Day one without atleast a 12 pack a day for the last 30 years. I made it through today. I know this because it's now 8 minutes too late to buy beer here in Cincinnati, Ohio.
I'm glad I made it through today. It has been much harder than I thought. I've gone from sweating my ass off to shaky to cold to taking advil just to feel better. Must have had 5 iced teas and 10 diet cokes today too. lol But I did it. My first day sober in over 30 years. Wish me luck on day two tomorrow. Hitting the sack. I hope I can find some great advice here.
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  • Welcome @thedayistoday! Congrats on Day 1. More importantly, congrats on taking the first step towards being the person YOU want to be. Congrats on making the decision to get off the Dark Path, and stop letting the monster of addiction run your life.

    You will certainly find some great advice here. You will also find a great group of people that will pop in to say hello, and even check up on you for a little while as you go through  you recovery journey. Some are big AA proponents, others, like me, not so much, so you will have a wide array of experiences to draw from. There's also all the great discussions and stories laid out here.

    I will say that recovery is a journey, and not often a straightforward one. It takes a lot of  soul searching, a lot of work, and a lot of picking yourself up and learning about you, your disease, and alcohol. So, don't get discouraged if it doesn't seem like anything you do helps, or that you are feeling down, or miserable, or anything else. I can tell you from experience it is worth all the trouble, and you will be amazed at the person you will in the mirror on the other side of the journey.

    Keep the faith!
  • @TheDayIsToday ;Hello and welcome. Thank you so much for sharing. Congratulations on making a decision to stop drinking. I'm glad that you made it through day 1. Leaker has given you some excellent advice. There is a lot of great information here, take what helps you and leave what you want to leave.

    I agree that there are various paths to recovery. What works for one might not work for you. It's kind of like you have to navigate your own path here. Some go to AA and really work the program and get sober. Some go to counseling and get the help they need there. Some go to rehab -inpatient or outpatient . some utilize this forum to keep them accountable . Some read books and watch YouTube videos learning as much as I can about the disease and staying inspired and motivated.

    I will say that it will take some effort on your part. Getting through the detox will probably be rough. You'll need some support. We are here to help with that support, but you may need some face-to-face support. Just know that there are resources in your community and professionals that are more than willing to help you get free from this disease. And if you relapse, as relapse is common in early recovery, get right back up and start again. Don't just throw in the towel and say I can't do it. that's your disease talking. You get right back up and you try again even if it's 100 times. 

    We are rooting for you and hope that you'll stick around here in the Forum and become a regular. We really do care about you and your life. Will never judge you and will never tell you what to do. What we will do is support you with unconditional love and encourage you the best way we know how. 

    Know that you're not alone on this journey. No matter what. Sending big love your way.
  • @TheDayIsToday... Congrats on Day 1! Dominica and Leaker have already given you some terrific advice and insight. I commented on your post in another thread, so please look for that. We're glad you're here and we are happy to be part of your support network.

    When you get a chance, let us know how you're doing today.

    Sending you tons of positive vibes, hope, and encouragement. You can do this!
  • @leaker @dominica @DeanD ; I slept 10 full hours and it was bliss. Day two! Fortunately today my fiancé is off work and I'm going to try my best to stay busy. I'm just tired of being sick and tired. Waking up every morning throwing up, sinus problems, swollen eyeballs and a pounding headache isn't living. My fiancé, dogs and cat deserve better. I don't have kids, so probably why this drinking a twelve pack of beer a day or more everyday lasted the last 30 years. I'm only 47. I remember I used to be a huge computer nerd back in the mid-80's and my mother wanted me to be more social. That led to my first party as a senior in high school and my first complete drunk. Boy that senior year I became POPULAR..I ended up being a large market radio DJ for years and all the drinks were free. Somehow I escaped 30 years of never having a DUI or accident. I'm quite lucky...and no real health problems that I know of except for a horrible pain in my gut that I hope eventually goes away. And some painful memories. But I want to thank everyone for their support as I enter day 2 a little shaky and feeling odd for sure.
  • You know @thedayistoday, I hear ya. My drinking career was more of a shooting star than a long parade like yours, but in years that I limped along with it, and the 8 months between when I lost control and finally got some wall to wall counseling to clean my life up, the little things were amazing. It was so wonderful to wake up (as opposed to, "come to") and actually feel rested. A clear nugget, an easy conscious. I was able to eat again as opposed to just coasting due to being sick to my stomach all the time. No more dread about "the next time" or if I had enough booze to "get me through the afternoon and evening". I also found that I had time to do what I wanted to do instead of just feeding an addiction. Turns out I wanted to play video games and be a nerd, and well, a sober gamer is far and away a much more competent gamer than a drunk one.

    Here's to Day 2 of Freedom.
  • @leaker talk about eating again. I ate EVERYTHING in site yesterday on day 2 of being sober. Day 3 starts now. 
  • Congrats on the dawn of Day 3, @TheDayIsToday! Sending you more positive, sober vibes. And more hope and encouragement. Let's do this!
  • @TheDayIsToday hey there!! glad to hear you are on Day 3!  Yes, you deserve to wake up each day feeling fresh!!!  congrats to you!!!  

    keep going!!
  • Congrats on the progress. Every day doesn't just happen, it is the result of the choices you make along the way. As you learn more about your Self, and grow more familiar with the sober lifestyle, it will be easier and easier to to ignore that monster.

