabetes and basic needs. What a dream job/life! His stroke had NOT left him with physical weaknesses as much as mental. He's a real sweetheart! Been going through all this (even the divorce!) clean and sober. I'm nervous. I'm proud. I'm looking forward to being around family again, without all the drugging, artificial confidence and fake "opioid calm" .
  • @Goodtr8s thanks for checking in. Glad to hear you are weathering the storm of Life and doing so without relapsing. People ask, "When is a good time to stop?" and you are proof that there is never a good time, but the right time is always when one finally has had enough. Hopefully you are seeing that that fake "opioid calm" would just make things worse. Sounds like you have a lot going on, and a clear and focused mind is required to get through it as best as possible.

    Keep the faith!
  • @Goodtr8s hey you! good to hear from you! glad things are going well. you will be with your family over the holidays?
  • Thanks for the update, @Goodtr8s! So happy to hear that things are good! Sober is better!!!! :)
  • Amazing update @Goodtr8s
    I occasionally find myself thinking about what life was like when I was extremely addicted to opiates... some of the time I catch myself craving it (the ritual along with the high)... then I see photos I’m tagged in on social media & I immediately snap back to reality and am eternally grateful to be over 2 years clean from it!

    Proud of you!!! :heart:
  • Yes, @dominica, I'll be with family in SC for Christmas.
    My senior is in a rehab facility after spending 7 days in the hospital with a urinary tract infection. It turned him into some kind of stranger. His dementia is worse, he is weak and can't do basic hygiene acts. I am unable to care for him here at his house.
    Anyway, looks like I'll be free to go home for a couple days. Mixed blessings. :'( <3

    2 years clean of opioids, @blueorchid! That is awesome! Thanks for the encouragement! Merry Clean Christmas to you!
  • Two years is FABULOUS, @blueorchid!!! Just keep going!!!

    A wise man once told me to: "keep doin' what you're doin'!"

    @DeanD; @dominica; @Leaker; @TWSJ; @Tommy; @ocean; @blueorchid; @Drained1; @tirerdmom; @Chelsea32813; @ShayShay88; @Vette60; @allothersimissed!!! LOL!
  • Happy New Year @Goodtr8s Hope you had a wonderful holiday season and look forward to 2019 with you here in the forum my friend!

    @blueorchid I am sooooo proud of you!!
  • Right back at ya, @Goodtr8s!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! :)
  • @Goodtr8s hey you. thinking of you.

    @ocean... hey you!! how are you?

    @Tommy hey you. thinking of you too!!!

    hope you all are well!
  • Hello all my peeps. @deand @dominica @Goodtr8s I at yearm doing good. LONG story. So I will try and catch up. I was out nof work 2 months. after my breakdown last year. I had a good Christmas. Totally alone. Divorce was final dec 1rst Let me at least say this. Feb 1rst was 3 years off any pills!! Still sober. Doing alot of meetings. I am in the process of selling my house. Then its Georgia I come!! I will try to post more, now that I hava computer at work again. I have thought of you guys many many times. All is well and a new chapter is in the works. Big hugs to all!!
  • @Tommy Hey Tommy! Thank you so much for the update. I'm glad that you're doing well and congratulations on your clean time! Sounds like your life is going very well in spite of those challenges you've been through. Super proud of you for the work that you've done on yourself and for helping others along the way.

    Oh that'll be wonderful when you move to Georgia! I know that will make you happy! I pray that your house sells quickly.

    Really great to hear from you. You'll always have a special place here in this forum Tommy

    sending Big Love Your Way!
  • So wonderful to hear from you, @Tommy! Sounds like you've navigated some tough seas pretty well. And 3 years without any pills? That's AMAZING!!! I'm sooo proud of you!

    I wish you the best of luck with selling your house. I know Georgia will be happy to have you, too.

    Keep doing good things for yourself, my brother! :)
  • Where have you been @arcshines ??!! Been thinking about you and wondering how you are getting along. Haven't seen a new post from you so hoping everything is well!
  • Hello @tiredmom! Thanks so much for checking in. I've been meaning to start a new post to let you know how things have been. Well just when you think it's the end of the story, it never quite is, is it? Lol.

    I got a phone call from my ex about a week after he was admitted to the facility in Florida. He said it's a rehab facility but that it's basically a jail and that it's awful. Over the last few days I've gotten some letters from him. He says he's regretting his decision to go to Florida and wants to come back to Massachusetts... face his legal issues, deal with whatever his sentence may be, and move on with his life. I think I've heard this before! In the meantime I also was in touch with his sister. She contacted me last week, wanting to know if I had heard from him or if I knew where he was. It was actually very helpful speaking to her, the conversation kind of solidified things for me as far as continuing to see the reality of his situation. And she was very reasonable and understanding.

