I know it needs to stop....

Hi, I’ve just found this site and hope that it will be the help I need to change my life. I’m a single parent after years in an unhappy marriage. I’ve got two children, one of whom has a disability and hasn’t been at school for over a year. I drink almost every day. My family have raised concerns over my drinking. I know I need to change, it feels like I drink to help ease my anxiety and forget about the difficulties I have in my life. Sometimes I drink so much that I forget everything, and I have put myself in risky situations. This causes further anxiety. I’ve thought about going to a meeting this week, but I really want to try to do this without having to.
I’m not really sure what I am asking for here, but any advice or support from people in similar situations would be greatly appreciated.
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  • @Notsuperwoman Wow It sounds as though you have a lot going on in your life. I'm relatively new to this site and have found it very helpful. I found that alcohol actually increased anxiety and depression. I'm only 4 weeks in but have found I have been able to function much better without wine.... hang in there! I found the first 2 weeks the most difficult but have noticed a difference in my skin and mental health. I used to wake up at 3 in the morning thinking what did I say, do and everybody must hate me.... But not as much as I hated myself.
    You may find a meeting helpful too! Sometimes it's good to know that you can speak openly to people in a similar situation without feeling judged. What ever you decide to do I'm cheering for you!!!
  • Thank you so much for your response Brian, it sounds like you are doing great. I look forward to feeling the same strength and positivity. The main reason I don’t want to go to a meeting is related to my profession. The last thing I want is to meet a person that I have supported in a professional capacity. I have some determination to do this now and if I find it really difficult I will reconsider.
    Thank you
  • What a coincidence! That's the very same reason I don't attend them or I'd be there like a shot. I'm still on a bumpy road and crave wine ( I have come very close to buying a bucket load) especially after a stressful day at work. I've kept this dirty secret from everyone, I've been telling friends and family that I'm not drinking so I can be fit for my 50th.
  • @Notsuperwoman hello and welcome! so glad you're here and want to stop drinking. great group of people here who will offer support and encouragement.

    there are some online meetings...perhaps that may work on occasion for you...


    also SMART Recovery meetings in some cities. They are not as well known, so your clients may not be there :)

    keep recovery on your mind...educate yourself... maybe have at least one person you can discuss this with. you can even think about getting a counselor to get through this early recovery...and any other issues you may have...

    we are here to be your cheerleaders for sure. no matter what!!

    sending positive vibes your way!
  • Thank you Dominica, I have a very good and supportive friend. I will have a look at the link you sent me too. X
  • @Notsuperwoman Get yourself to a therapist who can refer you to someone that can talk about medicinal ways of dealing with everything you have going on in your life. You need someone to talk to outside of your normal realm and a counselor will help meet that need. You've taken on a lot, and as a former alcoholic, I can understand why you drink, but if you could take medication that curbed your anxiety, stress, etc. without the side effects and dangerous situations of alcohol, that may be your best bet in the short-term as you bring things together.
  • Thanks Joshua, I am going to look at some counselling/therapy tomorrow. I’ve also just ended a relationship with a heavy drinking and aggressive man, so will look for support for everything that’s going on for me right now.
    Thanks again
  • I'm so pleased you removed that person from your life. You sound like you're really focused. I think you're incredible.
    Have a great day!
  • Thanks Brian. Today is day one, easy to have focus in the morning. It’s when it’s early evening that the desire to grab wine is strong. I’m going to stick with it though. I deserve to be healthy and happy.
    Have a great day
  • I know exactly what you mean about the early evening cravings. Mine start at around 4pm then subside after 7pm. I always used to cook dinner drinking wine. I just keep telling myself that I won't drink tonight. If I said I wasn't going to drink ever again (and I've said that during regular hangovers) I'd be down the wine aisle before I knew it . I'll be thinking of you tonight. Bring on day 1... You'll smash it!
  • Thanks Brian. Heaps of shite from the ex today would normally be a good reason to do it. I’m choosing the right decision
  • @Notsuperwoman sending good mojo your way! yes, check into counseling. i think it can make a big difference!! check in with us later!!!