    I think it is tough to fully understand the harm one is doing to themselves with their addiction until they pause and really take a look at how they are feeling AFTER they stop feeding it. What we take for normal while feeding the monster we realize is quite terrible. "You mean I DON'T need to wake up and want to puke?" Wait, I actually DON'T have to have shaking hands?". Use those sorts of realizations as touchstones and ways to keep your focus when the monster comes looking for another meal.
  • Well the monster is here after the Miller Lite #2 car just won Talladega today and now I'm wanting to go out for a 12 pack. I actually just put on shoes and got dressed to do that. It's Day three and I'm realizing right now, this sucks and probably won't work after 30 years of being a daily drinker. Just feeling doomed. :-(
  • Good news...I traded alcohol for sweets today. Got dressed like I said, drove, ate a sundae then got another one to go and ate half of that. But I didn't drink today! Day 3 over. Day 4 begins tomorrow. Wish me luck.
  • Excellent work. At the start trading things for alcohol might work, but eventually you will get to where you don't need to do the, "instead of drinking I will..." game.

    People talk a lot about "triggers", like the Miller car winning, or seeing a billboard, or hearing a song play. I used to get caught up on that too. I said, "All I have to do is recognize and eliminate all the triggers". Problem is, there are an infinite number of triggers, and I got no where with that process (except drunk). What helped me was recognizing that it wasn't me, the rational part, that was responding to the trigger. It was the monster telling me to respond. The rational side didn't want to drink at 2 PM, so now that it was 5 PM, why the sudden urge? It couldn't be the rational part, the part with a plan and a future. It had to be the other part. The part I said I wasn't going to listen to anymore.

    That sets up the battle for if one is truly not going to listen, which, I must say, isn't an easy battle, but it is a critical one.
  • @TheDayIsToday ;Congratulations on your silver time! That is pretty amazing! 

    Years ago when I stopped smoking I ate a whole lot at the beginning. Eventually I started exercising and that help me to lay off the food as a trade-off. Nothing wrong with having a Sundae now and then though. I happen to love them myself!
  • @dominica Silver time? What's that mean? Yea, I'm a smoker too. Not even going to attempt to quit smoking anytime soon. LOL
    @leaker Thanks Leaker. I just need to realize that "This too shall pass" and don't let the monster get me. Day 4 and I'm not feeling too bad. Day 1 was still the very worst. But I did sweat profusely last night. Probably the fact my body is saying, "Wait, you just traded liver failure for Diabetes!" LOL trying to be humorous in this time of insanity for me...which neither are, but that's what I was thinking last night after I dug into my second portion at 1am.
    @deanD Thanks man. Day 4 I almost didn't want to wake up. Sleeping and sweating my ass off last two nights. 
    Well I hear this is supposed to get better everyday. So hopefully Day 4 is better than Day 1 and Day 3 was...Just want to feel normal again. Tried to read a little and couldn't focus at all so decided to get on here and type instead.
  • @TheDayIsToday... I'm super proud of you for battling through that craving and staying sober. That's huge progress, my friend. Believe me when I tell you that things WILL get easier. So when you hear that negative voice in your head, and it starts telling you "This isn't going to work," tell it very politely to STFU.

    Day 4, my brother. Take it an hour at a time. Or even a minute at a time if you have to. Just keep moving forward. You're doing this, and we're all behind you 100 percent!
  • @deand Thank you so much for that. I'm sure I'll need as much support as I can get. I probably shouldn't have spent the last hour on the phone with Time-Warner/Spektrum. lol Those people will drive you to drink! But calming down from that call now. I'm switching internet providers tomorrow and saving $80 a month for better stuff to boot. So that's a positive. 
    But it all reality, you telling me to tell my head to STFU made me crack up. It's all true! I'll keep you updated in this thread as my day progresses and message again tomorrow. I can do this!!!
  • You're right, @TheDayIsToday. You CAN do this!!! Glad you're thinking positive. And glad you're gonna be saving some $$ on your internet services, too. Every little bit helps, right??
  • @thedayistoday, @deand had that perfect piece of advice there, when you hear something in your nugget telling you to drink, just tell it to shut up. It's also that same voice that is telling you there is a "trade" between liver failure and diabetes. Truth is, there is no trade. You get rid of the booze, and you will get a handle on the eating long before it turns into diabetes. Win/win!

    Keep up the humor, even if it is gallows humor. Every recovery is different, and whatever works, just works. I know cable companies are tough, but I will say that they don't "drive you (or anyone) to drink". The way it was explained to me, and the way I realized the truth, the meaner, tougher, badder, more frustrating the person/situation, the LESS one needs to drink, because those sorts of situations require a cool and level nugget functioning at its best, NOT a soggy brain marinated in alcohol.

    Keep the faith!
  • @Leaker... I agree. Keep up the humor, no matter how dark it is. Sometimes being able to laugh at a horrible situation can be incredibly helpful as you navigate your way through it. :)
  • @deanD @leaker @dominica Is day 4 really over? I'm about to go to bed. Fioptics guy coming at 8am and it's 1:20am here already. I spent today eating well, my fiancé cooked a nice dinner and then I spent the remainder of my time putting together a workout bench in my basement which I bought...oh...about a year ago when I moved into this new house! It's been in boxes in the garage. First I took it downstairs nearly piece by piece and was pouring sweat after about 40 trips up and down the steps back into the garage for more. But then...after eating. I began to put it together step by step. It's actually coming along!!! I literally have everything assembled besides the cables to actually work out with...but it's about 70% done I think. Maybe 80%. Just came up from downstairs to write this. Heck, maybe I actually start to put my basement together. Who knows. One thing at a time. I'm actually DOING things. Today was a great feeling getting that out of my garage and putting it together. I'll let you all know when it's complete and maybe snap a photo.
    The best news of the day: I didn't have a drink! WOOT! ::doing a happy dance as I prance off to snuggle up with the fiancé and my dogs:: Day 5 is tomorrow. 5 days. Wow. I remember going 2 days once about 9 years ago. This is CRAZY!!! - btw...your comments mean the world to me. Makes me realize maybe this is all for something. Thank you. :-)
  • It's amazing the amount of time you find you have available when you are devoting hours of the day to getting drunk or recovering from it. It's not that you are doing all of these things instead of drinking, it is because you stopped drinking, and are regaining your freedom, you are now able to do the things you want, NOT what the monster wants you to do.