    I'll post more a bit later.
  • I'm really glad to hear from you @arcshines . I was worrying I'd never hear from you again and I would have to go through life always wondering how you were. Lol. I won't say too much right now because I am going to wait for you to post further later, but I will tell you that ANYTHING other than them being able to do what they want, anything that stops them from acting on their impulses, and anytime their caretaker is not in the picture, not to mention ANYTIME they have any rules to follow, they act like they are in jail! Trust me when I tell you that it wouldn't matter if he were in a five-star resort/rehab, he would be complaining and saying the same thing. His problem is he wants to come back to Massachusetts for more help and caretaking. Believe me when I tell you, you are just getting his thoughts / mood of the day with what he is writing or saying. Honestly, he will never get better as long as you are still in contact with him. In his mind he probably thinks there is still some chance for you doing more of the same or something he needs at some point. I have told you before that if you don't just cut all contact and tell him you are not going to be talking to him anymore, he will keep it in his head that he should come back to Massachusetts. Don't forget the condition he was in when he left. That is not the behavior any woman needs in a partner. Do both of you a favor and cut ties and don't worry about what he is doing or how he is getting along, because it could go around and around and around for a very long time. Then when you really do want to get totally away, he will make it hard because he will not believe you are serious. I swear this to be true. I'll wait to hear what else you have to say. I'm glad you were able to talk to his sister. Believe what she tells you. Hope you are having a good evening.
  • Hi @tiredmom, I totally and completely understand what you're saying. If I'm here for him in any capacity, to help him, do favors, give advice, take his calls, listen to his problems, it will just be leaving the door open and keep things going. It will continue the craziness for me and will also prevent him from truly accepting responsibility and getting help.

    When he first called me after arriving at the facility, he asked me, do you think there's any chance we can make this work? That was my perfect opportunity to tell him no... to say that despite the fact that we care about each other and love each other, I have suffered too much in this relationship. That he needs help and has to focus on himself and moving his life forward. That I need to focus on myself too. That he cannot truly focus on his recovery if he's trying to be in a relationship. That this has all been too much for me to handle. That he needs to stay at the facility for as long as it takes to get sober. That he needs to lean on his family for support and not me. That I have tried to help him but there is nothing more that I can do, and I need to get on with my life and heal. There are so many things I could have said to let him know it was over. But I couldn't do it. I sat there opening my mouth to say the words but I had this horrible feeling in my stomach and just couldn't. I didn't tell him we could works things out or anything like that. I ended up saying things about how this has all been very hard for me, and that being separated all the time is not a relationship. I told him that we have not moved forward at all, that we have actually gone backwards. I said that nothing has changed despite all his promises. He said that it's hard for him too, hard because every time things start to go in the right direction, he always makes bad decisions and f*cks it up. So I said, yes, it's been hard for both of us, and I think we need to see the reality of it. That was the closest I came @tiredmom, lol. He got upset of course. He said that it sounded like I was giving up on him. Which by the way is another example of how he makes things about him all the time. I was trying to explain how difficult this relationship has been on me. But instead of seeing that I was trying to explain why this relationship has failed, he made it look like I was giving up hope on HIM or abandoning HIM. Erm... no! He just doesn't get it. We were on speaker with the counselor and I didn't want to get too deep into it, so I just ended it by telling him that no, I have not given up hope on him, but that I am not optimistic about the future of any relationship given the problems we've had. He was very sad. He had to hang up at that point, and I wasn't sure if I'd hear from him again. I have to tell you I was so very upset after that call. And all that weekend I was fighting off the lump in my throat.

    I'm heading out in a little while to go to an Al Anon meeting and need to get in the shower. I'll post more later. I'm taking your advice @tiredmom and trying to appreciate the calm and quiet. The kids are with their father today so I'm going to the meeting, then coming home to cook. This afternoon I'm going out to collect some signatures for my nomination papers for the town's upcoming election. I decided to run for a volunteer post on the Board of Health. All good things!

    I'll post more later and let you know about the letters he's written. He also called me last night.