    @Brian68 so happy you're doing well. one day at a time, for sure!!! :)
  • @Brian68 how long have you been off the drink? Or have you been able to just cut down?
    I’ve just poured myself some sparkling water.
    Thanks @dominica for your support.
  • @Notsuperwoman That's brilliant! And after all the shit you put up with from your ex today. You're clearly much stronger than you give yourself credit for :smile:
    It's still early days for me at 4 weeks. I tried cutting down and would have 2 alcohol free days. However, 5 bottles of wine a week (sometimes more) for a petite (5'1) woman takes it's toll. I truly believe that if it hadn't been for the support from the people on this site I wouldn't have made it this far. good luck with your second day, I'll be thinking of you!
  • Hello @Brian68, I thought that maybe you were a man due to your name. I found last night fairly straightforward, I kept myself busy for the early part of the evening.
    I’m toying with the idea of only drinking 1-2 nights per week when the children are with their dad. I may try that this week, and if it doesn’t work out then I will have to go for total sobriety.
    Well done to you for getting to 4 weeks, have you found it gets easier at all? Are there any hurdles that you found more challenging?
    Have a great day
  • I think controlled drinking can work for some people and if that doesn't work for you then try the latter. I find the more pressure I put on myself I'm usually setting myself up to fail. I found the first 2 weeks the most difficult. I'm still cautious about going out with friends as that will be the biggest hurdle. That said, I used to do the majority of drinking on my own. I find I'm most likely to drink after a stressful day at work but fingers crossed I've managed not to do this. I honestly can't say that I'll never drink again as that would be a lie. But just for today I'm feeling positive :smile:
  • @Brian68 congrats on your continued sobriety!! and yes, be easy on yourself. you're not superwoman either :) one day at a time, you're staying true to your desires (freedom), and gaining ground on peace..... keep recovery in the forefront of your mind...and remember your "whys"

    @Notsuperwoman some people can moderate; some can't. do what you feel you must do, and yeah, if moderation goes out the window, consider full abstinence. we are here to support you through this journey!

    are you up for reading a good book on the topic? might help..
  • Yes please @dominica
    I’m finding this forum so helpful already. I certainly understand the shameful secret feeling @Brian68
    I think it’s never been a secret for me, everyone knows me as the party girl who loves a drink. They just don’t see the anxiety and issues behind it.
  • @Notsuperwoman i know two books (they are similar)... that have been helpful for some wanting to quit drinking.... this naked mind by annie grace and the easy way to stop drinking by allen carr.

    but there are hundreds of books, articles, and so on... take time daily to feed your mind...and soul...keep recovery in the forefront of your mind..share what you learn here! :) and your progress/setbacks/fears/etc....

  • Thanks @dominica I’ll have a look at those a bit later. Just getting ready to send the children off to their dads. Usually I would be planning to go out with friends. Tonight I am going to stay home and chill in peace
  • Glad you've joined this community, @Notsuperwoman. And I'm proud of you for wanting to take charge of your life and make some positive changes. It will be a great thing, not only for you, but for your kids, too.

    You've gotten some great advice and insight from @Brian68, @dominica, and @JoshuaShea. I echo everything they've said. Definitely look into counseling, too. My therapist helped me change my life when I really needed it.

    We're here for you to lean on. Always remember that. You are not alone!