    Keep the faith!
  • @TheDayIsToday i teared up as i read your post this morning! and THIS post makes my morning so much brighter!

    congrats to you on 4 days sober! really. that is so big and deserves recognition....  and you're getting your life back!!! just like leaker said... doing what you want....and not what the monster wants!  

    also great about the workout bench!!  sounds like you are in a great space right now...that's lovely! (yes, snap us a photo if you like!)

    thank you for sharing here! you are inspiring all those that read this forum! 

    grateful for you!  have a blessed day 5! :)
  • Welcome to Day 5, @TheDayIsToday! I'm soooooo proud of you!!! You are making great progress and finding out that there is way more to life than drinking. :)

    You are incredibly badass, my friend. I just want you to know that. And remember that we're here for you anytime you need someone to lean on.

    Keep doing the next right thing.
  • @deanD @dominica @leaker It's Day 6. It's funny to think my last drink was on Thursday October 12th and my first day sober was FRIDAY THE 13th!!! It's the 18th. That means it day six sober and day 7 since I had a drink. This is CRAZY after drinking for so long and so much. Today I woke up and believe it or not, I felt hungover. I have no idea what that's about. My eyes had more eye crust in them that I feel I could have built a piece of toast out of it (yuck right?). No clue what's up with either of those two things, but I'm going with it. Tomorrow I go back to work. New job infact. But I will be a week sober going into the new job. I was always hungover at my old one. Hard to believe they kept me around for 10 years. Finally they let me go and I was overwhelmed with new job offers and took some and didn't. I was actually HIRED at about 10 places, nice to have choices right? But everything was overwhelming me and I found myself in a very dark place. Drinking shot up to 20+ beers a day and I found myself contemplating the end of me. How could this be I thought? I have a great house, great cars, great fiancé who loves me, great dog who couldn't live without me, another great cat whom I've been with 10 years and my fiancé's dog who she thinks sometimes loves me more that herself. What the hell was I thinking. I watching that Craig Ferguson video today. The one posted here:  I watched and it made sense. It made me say to my true self, "WTF ARE YOU DOING? YOU HAVE IT ALL. DON'T GIVE UP. GET GOING ON A NEW LIFE". That's when I said I'm better than this. I remember a time being 14, 15, 16 even the early part of 17 years old where I WAS better than that. In 30 years alcohol has completely changed me? Could it be? It was true. This person, me, who always celebrated life had finally hit rock bottom but yet from others perspectives had it all. To me, contemplating that was a tough choice I had to make. I realized that it was the alcohol making me think this way over the last 30 years of mass daily ingestion. I was tired. I was tired of being sick. I was tired of what the mess my life had become and yet my fiancé continued to stick with me and love me just the same. I was tired of sending people crazy texts at 2-4am which the next day I was embarrassed that I would just delete them and pretend "Maybe they didn't get them.". I made a choice. And those first three days sucked. It still sucks really. It's day six. But I've come to realize over these last 6 days there is so much more to live for. I'm 47. I know I'm getting a late start at the sober game, but I'm not 50. Or 57...or dead.
    I'm embracing sobriety like a guiding hand walking me through hell. Without it, I'd be there. But with sobriety I can and will find a way out whether it be 1 minute, 1 hour, or one day at a time. This to shall pass and I am strong enough to prevail if I know that when the monster calls to remember the guiding hand of sobriety is there to tell it to go F itself.
  • <<I'm embracing sobriety like a guiding hand walking me through hell.>>

    Love that, @TheDayIsToday. And I'm glad you watched the Craig Ferguson video. That's a good one, for sure.

    You're doing this. And we're behind you 100 percent, my friend.

    Keep doing the next right thing. :)
  • @thedayistoday, It's great that you found such inspiration from the video, and that it helped make some sense of your situation. I just watched it too, and it was a fantastic personal story. It was somewhat sad to hear the laughing because it took away from the serious yet amazing message. One never knows where they will get inspiration from, the important thing is that they get it, see it, and use it.

    I'll concur that alcoholism can be weird. To the person in the middle of "functional alcoholism", they know something big in their life is wrong. They might know they are in trouble. They probably at times feel hopeless, overwhelmed, and ready to give up. To everyone else, they seem like they have it all together and are the epitome of success. Sometimes the alcoholism and addiction is obvious as it rots away someone's body and life; sometime it is a lot harder to see the damage. Part of the insidious nature of the disease.

    Addiction makes no distinction about one's station in life. It doesn't care if one tapped out at 4th grade and are now homeless and begging for scraps, or that one is the head of multi-million dollar company, with multiple fancy degrees from famous schools, who travels in a solid gold helicopter powered by caviar. Those of us who have personal experience with addiction know that the stereotypical portrayal of an addict as some filthy beggar missing teeth dressed in rats and with a disheveled hair is comically misrepresenting the true demographic of addict.

    You sound like you have a good attitude about the journey ahead, and that is great. Keep popping in here. Keep searching for inspiration. Keep taking stock of your life, where it was, where it is, and where you want to go. Keep in mind that despite how it seems now, that guiding hand WILL get you through this and into a better place.

