Day 70 (Follow-up to the "Day1" thread) many of you know from reading my (now jumbled because of too many posts) Day 1 thread, I've been a daily drinker for nearly 30 years. And not just a LITTLE, but ALOT....12-30 drinks a day for 30 years averaging about 18 a day. A 12 pack of beer would have been a "Wow I didn't drink that much today!" Day.
I finally got sick and tired of being sick and tired and instead of giving into cravings went through a horrendous withdrawel completely 100% on my own COLD TURKEY. Looking back, probably not recommended, but so far so good.
I'm on Day 70 today of being sober.
My life has completely changed for the better.
Being sober is worth it.
Cravings suck, but it's just part of the healing process.
I've gotten back to doing things...real things instead of just drinking and waking up not remembering.
If someone told me on October 13th, which was my first day sober that I would be staring back from Day 70, I would have said, I wish.
Well here we are. I cannot express enough the help I've received from this website and hope to give back to people like me who were/are struggling with addiction. If I can do it being the hopeless drunk I was, anyone can.
Thank you to @dominica @leaker @deand @changeyourself and others who have posted in my initial "Day 1" thread. I look back and realize a lot of thought went into my name, "the day is today" so I could keep strength through this long endless journey. See, I've come to realize if I drink, I don't stop, I can't stop, and I finally said F-This and stopped. It's a conscious decision not to drink; I even went to a holiday party where 90% of people were having beers(it was at a Local BREWERY!) I know..I was tempting fate! But I had iced tea. I had 2 beers bought for me by co-workers and gave them away to other co-workers. Day 70. I've made it to day 70. No matter what, no one can take that away from me and I'm proud of myself for making it this far.

Tomorrow is something to look forward to now. It's Day 71 after all.
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  • I'm so proud of you, @TheDayIsToday! You are rocking the sobriety thing big time!

    You're right: Cravings DO suck, but they are just part of the healing process. And they will diminish with time, too.

    I'm so glad to hear that you've gotten back to doing real things, too. Yes, being sober IS worth it!

    You are an inspiration, my friend. I'm so happy that you're a part of this community. Please know that we are all behind you, and you can reach out and lean on us anytime you might need to.

    Thank you for sharing your story and your insight with us. By doing so, you will help sooo many people!

    Best wishes to you and yours for a happy holiday season, my friend! <3
  • OMG @deand I forgot to wish Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you as well my friend. I really wish I could meet a lot of you in person oneday.
    It's funny. I'm about to leave the house and go DO THINGS today on my day off. 71 days ago I'd be drunk watching youtube video's thinking "This is living". That was DYING. What I'm doing now is really living and I'm proud to say I am doing it completely sober.
    It's odd how bills get paid when you're not spending $50 a day on beer.
    Things are actually getting back to normal. The fiancé WANTS to marry me again. My new job as "boss" I can actually DO and THINK and am ON TIME and STAY LATE, set and example and can solve nearly every issue that I would have struggled with before this sober journey.
    Some days are not the best, and I think about drinking...but then I think about DRINKING and say, Uh no. lol I think about sweating. I think about the severe sinus paid. I think about throwing up. I think about my dog looking at me wanting to play in the mornings and me not even moving to pet him or play. I was just staying in bed until 4pm. I thinking about huge gut pain and not remembering sh-t and weird things I would say to people and things I would do or worse yet be TOLD I did and have no clue. I'm fortunate to be given this second chance...but I guess in reality I MADE the second chance. Knowing that gives me the strength to get through the day. Knowing how bad it was and not wanting to go back to that makes me gain momentum and strength in this great journey of sobriety.
    I guess I'm not one to really preach about sobriety since I was a drunk for 30 years...who am I to talk right? Hipocrate me. lol
  • @TheDayIsToday.... I don't know where you live, but if you're ever in Michigan, give me a shout. Would love to meet you, too.
  • @deand Cincinnati, Ohio. I get to Michigan from time to time since the fiancé is from Grand Rapids.
  • @TheDayIsToday... My brother-in-law lives in Grand Rapids!
  • @TheDayIsToday Congrats. Truly indeed quite an accomplishment. Cold Turkey is a huge leap, but YOU made Day 70 happen, and with the attitude you have, you will keep it up.

    It is great to hear that you fiance wants to marry you. Obviously that means you want her to want to marry you. What I mean (if you can follow the weird syntax) is you are confident you can give her the life, and husband, you think she needs. It is very hard for a drunk to do that.

    I hear you on everything else you said. The craving do subside into a dull twinge that comes up every now and then. It's just an artifact of the monster still refusing to go away. The pain, the apathy, the embarrassment, I was there too. It still hurts to look back on it all, but it is what made me who I am today, and I have to own it. But, the past is the past, and the future is what you make of it. Sounds like it is a very bright future indeed.

    Keep the faith!
  • @TheDayIsToday hello you!