    Hope you have a good day!
  • Glad to hear you are focusing on yourself and doing things for you. It is great you are going to some meetings too. I just hope you are doing it for yourself, so you can get better and stronger, and not hoping they will help you to help him. It really is too bad that they don't get it, and I am not surprised that he is making it all about him. Unfortunately, I feel that no matter what happens at the rehab, he still will have a lot of issues and will never be a good partner for you. What you wrote in the first paragraph was spot on. I can see you do understand now and that's a good thing. No matter what you do or when you decide to tell him you can't be there for him anymore, it is going to hurt. You can't put it off too long and you should not give him false hope. He will need to be in a place where there are people who can support him. You must think of him and do it sooner than later for his wellbeing if you really care about him. That's just my personal opinion. I just don't want to think that you might be delaying things in hope of some miracle. You will end up in the same cycle all over again. Are you still seeing your therapist? You seem to be much more enlightened as to the reality of the situation and this relationship. I'm glad for you. That's great you are running for the position with the Board of Health. Good for you. I'm too lazy to work for pay anymore, let alone as a volunteer. Lol As I get older, I have barely any tolerance for people and prefer quiet time alone. I never thought I would be that way, but that is what has happened. Hopefully you will get the post and will continue to do all positive things for yourself. By the way, you mentioned letters from him. That makes me think of all the letters I would get from my ex husband years ago when he was my teenage boyfriend and all the letters with promises that followed year after year after year. I still have alot of them. I don't know why but there are many things I keep even though I have been divorced from him for 27 years and he is now deceased. I think I kept them in the beginning to keep me strong because they always said basically the same thing and nothing ever really changed. Just for a little while but not a lifetime. It was always the same old cycle, and we went around and around. I think you know what to do and I am not telling you anything for your own good now, because I can tell you get it now. Now I am telling you that you have to do what is for his own good, because I do have compassion for this man and would like to see him get the help he needs and also the support he may need when he realizes he is going to have to rely on himself and not you. If any of what I said makes any sense. Just don't wait until he is out of rehab or out of a facility that will offer him help. That will not be fair to either of you @arcshines. I'll wait to hear from you further. I hope you enjoyed your day.
  • @arcshines... Thanks for checking in with us. I have to say, I agree with @tiredmom. I think as long as you're "there" for your ex, he will use you as an excuse and a crutch. You need to cut the cord and let him sink or swim on his own. Like Melody Beattie says in her Codependent No More book, detaching with love doesn't mean that we stop caring about or loving someone; it just means that we learn to do those things without making ourselves crazy. You need to let go...for his sake AND your sake. At the very least, I would suggest cutting off all contact with him for at least 30 days. Make him work hard on HIMSELF. Because that's what he needs to be doing. Period.

    Happy Monday! Have a great day and an even better week. And definitely feel free start a new thread. <3
  • Thanks @tiredmom and @DeanD. I will make sure to start a new thread! :)
  • @arcshines thanks for that update. you sound well despite your up and downs with him.... you did say some pretty good things to him... i agree with dean that cutting ties for a long while can be helpful to you AND to him. this gives him the opportunity to NOT rely on you for a crutch.... but to take full responsibility for his recovery...and lean on professional supports and his family. i know it sounds harsh...but it is necessary. cutting ties doesn't mean you're a mean or bad person. it means you have boundaries and wisdom.... and if he takes it personal, that's on him....his work; not yours.

    you're a good soul. good for you for attending al-anon. you've learned so much!!!!

    super proud of you. believing for amazing things for you my dear!!
  • @arcshines You mentioned he said he wanted to come back and face his legal issues and sentence, whatever that may be. I forgot to ask you what is that all about? Did he get in some trouble? Hope you are having a great day!
  • Hi, guys! Thank you for the shout out!
    Making no excuses for not checking in, BUT, the gentleman I live with/ care for, 83 years old, had a Urinary Tract Infection, discovered a couple weeks after Thanksgiving...
    There's a crude saying here in the south: "knocked his dick in the dirt!" and excuse my french, but, my friend's dementia took a bad hit, as did his body. :'(
    Now, weeks and weeks of deterioration has placed him in a long term nursing care facility AND now, in hospice care! I've been running back and forth to the hospital while packing my things here at the house, (his daughter is selling it).
    I'm still clean and sober through it all. I can not imagine trying to maintain an addiction at a time like this.
    Just great! Tommy has plans to come home to Georgia, just a I am LEAVING!
    I am South Carolina bound, to be with my two daughters and 4 grandchildren. B)

    Thanks again, @dominica for call us out of the woodwork. I keep this page open at all times on the computer and have read and prayed about some of the stories here. I'll always do THAT!
    <3 </div>
  • Praying for your gentleman friend, @Goodtr8s. And, of course, for you, too. Good to hear from you! :)
  • Hey everyone!
    I felt inspired to pop in and say hello tonight. Hope everyone is doing good!
    I’ve been having an amazing 2019 and made the commitment to myself to no longer accept excuses or give myself permission to do what no longer serves me.
    I rang in the new year sober and it felt so efin good. I have not touched any drugs (besides a lil cannabis with my bro) in 2019 and plan to stay in recovery the rest of my life.... for me it’s the chemicals that were the issue although I respect those who chose sobriety in every area including cannabis and alcohol. For me, I rarely drink and cannabis is barely ever. I have decided to just do what feels best with a zero tolerance of chemicals used recreationally.

