Rocking the mend....

Hello dear people. I am rocking nthis mend. 2 weeks, not one single gamble!! I was in a shithole sespool. But now I feel better. Will I make it forever?? Who know. But for today?? I can and will make it. My wife and I sat and talked for hours. The money I flipping wasted.... thousands..... Is gonna go to better things. Like a 4000dollar 2018 Christmas. Save 500 a month for 8 months!! And I BET that I can do it!! lol. I am one hard headed person. Like a rock head. But once I get bit? I got it. Like the pills. Dunno why, but it took me 8 years to kick it. Back and forth for years. Then one day. It was like you know what?? Enough is enough. I cannot and will not live that way anymore. I am there with gambling. It will take work. And time. But I am done with that. For today. So I shall load up the Freedom Express. Stoke the fire up. And make a run across this beautiful country of ours. First stop?? Grand Canyon. The great company, comfy warm train car. is ready Who is in??? Peace my brothers and sisters.
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  • I'm in, @Tommy!!! Congrats on Day 14!!!

  • @Tommy wow! i'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooo proud of you! i can hear the resolve in you.... and love it. yeah, let's see how much you can save this year by NOT gambling :) :) i think that is kick ass.

    i'm in on the freedom train! amazing things this year and just grateful to be here.

    keep on rocking this freedom train tommy!! woohooooooooooooo!
  • Day 14. That's like almost 2 weeks or something! For me, before I hit my low point and got the help I needed to fix myself, I was only ever able to make it 2 weeks without drinking. So, whenever I see someone crossing that mark, I have a little more optimism. It's a milestone. At least to me; but hopefully you too.

    I concur that the resolve and positivity is dripping off that post of yours @tommy, in the best possible way. You also have a great, long term goal. Save the money, a little by little each month, and look forward to a truly epic holiday next year. During my low point, I had to get some regular psych evals, and the docs always said that what made them move me down to a lower risk category and keep me there was how I was able to plan for the future, believe it would be great, and could take mental and physical steps to make that future happen. You did just that with the post.

    Keep the faith!
  • @Tommy 15 days today! :)

    how is your weekend going?
  • Whussup, @Tommy? How was your weekend??? Let us know how you are, buddy!
  • How did you fare the weekend, @Tommy? Was it a pay-day weekend?? Not getting personal, I just know a "pay-check" can be a milestone in itself for you! Thanks for holding the "Train" for me! The Grand Canyon is a grand place to soak up positivity and strength and courage we need daily! Agreeing with @Leaker, @dominica and @Dean, you are sounding pretty optimistic with your post and with your long term goals
    Let us know how things are going...

    As far as it taking 8 years to kick the pills, remember the quote from Criminal Minds in which the guy says, "Here, kid! Take my One Year took me 6 years to get it!"
  • LOL guys. @dominica @deand @Leaker @Goodtr8s AND @TWSJ I had a great weekend. !5 days today. And I am feeling positive and better. I went to church 2 weeks in a row. And the reason I went. Was. To worship The Most High God. Not to please anyone. not looking for anything. Not asking for anything. Just here to worship. That my people is where when all else fails. And fails miserably. Thats where I go to get strength. Understanding. And love. And HE provides me with all you wonderful fellow train riders to inspire me when I am down. You love me. Till I can love myself. Then WE Pass that on to someone else. I am going to close, with a quote. Peace Out my brothers and sisters.
  • 15 days that is!!!
  • Fantastic, @Tommy! And I think it's great that you've been worshiping God. God is good!!
  • Great job @Tommy! Way to knock it out.

    It was very uplifting to read about your worshiping and your relationship with the Big Guy. While I am still a bit of an estranged, rebellious youth in terms of my own relationship (dirty motorcycle, cigarette hanging out of my mouth, hair flapping wildly in the wind and everything!) the fact that you draw such strength from that is great.

    Plus, you reiterated what I think is the secret to life. Living for yourself is all well and good, but true greatness and fulfillment comes from lifting people up. One of my team members told me his life philosophy a little while back, "Let each of us be ashamed to die until they have done something to better mankind". By sharing your inspiration, and eventually passing that on, you can get a little closer to achieving the goal of bettering mankind. Way to keep an eye on the bigger picture!

    Keep the faith!
  • @Tommy hey you! congrats on a great weekend! so glad to hear you went to worship among others.... that's so inspiring.. sometimes i attend church to engage in corporate worship too... not to get anything, but to give... (and i usually get blessed too in some fashion)... good for you!

    i am excited to see how YOU transform this year in so many ways... you already are, and well, we are enjoying this journey with you. we are all "doing the work"... and receiving too... and that means a lot.

    @Leaker good point on bettering mankind. one of my 2018 goals was to step out more in some ways... rather than stay in comfort zone... and my partner and i are starting our first workshop (3 week class) on thursday... so that's a big deal, and though a bit scary, feels great to able to invest in others.... we don't go through things to keep the lessons to ourselves :)

    anyhoo... have a great evening ya'll!
  • Thank you guys!! I feel good. I have a bucket full of joy!! And I am willing to share!! Grab a bucket and a scoop, and take all you want. Because there is plenty more where that came from. @dominica @deand @Leaker @Goodtr8s and @TWSJ
  • I am dipping into your bucket of joy and taking a little bit from you, @Tommy. I've been struggling with some issues the last couple of days and could use a little extra joy. Thanks for sharing, my brother! And keep rockin' it! Happy Day 16!
  • Take ALL you want @deand It comes from a never ending supply!!
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