Want to stop but need support

I have been a functioning cocaine addict for 10 yrs and just want to stop. I know I want to stop and I know I will feel better but just need to get the first few days behind me. I’m doing this alone. My family doesn’t know about this so I think I just need some support from outside my family to help me. Any suggestions on the first step?
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  • @Irish6 hello and welcome. so glad you are here! also glad you want to stop using... there are various paths to recovery. some go to treatment... inpatient or outpatient. some attend 12 Step or support groups. some get therapy. some educate themselves...join online forums.. or use a variety of methods.. some find God or some sort of Higher power... it really is unique to you...

    being here admitting you want to stop is a great first step. maybe think about some other "tools" you can add to your recovery tool belt. you want to build a firm sobriety foundation... so the more tools, the better..

    are you up for attending support group? counseling?

    there are lots of great posts to read here in the forum. feel free to post comments as you wish or ask questions. just know you're not alone.. recovery takes work. there's no doubt about it... but one day at a time... think in small segments like that. if you look at the rest of your life, it may seem huge. one day. 24 hours at a time. just for today, i will not use...

    we are here, and again, welcome!
  • Thank you. I’m up for any treatment options that I can do without my family getting involved. I’m embarrassed and also feel it will put a huge strain on my family if they get involved. I think these chat support groups will help me a lot.
  • @Irish6 maybe check out 12 Step support group in your area.


    some people really get a lot out of the support and working the program. you'll feel less alone... it's not for everyone though...so no pressure!

    there are online video meetings too.


    glad you're here.... :)
  • @Irish6... Welcome to the community, my friend. I'm glad you reached out, and that you're wanting to stop using cocaine. That's a big step and I know you can accomplish the goal if you work hard at it.

    Dominica has given you some great advice already. I'd also suggest looking into Cocaine Anonymous. You can check out their website here: https://ca.org

    We're here to help and support you any way we can, my friend. Feel free to come here anytime, even if you just need to vent. We will always listen without judgment.

    Sending you lots of positive, clean & sober vibes...and tons of hope and encouragement.
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