Addiction is vicious for the society and for the family as well. So it should be quit. These are some different suggestions by which a addicted person can quit his vicious habit.

1. SELF DETERMINATION:  A person can get rid of addiction and it is very important for him and for the society as well. But for this the self determination is necessary. To get rid by addiction depends on the self determination of that person. If he will think in his mind then it would be easy for him otherwise it is difficult. Any type of addiction is vicious for the society and it should be quit.

2. MAKE YOUR PLAN: Now make your strategy to get rid of addiction and it is important. For any situation the planning is necessary and this is the big issue. Anybody can reduce this habit of addiction slowly and slowly by practice.

3. CHANGE YOUR LIFESTYLE: Try to change your lifestyle so that you can overcome this habit of addiction. You can exercise regularly. Exercise is very good tool by which you can become healthy and reduce the habit of addiction. The circulation of blood increases in body and good quantity of oxygen is inhaled by the body. Due to it the body becomes healthy and fit.

4. BE RESPONSIBLE: Be responsible towards your family and society. It is good to be responsible and give support to all at the time of need. In return you will get support by your society. Be responsible towards your work and your responsibilities.

5. BE COURAGEOUS: Courage is an important factor by which you can overcome your habit of addiction. Do not discourage yourself but try hard to get rid of addiction. So be strong and change yourself because it depends only on you. Learn the different techniques to strengthen the courage.

6. OVERCOME YOUR FEARS: Do not afraid of any situation, try to overcome your fears. You can do anything and everything. Be dare and be different by others. Be co-operative for your friends and society. Trust yourself and also in god. The god is great.  He will look-after you but try hard to overcome your fears first.

7. BE SUPPORTIVE: Be supportive by nature. It is very good habit, we should support each other. By supportive habit we can reduce our stress and anxiety. Anxiety and stress are the enemies of humans and due to these many people becomes drug addict or alcohol addict. So give help to others and take help when necessary.

So be strong and quit the vicious habit of addiction. Make your own strategy & planning and work according to that. Show the responsibility towards the family and society. Enjoy the life with your friends and relatives. Say goodbye to the habit of addiction forever.

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  • thanks for this. these are certainly useful points for getting and staying on the road to recovery.  the disease of addiction can really be tough, so also keep in mind that it's alright to use outside resources to get the help you need.  things like rehabs, 12 Step groups, professional counseling, etc.  

    we do want to strive to be responsible, courageous, determined, and make some changes for sure....

    many of these qualities come as a byproduct of getting help for our addictions....things learned along the journey.  

    thank you for your contribution.
  • Thank you so much for your tips. In fact, I've been trying to get rid of nicotine addiction for a long time, and I'm actually seeing some improvements, thanks to self determination, mostly. I knew it was bad for my health, so why continue "killing" myself, and even pay for it? 
    I changed my principles, and now I'm one step behind succeeding!
  • It is always a difficult thing to do, but all these steps you mentioned definetely help. In my opinion self determination is the most important one to begin with.
  • The idea of having a plan is really something that I feel is paramount for success. That plan is going to be different for every individual, of course -- but some sort of framework so you know where you want to get to, what steps you are going to take to do that, and how you're going to fight temptations that arise are all crucial parts of a recovery plan.

    I also think the point you mentioned about changing your lifestyle was a useful one. You may have to change things like your network of friends, places you would hang out and so forth...and it may seem painfully overwhelming. But the feeling of being free of addiction is worth the lifestyle changes you may have to implement.
  • Excellent mind-roadmap to get rid of addictions.

    Methodology isn't always in the addict's main but is oftentimes the easiest way to go. Without self determination and a plan to break with addiction, it's hard to go far.
  • I think these are good tips to get rid of the addiction, we may be suffering from and need to make changes so we are not consumed by the addiction. It can take time for people to change, spending time with family can make people see they have people who care for them. I reckon if a person does something else which is productive, can cause them to overcome the addiction which is causing them to be alone and away from people.
  • I would like to add an 8th way to get rid of addiction. Accepting it and replacing it, if you think about what tendencies you had that made you vulnerable to an addiction in the first place and find a way to integrate them into your career, any cravings for drugs or alcohol will be replaced with a craving to work. For example a friend used many depressants drugs because he had too much energy at night, when he found a job that allowed him to move around and be active, this job became his favourite activity.
  • Self determination so true. Also, having a plan or a goal. We need something to direct our action, if we have a valuable goal our motivation will be bigger. 
  • Great list, am going to show it to my fiance.  I have lost hope he will ever quit smoking, but I trust he will eventually come to his senses when he realizes all he could be losing if he continues.

     I don't think he really believes smoking can and will kill him, just because his grandpa didn't die of cancer and was so old when he died of natural causes.  Same for his parents (who are the biggest retards ever for smoking in front of him when he was just a baby).  I am too scared to ask for how long those idiots smoked with him in the room...
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