    Sending you positive, sober vibes. And lots of love, light, hope, and encouragement, too.
  • Thanks @DeanD
    Confession time (that’s how it feels)
    Last night I shared 2 bottles of wine with a friend as the children were with their dad. I still feel strongly that I want to just drink when the children stay at their dads. I have a bottle of wine in the fridge but I’m determined not to drink it later. I think the weekend is going to be harder.
    Especially as it’s my birthday on Monday.
    I’m loving this forum and all the support from people who understand.
    Thanks everyone
  • @Notsuperwoman hey there. thank you for sharing... cutting back to times when your kids are with their dad may work for you....or you may find that to be troubling down the road.... tough to tell.

    it sounds like you don't think full abstinence will work for you right now... or you're ambivalent, which is actually part of the change process...

    i know you said you don't want to attend meetings if you don't have to.... how about counseling? is that an option?

    we are always here to support you... being a single parent can be challenging, lonely, and more... i'm sure it feels overwhelming at times... know that you've got some friends here who will listen and support you no matter what!!!
  • @Notsuperwoman... I agree with @dominica. Cutting back and moderating your drinking might work for you. If nothing else, not drinking when your children around is a good thing. But I think more often than not, people who try to go from drinking heavily to drinking moderately find it very difficult.

    If I were you, I might give a meeting a try. Even an online meeting. You might find it really helpful. And what have you got to lose?

    I'm glad you're loving this forum. We're glad you're here! :)
  • You said you wanted to cut down to twice a week when the children are with their father so see how it goes. If it begins to creep up again you can try something else. The fact you're reducing is fantastic!
  • Evening @DeanD I am cautious about how it will work. So far it’s not as challenging as I expected , but I’ve kept myself busy and made it clear that I won’t be drinking to the children. They would soon be on my back
  • @Brian68 @DeanD
    I wrote a really long response and it’s not there
  • @Notsuperwoman... I'm sorry your long response isn't showing up. I'm not sure what happened. :(
  • @Notsuperwoman sorry your post isn't here... darn cyber world sometimes!!!!

    i hope you are having a good evening!
  • I am pleased to say that the wine is still in the fridge untouched. So that’s 2 nights this week without alcohol. I seriously cannot remember the last time I did that. The weekend is likely to be tougher as it’s 4 evenings in a row.
    I hope everyone is having a good week.
  • That's great.... I'm not sure how I would have coped with wine staring at me in the fridge. Very impressive. I wouldn't even worry about the weekend, just take it day to day. Today I'm probably having one of those bad days. Full of a cold and thinking maybe I should have a hot toddy when I get home....... Maybe I'll buy some cold & flu tablets instead :#
  • Thanks @Brian68 I have an idea. Buy some fresh lemon and honey and make yourself a healthy hot fresh lemon and honey drink. Add some ginger for a kick too. You have done so well, and you can do it for another day
  • @Notsuperwoman well that is fantastic that you did not touch that wine! 2 nights this week sober... very very good! you ARE making positive changes!! remember your "whys"...

    @Brian68 i agree about the hot tea, and yes, ginger IS a great thing to add. i like to buy fresh ginger... peel it, cut it into little chunks, and let it simmer for about 30 minutes... add some lemon and yum..... also, kombucha i have found to be great; it's healthy and has a unique taste that i tend to liken to beer.

    sending healing vibes your way!
  • Proud of you, @Notsuperwoman. Maybe you actually are Superwoman. At least you have been for the last 2 days, right? ;)
    Keep it up, my friend.

