Is Sober Living a Good Idea for Me?

Early recovery is a wonderful time of new beginnings, hope, and determination. You’ll push yourself past your limits and learn more about yourself as you take on a path of growth and recovery from substance abuse or dependence. Sometimes after completing a residential inpatient program you’ll be recommended or offered to carry out the next phase of your recovery at a sober living facility.

If you’re like most individuals in recovery you might be a little confused on what that is, after all, didn’t you just come from living in a facility? Well, you might have but sober living is a little different. For instance, in a residential inpatient program, you probably had close to 24/7 or “around the clock” care. In contrast, a sober living facility may offer little to no supervision or “care.”

What you will get in a sober living facility or sometimes called sober living home, is the support you need with a little bit of structure and responsibility thrown in to help you ease back into what living back in your old life will be like. There will be other people that you’ll live with at various stages of their own recoveries. You’ll probably have chores to do, house hold rules and responsibilities, and you might even be expected to pay rent.

Traditionally, you’ll still have an individualized recovery plan that you’re trying to stick with while you gain more life skills and experiences with coping with real life stressors in your new, more “free” environment. You may still have some group or peer support meetings daily and/or weekly meetings with doctors, psychiatrists, nutritionists, or recovery coaches.

When you’re thinking about whether sober living is a good idea, you’ll just have to take your own unique needs into consideration. If you left behind an old life and cut ties with most of the people you were involved with before recovery or you know that going back to your previous environment may hurt your recovery, sober living could be a great first step after residential treatment.

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