    Keep the faith.
  • I saw a solid gold wheel-chair once, but a solid gold HELICOPTER @leaker wow! Caviar must be mighty powerful! Maybe I should put some of that in my old Corvette? ;-) So I finished my workbench today! @dominica @deand ;
    I even worked out a little. Tomorrow Day 7 and start of new job. BIG sigh on that one. Wish me luck and I'll check in when I can. Loved the stories and inspiration from all. Keep it coming! 

  • @thedayistoday, You will do fine at the new job. And even if you embarrass yourself, screw something up, or get yelled at, it can always be worse. For example, any of those could happen AND you be facing that hungover or distracted by something you fuzzily remember doing the night before.I've had a lot of bad days since I left alcohol behind, but every single time, I've thought about how much worse it would be if I wasn't facing it with a clean mind.
  • @thedayistoday!Our sober dates are the same! Friday the 13th, in my opinion, is the luckiest day of the year for us! Rock on man! One week today! Peace to you my brother.
  • @thedayistoday, New job, new life, new man. I'm proud of you buddy. Keep on keepin' on. You got this! We're all here for you!
  • Welcome to Day 7, @TheDayIsToday! One week! That is awesome!

    I'm wishing you the best of luck as you start your new job today. I know you're gonna do just fine. 

    Check in with us later on and let us know how things went, okay? We're all rooting for you!
  • @TheDayIsToday ;Hey there! Thank you so much for the update! Congrats on getting that weight bench put together and working out! I'm sure you certainly felt accomplished and I hope proud of yourself because that's a pretty big deal. 

    7 days sober! That's amazing! I'm so grateful that you're doing this one day at a time, and that you're sharing this journey with us. Yes, you'll do all right at work. Anything new can bring on some added stress, but remember that eventually that stress will go away because you'll get familiar with that new job. 

    Let us know how your day went and again, so so so proud of you and happy for you!
  • The first day at the new job went well. Crazy thing is I had 5 voicemails when I left my first day on the job with other companies wanting to interview me. Nice problem to have I guess. LOL So yea...a week. WOW...and it did feel great getting that workbench finally together @dominica @deand yea it all went fine. Paperwork mostly and HOMEWORK. Blah. Homework? Just reading mostly. No biggie. @leaker @seeker_of_light thanks for all the kind words. I feel a lot better today than I have the past 7 days, that's for sure. However I did have a dream last night that I drank and woke up to it about 6am and said, "" and went back to sleep for two more hours. However tomorrow is an earlier start...I'll be at work about 7:30am. Take care all and will post here when I can!!! Just so happy that God has given me this chance. Being a 12pack-24pack a day beer drinker for 30 years and then to just say the heck with this isn't working anymore and to go cold turkey like I did I've read wasn't the best idea, but so far so GREAT! Keeping busy with the pets and the fiancé and the new job and the yardwork and the new workout bench. Going to start a project this weekend and build a workbench downstairs for my Radio Controlled Helicopters which I haven't flown much lately since I'm always too hung over too. Haven't flown much lately is an understatement. I've been flying Collective Pitch Large Scale helicopters since about 2008 and haven't flown but once in about 3 years. I fly Phoenix and Realflight R/C heli flight sims, but just haven't been out much in the last three years to fly since I've been drunk all the time. It's time to regain myself. GET ME BACK. Also...after work today I bought a Taylor Guitar...always wanted an acoustic and figured it was a nice way to celebrate my week of sobriety. Off to play it some more now. (ps, been playing guitar since I was 6 years old and I'm 47 and haven't had an acoustic since I was about 16...only electrics). Figured it was a nice way to treat myself to my week of sobriety and the guy at Guitar Center thought the same. lol 
  • @thedayistoday, great to hear the day went well. Homework is a fact of life for a lot of professional jobs. At least if one wants to be successful at it. It's also good that you have some goals and want to get back into some hobbies you set aside due to the drinking. That will help keep you going how you want to.

    Don't worry about the drinking dreams; they are normal. I read about them early in my recovery, and it helped to know that they would come. When they did, I wasn't all concerned like, "maybe it is my brain telling me something" or, "It means I should go back". I had the same kind of reaction too, "Oh no. What did I do? How did I screw this up?" Ect. At the start I had them once every 2 weeks or so. Then they tapered off. Even 6 years later I have one every now and then. It is, to me at least, proof that the monster is still with me, and I can never go back to drinking. Even now, the reaction is still the same, "oh no, what did I do?". But, at least now, I can figure out it was a dream sooner. Due to my propensity for rolling blackouts at my worst, it would take the better part of a day to figure out that it was indeed a dream, and not just the memory of the night of drinking fading in and out.

    But, hopefully you don't have to deal with that. Or, if you do, hopefully it doesn't startle you or shake your conviction. Don't let anything get in the way of getting YOU back.

    Keep the faith!
  • @TheDayIsToday... So glad to hear that your first day on the new job went well. That's terrific!

    Keep on keeping on, my friend. One day at a time. You're doing this. Just keep going!
  • @TheDayIsToday Thank you for the update. I'm glad that your first day at work went well and I'm so happy to hear your enthusiasm about life in general. About rediscovering yourself without alcohol involved. it's wonderful that you're getting back to the hobbies that you are passionate about. There's so much to experience in life huh? Not hungover is the best way. 

    Your story is pretty remarkable. To stop cold turkey like that is a miracle. You are an inspiration to others reading this forum. 