    @Brian68... Hope you feel better soon!!
  • Thanks for the advice and get well thoughts @DeanD @Notsuperwoman @dominica :smile: Well we have the weekend ahead @Notsuperwoman I have my first night out tomorrow with friends. It's really strange not only do I want to do this for myself but I also think of all the people that have invested so much time supporting me on this site. @Notsuperwoman after you stepping away from the wine in the fridge.... That's really spurring me on!
  • @Brian68 @Notsuperwoman - you’ve got this! Totally doable - make it so.
  • Hi, so it’s Saturday morning and I don’t have a hangover
  • Again it’s missing most of the message.
  • @HulkZmash Thank you and congratulation on your 3rd week!!!! :)
    @Notsuperwoman Isn't it great first thing in the morning waking up with a clear head. That's my favourite time of the day. I do wish your message hadn't disappeared (so frustrating).
  • @Brian68 My message was hoping that you have a great night with friends, and looking forward to waking up with a clear head yourself
  • @Notsuperwoman Thank you! I'm driving tonight so job done. As for a clear head, this pesky cold has made me feel as though I've had hangover for 3 days :/ However I have not had the usual negative thoughts which is a huge bonus :)
    Have a great day!
  • Excellent decision @Brian68 . I went out for the day yesterday with my mum and children. I realised that I would usually order a glass of wine with lunch, it was great to order a soft drink.
  • Congrats and celebrate the new day! Yesterday and last night were tough, but the reasons for not drinking won over the sad justifications that maybe I could.
  • Well done @HulkZmash
    Those reasons for having a drink seem perfectly reasonable at the time. Choosing to abstain although difficult, is so powerful.
  • @Notsuperwoman @HulkZmash Well we're all smashing the weekend!! I found nanny state ale last night. It really is lovely.
    Everyone was given complimentary wine which I passed across the table to my friend. If I'm honest it took me a little too long to release it from my sweaty paws. I honestly had a great night though :)
  • Fantastic @Brian68 I’m so pleased for you. I had my most challenging day yesterday. BBQ with neighbours who were drinking wine. I was so torn, but I feel proud that I didn’t drink. I explained my reasons and they were supportive. After the initial testing me
  • I’m going out for my birthday dinner later and I am sure that will be a challenge too. But I will put on my invisible cape, with a big S for sober
  • Am I the only one in the uk on here?
  • Happy Birthday!!!! Have a great time :smiley:
    I reckon you'll do great but I also understand what a challenge these occasions are. I think I'll have to borrow you cape on my birthday later this year ;) Let me know how you get on.
  • @Brian68 congrats on your success! you are doing it!! @Notsuperwoman congrats to you too!! i am in US, so time difference for sure.... thank you both for sharing your journey here. it's an inspiration to the thousands that read these posts!!

    so proud of you both. you ARE crushing the weekend!!!

  • Hi @Brian68 @dominica @HulkZmash
    I feel really proud of myself for not drinking all weekend, but why do I feel so deflated? I know I have lots of personal stuff going on but I’m getting on my own nerves with the grumps.
    Is this to be expected? I guess I would normally have a drink to numb the feelings......
  • @Notsuperwoman i think it is common... your body and brain are trying to get used to life without the alcohol boost... the brain needs time to "recover" so-to-speak. usually you would choose to not feel and process through negative emotions in a healthy way... you drank. so it will take your brain a bit of time to get used to this new way... but it will... the brain is a super awesome organ that will adapt to this new lifestyle, and get back to supplying you with "normal" amounts of dopamine and such...and make new neural connections in the brain to balance out... ok so it's more complicated than that, but....

    feel what you must feel right now. even if it's grumpiness. feel it for now, and then begin using healthy tools to process and pull yourself up...or through... being here reaching out is one way!

    i am proud of you for not drinking this weekend too! good for you! it took you a while to learn how to "addict"... (so to speak).. it will take some time to unlearn it.

  • Thank you so much @dominica I think I really needed to hear that. I need to be kind to myself and do some things that will be more helpful and healthy. I’m so glad I found this forum, it’s inspirational and makes me feel accountable too.
  • @Notsuperwoman I've been feeling like that too. It's almost as if there is something missing. Then I have a good day and life seems good again. I think we have just as much right to be grumpy as anyone else. :) You have had to make some huge changes in your personal life so I think it's natural to have these feelings.
    I'm so in awe of you deciding not to drink on your birthday..... For me that would have been impossible in the first couple of weeks.

    @dominica your kind words are always so refreshing and really motivate people to keep going <3
  • So proud of you guys, @Brian68 and @Notsuperwoman! And yes, feeling deflated is normal. Not only is your body adapting to life without alcohol, but getting sober is hard work, too! You both should take some time to pamper yourselves a bit. How 'bout a nice hot bubble bath or something? Maybe put some relaxing music on while you get lost in the bubbles? Just a thought.