    I have been practicing daily meditation & exercising frequently... I took a week off when I was sick, but still went for a massage and a Float that week (I have been going for a Float in a sensory deprivation tank every week or two.)

    I have been getting a lot of rest by going to bed early (by midnight usually) and rising without an alarm on less than 7 hours sleep.
    I even saw Tony Robbins last month & have been practicing Ho’Oponopono... which is how I was able to release myself from the death of my bf, forgive & let go of my hurt and anger surrounding my mom and my exes’ addiction & forgive the men who raped me... I’m getting pretty close to releasing and forgiving myself for everything now too... the more I set, respect & enforce my own boundaries, the easier it gets and the better I feel... the anxiety & depression have disappeared and I am able to switch to a beautiful state almost immediately... I catch my triggers and am quite present the majority of the day.
    I no longer spend time with people who abuse drugs or alcohol because that’s not part of my life anymore...

    I am so eternally grateful for my life and for this community. I feel like a completely different person... like I awoke from a dream to only discover that’s what it always was.
    I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your love and support this past year because it really made a difference in my life!

    I will be creating a podcast sometime in the near future with one of my besties whom has struggled with similar life and addiction... we are brainstorming ways we can use our stories to help others, including young girls and youth and will one day be doing Ted Talks.

    Love you guys and thanks again for helping me through another one of my rock bottoms. :heart:
  • Soooooo nice to hear from you, @blueorchid. And WOW! Just WOW! It sounds like you are kicking ass and taking names this year! I'm super proud of you!!!

    Keep doing all those fabulous things you're doing. You are taking awesome care of yourself, and you will help countless others, too. That's what life is all about, IMO.

    Now I have to go Google "Ho’Oponopono." ;)
  • @Goodtr8s So good to hear from you! I'm sorry to hear about your gentleman friend. I know that you have truly made a mark on his life with your care for him. I know this will be a bitter sweet time for you and leaving, but I'm super glad to hear that you get to be with your family. What part of South Carolina?

    That is an interesting saying! Here in Louisiana I've heard some good sayings myself. Well not all good, some of them are just plain odd. Thank you for checking in and I'm super glad that you're doing well!

    @blueorchid Thank you for the update as well! I am super glad to hear how well you're doing. What an inspiration for sure! And that's really awesome that you got to see Tony Robbins. He's such an exceptional powerhouse. I am sure that you'll be able to use your story and impact a lot of people, and you already are! Keep it up! And know that we will always be here rooting you on and believing the best for you in all things.

    So grateful to be part of this journey and to watch people change. The road is never straight, but zigzagging and up and down, but you never have to walk it alone. It's nice to have some people in your corner huh?

    Love you all!
  • :'(
    Well, my senior friend passed two weeks ago. We held a proper memorial for him on Saturday. 75 people attended! I was so proud for him!
    I'm alone in his big old house now, no hospitals or nursing homes or hospice meetings to help out at.
    It was I who fed him his last meal of Campbell's Tomato Soup and crackers, I'd brought from home. Pudding and milkshake! A full belly before I left! He passed peacefully in his sleep that night. Then, I planned and made his memorial happen at his childhood church. My duties here in Duluth, GA have come full circle and I leave here with zero regrets. Just think, I go back to SC holding my head high, clean and sober! I love it!
    I also found this group during my journey. Of course, you'll be traveling with me.
    Hey, @Tommy, think I could pack my stuff on the Freedom Train, and ya'll drop me off?? B)

  • @Goodtr8s bless it. i'm sure he is flying free somewhere in the cosmos...or heaven ;)

    so glad you were there to be with him for his last moments here. what a blessing to care for him as you did.... and yes, it has come full circle for you... you can leave feeling wonderful about yourself and your work there. and clean!!!

    so very proud of you! happy for you! may life continue to abound for you... with abundance, clarity, peace, and joy...

    when do you head to sc??
  • Awww, @Goodtr8s... I'm sorry to hear that your friend passed. But what a wonderful thing that you were able to feed him his last meal. And that he passed peacefully in his sleep. He was blessed to have you in his life, for sure.

    You are a wonderful human being, my friend. And I'm so glad you're here with us in this community. Safe travels back to South Carolina. Please keep in touch with us, okay?

    Much love to you. <3
  • Thanks, @DeanD and @dominica ! Your encouragement and blessings mean a lot to me. I remember my first replies to you here and learning how to work the forum.
    I'll stay in touch and give encouragement of my own when it's fitting. To this day, I go back and read @Leaker and @TWSJ's old ones.(that stuff never gets old) @Tommy has the old Freedom Train posts and @Ocean is the bomb! I love her honesty and growth.
    Much love and light back to you all!
  • You are soooooo welcome, @Goodtr8s! Glad to hear you're going to stay in touch! :)
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