    I hope you have an amazing weekend and again, thank you so much for the update. You're doing it!
  • Thanks @leaker @deand @dominica Today was TOUGH. Got off work and IMMEDIATELY wanted beer. Instead, came home, put a new arm on my Corvette that it needed (door handle I should say which had been sitting here for about...uh...I dunno...5 years?) That took two hours. Then wanted to drink more. Was getting VERY agitated. So...I went to WAL-MART for a few things, none of which I found. But I did waste an hour and by the time I left the cravings were gone...but got a pint of ice cream anyway. lol No, haven't eaten it. Did stop by another store and grabbed some carabineers to help my workouts flow more smoothly. Then came back upstairs (didn't work out yet mind you) But I put together an entire SPREADSHEET on working out. It's extremely professional, except for the top which says, "Tim's Workout Log (he said "log")" But yea...humor. Boy I need it. :-) But it's quite intricate. I'm pretty proud of myself for everything I accomplished today. I plan on going outside here in an hour or so since I'm off work this weekend and watch the meteor shower we're having tonight. I think the peak is at 3am? I was TIRED when I got off work today. I wanted to just take a nap, but instead I fixed the car, and made some errands. My fiancé was joking the other day that we should get a miniature cow. So low and behold...I came across a miniature cow stuffed animals in my travels this evening and bought it for her for sweetest day. She'll laugh. I have her a box of her (and mine. hehehe) favorite chocolates to give her tomorrow too. They've been sitting my my closet for about a week. Fortunately they're wrapped so don't go stale or anything. Ester Price are the best here in Cincinnati. It's good stuff.
    Well...I'm going to have to figure out what the hell my ftp password and crap is so I can upload you all some pictures and show you what I've done. Since I got this new computer, I haven't messed with any of the websites and web domains I own...but I'm getting an itching to start doing that again too. In time. In time. But today I kept the monster away and that's priority #1.
  • WOW @seeker_of_light - I think we're on day 8! Tomorrow Day 9! It's a miracle for sure. I've got more done in these last 8 days that I think I've done in the last year. Just crazy.
  • So I'm waiting on this darned meteor shower to happen at 3am...and I'm sitting here, thinking more about the underlying cause of my alcohol  addiction. I won't even go into cigarettes! But a little history. At 8 years old, my grandmother had a massive stroke. A few weeks later on Halloween at 8 years old in 1978 an older kid up the street stole a bottle of gin and dared me to drink some. I was pretty depressed cause grandma was now living with us in a wheelchair and everything just felt wrong. Like our family had been torn apart. Her life, and ours. I drank about half the bottle of gin that night and puked my guts out. But I think it all really began that Halloween night for me. I never drank much again after that, atleast until mid-way through my senior year which I think I posted all of that earlier way up there. What happened was I became somewhat of an introverted cool kid, if that makes much sense? I used to beat up the kids that picked on the smaller nerdier kids. My dad raised me to always be for the underdog. Grandma died in 1989 on October 14th...I actually just visited her grave on that date last week which I often do. Just 2 weeks after grandma was buried, I selfishly thought to myself how we were finally a "normal" family again. No pushing around a wheel chair or wiping grandma's butt anymore. It felt normal again. 3 weeks father had the very same massive stroke which also left him paralyzed on the left side. My drinking and drug use spiraled out of the control. I left college and got a job on the radio being a DJ. Rock and Talk...even a soft rock station for a few years. I have that voice that works with any type of format. Commercials, everthing. It was if I ingested everything I could get a hold of...but it seemed to sparken my creativity and fun! I got lucky. Through all the thousands of hits of LSD, pounds of Psychedelic Mushrooms, Valium, Opiates, Hypnotics, Every alcohol and the best weed that would make Bob Marley stoned...somehow in my 20's I never got arrested or got a DUI. Drinking and driving was like a hobby for me. I just didn't care. I lived life like a game, which it was to me. However always made sure I was there to take care of my father and mother who were much older than myself. They were GREAT parents. That is what hurt when grandma had her stroke and then dad his. It still hurts. My father was a world war 2 veteran. A tech 5 armored truck driver. Many Nazi's killed. Still have a Nazi flag of his captured which has dried blood on it, and armband, a few beretta's with the Nazi logo, you get the idea. He was a war hero. He finally died October 10th 2002. Mom aged fast after that and passed in 2009. Mom always said I drank and smoked too much. But she also said after dad's stroke, which happened two weeks before his retirement, "There are no golden years. Live now because you never know when your time will come". So I did...boy I did.  They didn't really know that at one point in my life I was actually on 11 different drugs at one time. No joke. How I'm still here, focused and even wanting to try is a miracle. How I've made it 8 days today and 9 tomorrow is a miracle. How I have what I have and have accomplished what I've accomplished in life is a miracle. I used to tell people in my thirties, girls I'd dated and such, that if I died I'd die a complete happy man having lived a full life even at the age of 30-35 or so. I used to say it all the time. I have no fear of death what-so-ever still to this day. Not that I want to die, but by drinking 12-24 beers or more a day over the course of the last 30 years and all the past drugs I've done, you'd think so right? Nope. Not at all. I want to live. I have lived. I just now need to learn to live a different way. Maybe it's the way I should have been living all along, but it wouldn't have made me the person, and I'm very grateful to say I'm an incredibly wonderful, faithful, loving, kind, generous person, that I am today. I know that might sound cliché. I just miss my mom and dad and grandma and past pets. But I have a house, a WONDERFUL fiancé who is a nurse, two AWESOME dogs and a cat that is basically human in cat-like form. lol I have everything physical I, guitars, rc helicopters...all the toys for boys so to speak. I don't have a dime saved for retirement, and I really could care less because I don't plan on every retiring the way I have lived my life. I'm sure medical problems will take me long before that even though I don't have any yet. Time will eventually catch up with me....but if I can honestly say, I went through hell...I came out clean on the other side. This 1 day sober is worth all of the days I was obliterated out of my f-ing skull. These past 8 days I know every deceased pet, parent and friend that have gone before me are looking down and saying, "I'm proud of you."
    I'm very Grateful. I wouldn't change the past. But I am glad that I have this sober day and finally feel a real future....and I'm not talking job sense, or money, or stuff. I'm talking my clear head. Now I just need to remember this when I want to have another drink and realize it was time to put the monster at bay after all and live the best life from here on out because as my father used to say, "You only live once, and if you live right, once is enough.".
    Thank you everyone on this site for supporting me in this what I realize is going to be a life-long journey. But I can finally hold my head up high for real instead of just wearing that smile and acting it, I can actually be proud in knowing I did it today.
  • TheDayIsToday
    Yes sir... Day 9 is upon us!  Congratulations, my brother. We'll be in the double-digits in less than 24 hours.  Rock on, man!