    You girls are ROCK STARS!!!
  • I’m having a nightmare @DeanD @Brian68 @dominica I’ve had a very bad day emotionally and I am using the non sober night to be as destructive as possible
  • @Notsuperwoman i'm sorry you had a super bad day... yuck. those kinds of days DO suck for sure... i hope you can turn in for the night soon and wake up tomorrow with a new resolve and outlook.... the brain can reset as we sleep....that is what i pray for you!!!

    we are here no matter what dear... be easy on yourself. you're NOT your thoughts and you're NOT your feelings.

  • For someone who doesn’t sound like they know so much about this, you sure are on the right track because talking about this and telling somebody else your thoughts and feelings is a critical part of recovery and takes so much of the power out of your craving.
  • @jen644 @dominica I drank a bottle of wine, but then walked into town to buy another. The police had been round to conduct a risk assessment regarding the ex. When I got back, I poured myself a glass of wine but then didn’t drink it, so that’s positive. Why can’t life be simpler? This forum and the people on it are proving to be so helpful. So thank you all.
  • @Notsuperwoman Sorry I didn't get to see this message sooner. I really hope you're having a better day today. I've had some days where I feel really chaotic and overwhelmed. This is something I'm not used to as I've always self medicated.
    I've always liked exercise and that really helps. I'm aware that this is difficult for you because you have your child at home (I got myself a cross trainer when I couldn't go running). I also know how stressful it is when your child isn't able to attend school. My son also wasn't able to go for a year and I had 4 years of school meetings. I only ever wanted him to be happy. He suffered with crippling anxiety but refused to engage with any counselling.
    I think reading your posts really keep me going as we're both starting this bumpy road together...... and to be honest I think were doing just great despite any slips we have along the way :)
    @DeanD Thank you for your exceptional cheerleader skills. Rock stars....... I like that description :)
  • Thanks @Brian68 it’s very helpful to know that others experience the same difficulties, gives you the strength you need sometimes to keep it up. I desperately need to do some exercise, I used to run a lot. I have a cross trainer that rarely gets used.
  • It’s missing most of my post again
  • @Brian68 the wine has been very unkind to my waistline, but I am on the road to wellness. One day at a time
  • @Notsuperwoman hey there. not drinking that second bottle is progress... so yeah, in gratitude for progress. like we say here, recovery is a learned process. your brain has all these connections associated with stress and alcohol, fun and alcohol, dinner and alcohol, etc.... now the brain must learn new connections...and that takes time. but the brain is an incredible organ, and able to change faster than we think.... so, yeah, keep going in your recovery. making those changes one day at a time....

    great for coming here and reaching out too when you were really struggling. i hope today is better
  • You may have slipped but today is a new day and all is not lost! I think you're situation with your ex was the huge trigger. Don't give yourself a hard time.
    You didn't drink on your birthday, you didn't drink the bottle of wine in the fridge and you and decided not to drink the second bottle of wine from the shop. I think that's pretty amazing so far! You have a great day :)
  • @Notsuperwoman hey there! happy wednesday!!

    how's it going? just want you to know we're thinking about you...in your corner rooting for you!
  • @Notsuperwoman... It's about progress, not perfection. Always remember that. If you slip up, just do your best to learn from it and keep moving forward. And yes, not drinking that second bottle of wine was definitely a positive thing. One day at a time, my friend. One day at a time. <3
  • @Notsuperwoman hope you are doing well. You didn’t drink the glass, you stopped yourself, progress! I gave in to my cravings n relapsed... it’s hard however after allowing myself to feel some guilt and shame I brushed myself off and reminded myself that i can start back again at day 1, and 9 days isn’t that long, I did longer last time and I can stop forever if I truly want to, and don’t let myself convince me that I am stronger than my addiction this early on. I know many of my triggers and putting myself in front of the drugs while I already am anxious and craving it is just asking for disaster.
    Keep on keeping on :) I love that saying! Oh and ps, to add to @DeanD ‘s comment about perfection...
    perfection is not possible so trying to reach it is not an option. Humans are perfectly imperfect. It’s what makes us unique. If perfection existed it would be boring. All you can do is your best today, and then your best again tomorrow and so on.
  • Right on, @blueorchid!

