Is OCD Threatening To Take Over Your Life After Recovery?

Once in a while, everyone gets an obsessive thought or feeling and that’s totally normal. It’s not out of the realm of ordinary to get thoughts or feelings that make us feel a little crazy or overwhelmed from time to time, but it’s when these thoughts become consistently intrusive or consuming that they become problematic.

Many people who suffer from drug or alcohol dependence or abuse find out in recovery that they also have a co-occurring disorder. Anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder are all commonly occurring disorders for individuals in recovery and you may not know that obsessive compulsive disorder is found often as well.

Whether stress from recovery triggers symptoms from OCD or vise versa, it can be really tough to deal with in recovery. As if learning to live sober with a substance abuse disorder isn’t tough enough, mentally, physically, and spiritually, throwing in another mental health issue can be downright overwhelming.

If OCD is threatening to take over your life during recovery, please remember that you aren’t alone. OCD is one of the most stressful and consuming mental illnesses and it often takes it toll on a person’s ability to function socially, at home, at work, at school, and beyond.

You should know that people who use drugs and/or alcohol are likely to have worse bouts of OCD symptoms, they’re also more likely to be hospitalized and more likely to experience self-destructive behaviors. That’s why it’s especially important to stay on your sober path and get the help you need.

If you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or like obsessive thoughts and behaviors are taking over your life, please reach out to your family, friends, or even those in our community who are always willing to help.

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