    Last night was tough to get through - rough week being put on administrative leave at my job and all. But I made it through and man, is that sun shining brighter than ever this morning. I find that each and every day I wake up sober there is a sense of pride returning to my soul. I used to wake up guilt-ridden, everyday, after I saw the amount of alcohol I drank the night before. Was it one bottle of wine? 2? Lately it was 3 bottles a night. How in the world did I survive like that?

    But that's exactly what I was doing - just surviving.

    Like you said TheDayIsToday: I want to live!

    I am sending peace and hope to everyone this morning! May you all find the serenity of sobriety!!!

  • @thedayistoday, Thank you for sharing the story. That is quite the journey. It is as unique as it is similar to a lot of people's on here. Starting young, lots of very serious stress, "living" fast (is going through existence in a drug induced stupor really living?) and finally realizing (or being forced to see) that something was missing, and the answer was LESS, not more. Less "living", and more living. There are a lot of similarities to my story too; I've even used the line of crawling through a river a s--t and coming out clean on the other side.

    Those sort of deep, thoughtful exercises, while painful at times, are critical to getting into a sustainable sober lifestyle, I think. Now, where in all that, did the drugs and alcohol help? I mean, REALLY help? Did they ever solve anything, or did they just push things away for other people to deal with? I realized that the alcohol never helped, even when I thought it did, it was just the brain tricking me. I also thought that drinking made me funny and creative, but I proved that a lie. I think I am even funnier and more creative now because I have the clear mind to find the nuances in life to make the snarky comments and not offend anyone (a very tough job these days).  

  • @TheDayIsToday and @seeker_of_light... I'm super proud of both of you! Welcome to Day 9! Keep working hard and doing the next right thing!
  • @TheDayIsToday Hey there! How was that meteor shower? Did you get to see it? It was cloudy here so I didn't even bother looking.

    Thank you for sharing your story with us. 8 years old!! Wow!  It's healthy to think about the past sometimes and even try to figure out what happened and why. Not get stuck there, but definitely taking a look and sorting things out. I'm super glad that you come through so many things all right, and I'm super proud of you for your 9 days sober. You truly are a blessing here in the Forum, and I'm sure too many others in your life. That is so sweet of you to get that little cow and the chocolates for your girlfriend. She's going to love that! 

    The workbench looks amazing! An accomplishment to be proud of for sure! I really like the lights on your ceiling as well ! 

    Also, congrats on making it through your stressful day without taking a drink. That is good that you distracted yourself and by the time you left the store those Cravings had gone. I found out for myself that Cravings do go away after a time. Someone once told me it's like riding the wave , when you just keep riding that wave of Cravings, eventually it will crash and go away. Ride them out !

    I hope your weekend is going wonderful! So glad that you are here and sharing your journey with us. Your presence here makes all of our lives Fuller. All for one and one for all here at! 
  • @TheDayIsToday... Look at that weight bench!!!! It's beautiful!!! Congrats on that accomplishment, my friend!

    Keep doing the next right thing!! :)
  • @dominica @deand Thank you so much both of you! It was a struggle this weekend, but I am sober and very thankful. I cannot believe I made it to double digits. Day 11 sober infact today. Now if I'd just go down and USE the workout bench. I worked out Saturday and am sore as heck! LOL
  • Wow! Congrats! It is very hard to just quit a long term addiction like that. You must be very determined. I suggest making some sober friends if you haven’t already. AA is a great support group; or just a good local church if your open to that. My father quit alcohol like that. He had hallucinations at first.
  • @Thekristyc so glad your father quit drinking!! yay!
  • @TheDayIsToday Great that you worked out Saturday!!  I'm sure you are sore!!! Maybe shoot for a certain times a week. 2? 3? Start with a smaller goal so you won't feel overwhelmed... 

    Glad you are sober and free!!!  I'm sure you have your moments, but remember the WHY of your quitting!!!  Keep recovery fresh on your mind, and if you need help, reach out!!

    Thinking of you today as you celebrate 12 Days!
  • Welcome to Day 12, @TheDayIsToday! I'm glad you were able to overcome your struggle over the weekend. You are making such great progress. Just keep going!!! :)
  • @dominica @deand @leaker Day 12 and the first day I didn't crave a drink...yet. lol I Just cannot believe all the good things that have happened to me since I've stopped. Today I was actually offered 2 more jobs. One of which I'm considering since it would be "more me" than what I'm doing now. My fiancé is happier. My pets even seem happier. I know I feel happier. Having some headaches and drinking dreams, but that's life I guess. Lucky Day 13 is tomorrow! :-) I call it lucky since my first day sober was Friday the 13th. I just cannot believe I'm doing this. It's like a dream come true with each day I don't drink. I still feel somewhat in a fog at times, but I'm sure that will eventually pass I'm hoping.
  • @TheDayIsToday... I'm so happy to hear that good things are happening to you! And that the people (and animals) around you are happier since you quit drinking. (It's amazing how pets pick up on how we're feeling, how we're acting, etc., isn't it??)