    Also, this:

    "Perfectionism is the voice of the oppressor, the enemy of the people. It will keep you cramped and insane your whole life." --Anne Lamott
  • I wish I had an answer for you. Last night was my last time drinking . for a very long time because anymore when I drink I get suicidal. I tend to do things on impulse and that feeling is scary.. Just be thankful you have a family and ppl that live you. Support is so very important and just knowing that you have a famik6 and friends that care for you gives you a lot of inner strength. Try and draw your motivation and strength from that pool. I hope you find what you are looking for
  • @blueorchid You're so spot on about brushing yourself off and starting day one again. It's the not giving up attitude that counts! As for perfection. I always wanted to be Mary Poppins (practically perfect in every way). However I'm more Johnny Vegas.... which is fine by me now :)
  • @Latverian42 I'm so sorry you have these suicidal thoughts. I have seen alcohol have this effect on people and their mental health deteriorates dramatically . However, making the decision to stop drinking will help. I would also make an appointment with the GP if you are depressed. Never suffer in silence my friend.
  • @Brian68, over the last several years, I had day ones multiple times per week. Heck, every day. It was ridamdiculous. Even right now, after having friends stop by and talking to them about where we are in the process, I should feel strong and confident, but I don’t. It’s dark and rainy and chilly. Bourbon weather. Something is seriously out of whack in my brain. I know it will pass, I know I won’t drink. But efffffffff. It’s good I don’t have this feeling often, I’d corrupt Hulk and myself. I don’t care for this one bit.
    @Latverian42 I’m so sorry for your struggle with those thoughts. Please know you’ve got a community here, and aren’t alone. Talk to us, get it out, and feel better.
  • Update— crisis averted, All is well. Thankful @HulkZmash and I are now tag teaming in for the good fight, vs enabling each other. ❤️
  • @SalTheGalFromCal & @HulkZmash yay what a fantastic update! I think it’s so important to have that support and to be able to come together as a team n support one another... just so happy for you both!

    @Latverian42 I’m sorry you were having those thoughts & I am proud of you for turning it around to use as motivation to stay sober. I hope you keep coming online to tell us how you are doing, and if you need a boost up, we are here!

    @Brian68 I love Mary Poppins, so beautiful and happy (I think I would have enjoyed her in my life).

    Ou definitely liked your quote @DeanD
  • @SalTheGalFromCal It's great that you and @HulkZmash are supporting one another and I reckon you'll both do great! What a team!!! Me on the other hand went to a BBQ last night, drinking alcohol free beer, really enjoying myself and what do I do? I had 4 vodka shots right at the end of the night. I have no explanation for this apart from being a massive cock womble!!! In hindsight I really should have left when I saw the host slowly sliding under the table and people asking me the same questions several times. Oh the stupid things I do :/ However, I'm not going to waste time beating myself up about it. It's a new lesson learned and I'm back on my mission!
  • @SalTheGalFromCal i appreciate your honesty about your journey.... and it sure can be challenging at times.... so glad you're getting through alright, learning many lessons along the way.

    @Brian68 good morning. the mind will conjure up all sorts of reasons to drink again... especially when it's right in front of you. no, don't beat yourself up... and it's good to take note what you should have done... so you're more prepared next time you're in a similar situation.... thank you for sharing honestly... we're not kidding when we say recovery can be a squiggly line with ups and downs... actually, life is like that... huh? you've got some great support here, for sure! have a great sunday!
  • All, I’m pleased to report that Disney is doing a remake of Mary Poppins, to be released later this year. (I could be wrong on timing. I’m selective on what details to remember. But I’m pretty sure it’s this not next yr.)