    HAPPY 70 DAYS!

    and, happy life! soooo proud of you!

    i saw your post and it made my evening... truly. to up and quit cold turkey and really turn your life around is remarkable. you are a great inspiration to all of us!

    i'm sure there are days that aren't great.... and cravings do suck... but you don't have to pick up a drink no matter what... you never have to pick up a drink again.

    i'm in louisiana most of the time, and charlotte, nc the rest of the time... so i hope to meet up too!

    have a blessed holiday season....and know that you are loved big by the community here... :)
  • @TheDayIsToday hey you! hope you had a glorious holiday!

    just checking in to see how you're doing and what's new :) i think we've all been busy with holiday things...but wanted you to know i was thinking of you!
  • @TheDayIsToday... Are we at 77 now?? Not that I'm counting or anything. ;)
  • Day 78 today. @dominica @deand @leaker Funny stuff Dean. Been sick that last two days. Don't think the new boss appreciated that much since I am the boss at my location, but I have had a 102 degree fever the last two days. I have to go in tomorrow no matter how I'm feeling. Then on my day off Sunday have to go in and make up today and yesterday so it's been difficult because it's not like I asked to get sick. But as far as sobriety, full steam ahead! Day 80 on Sunday. Something to celebrate for sure if this flu doesn't kill me before then. lol This is seriously the first time I've been out of bed in 2 days.
  • I hope you feel better, @TheDayIsToday. Congrats on the big 78!
  • Still sick (day 5 of the flu) but 13 hour day tomorrow so about to hit the sack. Got my Mucinex, Advil, and Amoxicillin holstered and ready to go. lol Happy New Year everyone!
  • Happy New Year as well @TheDayIsToday . Here's a 2018 filled with success, and a continued march towards being the person YOU want to be!
  • @TheDayIsToday oh i'm so sorry about the flu! and that long work day! wow.

    hope you do get over this soon!

    happiest new year to you! grateful to have met you in 2017 and so very proud of you for your sobriety and for sharing your journey with us here. you are a great part of this freedom train team!

  • Happy new year, @TheDayIsToday! And you, too, @Leaker and @dominica!!! I'm wishing good health and happiness to all of you this year!!
  • @dominica Freedom Train team. I like that!
  • Can I get a WHOOP WHOOP! Day 90! :smiley: Things are going great with the new job, even though I feel over worked. But atleast it's keeping me busy. It's nights like tonight that I know I'm off tomorrow that make it tough. So many years of drinking daily and 90 days of being sober. I'm sure I'll have these cravings forever. Sucks but true. So...going to keep busy tonight by building an old model I started working on years ago. Just wanted to tell everyone I said hey!
  • Hello @TheDayIsToday WOW. 90 days flat rocks!! Having been an alcoholic myself for many many years, I know first hand what a great accomplishment that is. I am so very happy and proud for you. The Freedom Train is lucky to have you aboard!!
  • @TheDayIsToday WHOOP WHOOP!

    You asked for it.

    90 days. My goodness how the time flies. Cravings are tough, but then again, they aren't cravings so much as the monster crying out in panic because you won't feed it. It's annoying, but that's all it is. They might never go away, but they will probably diminish to the point of insignificance. But, even if they don't, your life is so much better without the alcohol, so the monster can cry all it wants.

    I did some time building models in my newly sober time too. I still have a couple of them. Some 1:48 scale planes, a few ships, and a Apollo 11 Moon Landing diorama. I found it therapeutic, and gave me time to think and really focus on what I was doing, how my life was changing, and how to keep the positives going. Maybe it is doing the same for you.

    One night at a time, and enjoy your day off. You'll enjoy it a whole lot more without a hangover...just saying...

    Keep the faith!
  • @TheDayIsToday 90 days sober is amazing my friend! I'm so happy for you and so proud of you! it has been a pleasure to Journey this sobriety path with you for the past few months. your story and your willingness to change up your life for the better is inspiring to many. know that hundreds of people or more have read your story here on the Forum, and I'm sure has spoken to their hearts.

    Shoot us a picture of your model sometime. that sounds like a fantastic Hobby and something I've never really thought of! it's probably something my son would like to do with me and something we could work on together one day.

    Here's to a wonderful 2018, where we continue to create a life that we actually like, taking the good with the not-so-good sober and free. have a great day!
  • I am sending you a WHOOP WHOOP, too, @TheDayIsToday!!! Ninety days is SO AWESOME!! Keep doing the next right thing and know that you are making tremendous progress. Thanks for the update and the inspiration, my brother!
  • @TheDayIsToday hey you! just thinking of you this morning!! i think today is 95 days for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    so happy that you are doing well. and your story here gives such hope to others reading this forum....and to people like me, who are believing that their loved one will someday decide to quit just like you did.... :)

    sending you light and love today!
  • @TheDayIsToday... Hope you're doing well, my friend! Happy Tuesday!
  • @deand @dominica @leaker @goodtr8s @Tommy As life would have's DAY 142! I posted a new thread. Thank you all for the encouragement I've received through my sober journey. I foresee a happy life ahead of myself.
  • @TheDayIsToday... Congrats on Day 142 (which, I presume, is now Day 144 as I type this late reply)!!!! You are rocking it, my friend!!!!
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