    Welcome to lucky Day 13!! You ARE doing this!!!
  • @deand Day 14 begins. WOOHOO. Far as I know 14 days is two weeks sober. Crazy stuff. However I quit on a Friday and it's a guess two weeks ago was my last drink. How do you even monitor or keep track of this stuff anyway? LOL Horrible thing this morning is I "feel" hungover. Makes no sense. Tired as hell and got plenty of sleep. Just don't feel motivated at all to go to work today. Feel like going back to bed. Happy I'm on 14 days sober though, so I'll push forward. 
  • @TheDayIsToday ;Congratulations on two weeks sober! That's amazing! I know you've got to feel pretty good about this accomplishment for sure. Rightly so. Keep it going !

    Sorry that you woke up feeling yucky today . I wake up with sinusitis hangover LOL. Trying to get these allergies and sinuses under control for sure. My eyes were glued shut when I awoke this morning lol

    I've heard about this mobile app that will help you keep track of the day since you stopped anything. It's called "Quit That" and it tracks of progress you've made by quitting anything . look it up and download it and if you use it let us know how you like it. 

     I hope your day is getting better and better and thank you so much for the update! So wonderful to be journeying with you!
  • @TheDayIsToday... Day 14! Woohoo is right!! 

    Sorry you're not feeling your best today. You've been sober for two weeks, but your body is still adjusting. So you'll probably have a few days like this for a while. But make no mistake, you are kicking ass and taking names! One day at a time!

    BTW, that "Quit That!" app @dominica mentioned is a good one. I highly recommend it. And it's free. :)
  • I couldn't find an app called "Quit that". You mean the one called "NO MORE! Quit your Addictions"...there seem to be a ton of apps. What's the actual name of it? Yup. Day 15's really hard to believe I'm doing this. It's so strange. I need to hit the sack. Early day tomorrow. Take care everyone and I'll post more this weekend. @dominica @leaker @deand @seeker_of_light
  • @TheDayIsToday On my iphone app, it's called "Quit That!"  The logo is a green square with a white "Q" on it.  Put the "!" after it... See if you can find it on your mobile app...

    :) I"m thinking what I want to give up and try it... chocolate?




    i will think about it.
  • @TheDayIsToday... Here's a link to the Quit That! app:

    It's entirely possible that it's only available for iOS and not Android. So if you don't have an iPhone, you might have to find another app. But I'm sure there are probably several out there. One that several of my friends use is called Sober Time. Here's a link to that one:

    @dominica... You quitting chocolate or coffee would be like me quitting pizza. Ain't gonna happen!!! :)
  • @dominica That's how I feel about cigarettes! LOL Coffee, Cigs and Chocolate...ahhh. Ok...let's atleast quit alcohol first since it's the last of my "real" vices as I call it. hahaa A lot of people out there would say cigarettes, but at this point I'm not even about to attempt that! @deanD, I'm into DAY 15 without alcohol(well, beer...I never drank hard liquor). But having gone 30 years with 12-24 beers everyday...ok..maybe there were 10-15 TOTAL days in those 30 years without a single beer. But think about that? That's wild. I've tied together 15 days straight after probably not having 15 days sober in 30 years. It's really crazy to think about. Just unfathomable. Even my fiancé cannot believe it. Even though I feel rather lost, I feel proud of myself. These weekends without work are hard. Keep finding things to keep me busy like live streaming video games and simulators on twitch and youtube, cleaning the cat box multiple times, watching the world series (not so much since I always had beer watching games so it kinda sucks I guess). I dunno what to say. Atleast I'm sober I guess. And tomorrow is day 16. Crazy. I'm just stunned.
  • @TheDayIsToday yay for 15 days! that's very amazing for sure!!!

    probably not the best time to stop smoking... lol... one vice at a time!! 

    so proud of you!  yes, little projects around the house, and know that it's alright to feel that boredom at times.... sometimes i would feel bored and would think maybe a couple of beers would make it better... but that kind of thinking just isn't logical. drinking does not make things better!!  

    again, congrats and so glad you are here journeying with us!
  • @dominica me too Dominica. Me too (About being glad to be here). It was about time I quit. I can feel great things coming my way because of it. I have been playing a lot of guitar too. My new Taylor I feel like I've had a year but I just bought it last week! LOL It seriously feels like a year ago. Crazy huh? I think I'll work on my basement a little tomorrow. I'm going to hit the sack soon here. Have a great night everyone.
  • @thedayistoday,

    I leave for a week of taking the wife to her first week at Disney World and I come back to see that you are just plugging along just like I never left. Fantastic news all around. In reading what you have been doing, you are like a kid on Christmas morning. But, instead of feeling all this joy for the first time, you are rediscovering what life is truly about, and relearning how much potential you really have. The more you see that, the more you will see what the alcohol was taking from you, reinforcing your decision to stop and get your life back.

    Keep the faith!
  • @TheDayIsToday ;Awesome about the guitar playing! That sounds like fun! I hope you had a good day today! 

    @Leaker I hope you had a fantastic vacation! I've never been to Disney World but I hear it's amazing! Glad you are back !

  • Day 17. Unreal. WOOT! :-)
  • @TheDayisToday... Congrats on 17 days, which I'm going to assume is now 18 days. I'm so freakin' proud of you! I'm glad things are going so well and that you're finding ways to stay occupied. My son just bought a new Taylor guitar a few weeks ago. They sure are beautiful sounding instruments, aren't they?