    @Brian68, glad you’re not doing the guilt thing!!

    Hope everyone has a good Sunday!
  • @dominica It's so true what you say about the squiggly lines of recovery. Just when you think you're doing just fine the urge suddenly presents itself. We was supposed to be meeting at a pub for a meal and the plans changed. I had a strategy in place that I was going to drive us both there. Maybe it was too soon to attend a BBQ with big drinkers.
    @SalTheGalFromCal Mary Poppins is giving me the hump at the moment. I reckon she has a very inflated opinion of her self :) I'll like her again soon when I get back to being a grown up! Have a good day all!
  • @Brian68 you don’t have to like her ever if you don’t want to. The beauty of being a grown up!
    Have a good day!
  • @Brian68 @SalTheGalFromCal

    happy monday!!! setting the intent for a great week!! :)
  • @SalTheGalFromCal That made me smile, a great comeback.

    @dominica You have a great week too!
  • I just got called out by my 3 sons for being drunk this weekend. I am going to an outpatient treatment place this week. It is time for me. I binge drink when I am solo parenting and when I am alone. I sicken myself, because in the moment of drinking, I LIKE IT so much, but am too weak to stop. I hope being exposed now helps me change.
  • @Brian68... Thanks for being honest. I hope you picked yourself up, brushed yourself off, and got back on the right path after your little slip-up. It's a week later. How are you doing, my friend?
  • @SalTheGalFromCal... I kind of wish they'd stop remaking movies that are already pretty much perfect. But I reckon it's all about the $$$.
  • @apalmer9999... Your 3 sons calling you out for being drunk might be the best thing that's ever happened to you. I'm sure they care about you deeply, and want you to get help. So I commend you for deciding to go to an outpatient treatment program this week. That's a huge step in the right direction!

    Getting sober isn't easy, but I can assure you that it will be totally worth the hard work it requires. It will improve your life and relationships in many ways. Trust me.

    We are here to help and support you however we can. So if you need someone to lean on, always remember that we're here for you. Even if you just need a place to vent, you can do that here. We will always listen, without judgment.

    Sending you lots of love, light, and positive, sober vibes. You can do this. I know you can! <3
  • Wow it seems like a long time since I’ve posted on here but felt I needed to respond to @apalmer9999 as well as update people on my progress. I too was called out by my children for drinking and friends and family too. I cut my drinking down to just when the children are with their dad. Initially I used this as an excuse to have a boozy night. But over the last couple of weeks the desire to drink has decreased, I don’t get that desperate urge when its late afternoon. I’ve even had nights when the children are with their dad that I haven’t drank at all. I feel like my relationship with my children is stronger and more present. I’ve joined a gym and lost a few lbs already. Thank you so much for all the people that truly helped me on this path. I wish you all great strength and success. @apalmer9999 you can do this, especially with the help of the wonderful people on this forum.
  • @Notsuperwoman... Wow. What a terrific update! I'm so glad your desire to drink has decreased, and that your relationship with your children has improved. That's fabulous! It's also great that you're practicing self-care by doing things like joining a gym. You are rockin' it, my friend! Keep it up!
  • @Notsuperwoman it's so good to hear your update. You really are turning things round and you deserve it!

    @DeanD I'm starting to learn lessons and back to drinking non alcoholic beverages :)
  • @Notsuperwoman hey there! this is wonderful news! thank you for sharing!

    sounds like you're growing on all sorts of levels. good for you! taking care of yourself and getting closer to your children; that sounds like a very nice way to live!!

    you ARE doing this, and very grateful for your presence here in the forum. your story inspires others... including me!

    keep it up!
  • @Brian68 you ARE learning lessons! :) grateful for your presence here too!

  • Glad you're learning those lessons, @Brian68.

    Sending you love and encouragement this morning!
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