    Keep going, my friend. You are an inspiration!
  • @deand @dominica @leaker @seeker_of_light CORRECT Dean! Day 19 today! WOOT WOOT! Ahh, which Taylor did he get? They really do have the best tone. I played a few Martins, Ovations, Guilds and Taylors between $800-$1500. The best sounding was the $700 Taylor 114CE Grand Auditorium so snatched it up! :-) My fingers are still raw from playing the crap out of it every other day, but keeping me busy for sure.
    Take care. Talk soon. Time for work.
  • @TheDayIsToday... My son got the 114E Grand Auditorium. Just a slightly different body style. Great minds...
  • @TheDayIsToday That's wonderful that you are enjoying your guitar. My son played a lot as a teenager, and I played a little bit along with him. I remember my fingers hurting as well. He had so much more Rhythm than me LOL. It certainly is fun though so I'm super glad that you're playing. Do you sing too? 

    I've started playing the djembe drum lately. I've been to a drumming Circle a couple of times and it was pretty cool. Music is very therapeutic. 

    Congrats on your 19 days ! So so so happy for you and proud of you!
  • @Leaker,

    Though I am a little bit late to this thread ,I read somewhere here that you and your wife went to Disney World on vacation.That's awesome!It's good to bring out the inner child once in a while literally!You must have had a great time on the rides and lots of thrills and spills! :)

    Take care!

  • @TheDayIsToday,

    Congratulations on your 19 days of sobriety!I'm a bit late on this thread but from what I've read it seems like you have achieved your first victory by just making the decision to start the journey of recovery - congratulations on that ,too.Things improve with time ,just don't give up and keep going !We all have our ups and downs in the process but the important thing is not to  discourage and keep following the path to recovery!We are stronger than we think but sometimes, overwhelmed by daily problems ,we forget that and give in to doubt and negative thoughts.

    It's great that you can play a musical instrument,music is an excellent way of overcoming stress or anxiety - whether you play it or listen to it,either way is an irreplaceable means of relaxation ! I,personally,don't play a musical instrument but  like listening to music when I am down and it always cheers me up! I've talked all over this community about me being a huge MJ fan and I just can't stop myself from saying it again ! He has this saying of his that "music has been with us since the beginning of time and it's all around us if we only listen ",and it will always be..."So,you have excellent help ,support,and an ally in your fight against the addiction  :)

    Wishing you the best of luck,courage and determination!

  • Thank you @changeyourself
    Well. Double Digits TIMES 2 today. Day 20. Twenty. T w e n t y. Wow. I never thought in a million years I would be a day away from three weeks or ever get this far. I was truly hopeless tied to 12-24 beers a day. 30 years of that cycle I feel has been finally broken and I feel great about it. I don't want to ever go back to being that guy that all his time is spent working around where to drink next or hurrying to leave somewhere so I can get home to drink. That's a crappy life to lead.
  • You are awesome, @TheDayIsToday. Big congrats to you on 20 days! Keep taking things a day at a time. And know that we're here for you anytime you need us. :)
  • @TheDayIsToday ;Congratulations! I am so happy for you! 20 days is a big deal, and I must say you are quite an inspiration here. I'm glad that you never want to go back to that. I'm not sure if you know this, but my 22 year old son last I knew  could put down a good many beers in the evenings. he's lost a relationship due to his drinking, and just doesn't think he has a problem.

    I don't keep in great touch with him anymore, as we've had our little chats about his drinking and it's kind of put a wedge in between us. I don't talk about it to him anymore, and do my best not to worry.

    However, I do worry about him. But you know when I read your post, it gives me hope for my son. That he will one day just like you desire to give it up. Completely. He will see that there's no value in it, and that he will do whatever it takes to stop drinking and go on to lead a sober and free life. 

    So thank you for sharing. I know your story is giving me hope and I'm sure it's giving others hope as well. Hope you have a fabulous day!
  • Hey, @TheDayIsToday... Is today 3 weeks??? Thinking of you and sending you tons of positive energy. :)
  • So yup @deand THREE WEEKS. And I just find out today that a job I applied for, basically managing a company and after 6 interviews, the second being totally hungover 2 months ago, which made me realize I wanted more out of life, sent me a proposal to run the company today. The last 3 interviews were all into this past 3 weeks. I cannot believe it. My fiancé cannot believe it. I start in about 10 days and quit my other job today. THREE WEEKS OF SOBRIETY HAS COMPLETELY CHANGED MY LIFE FOR THE BETTER. IF I CAN DO THIS, YOU CAN DO THIS IF YOU ARE READING THIS. I went 30 years. 30 years drinking 12-24 beers a day. I quit cold turkey and everything started to click after about a week. It hasn't been easy, but nothing worth doing IS easy. 
    I'm getting my hobbies back like flying radio controlled aircrafts, gaming, guitar, pets, more. I'm DOING things again instead of letting the monster that is alcohol control my evenings. My fiancé is smiling at me again and hugging me, actually WANTING to be close to me and snuggle and stuff. I am caring again about me and others. 3 weeks without that poison has done this. I'm never going back. That shit stole enough of my life. NO MORE.
  • Hi I'm new here but congrats! That's great you're doing so well. Gives me hope as I'm off and on still trying to get rid of it for good.
  • @gardenman13 how long you been sober? The first week SUCKED. I had quite a few cravings the second week. I'm just today on 21 days and I'm FINALLY beginning to feel better physically and mentally. It really DOES get better everyday. A few days it FEELS worse, but you have to grab it by the ass and tell yourself THAT IS YOU HEALING. The monster of alcohol I know is lurking in there wanting me back full-time, but he's not getting me anytime soon I can assure you. You just have to draw a line in the sand and say, NO MORE. I was completely sick and tired of feeling sick and tired and once I completely knew I was done, I was done. After 3 weeks sober today it just feels good. Sure...I might have headaches, sure I might crave alcohol or a buzz. Sure I might a lot of stuff. But is ANY of that going to help me in my life? No. It's a hinderance. It always has been gardenman13. It took 30 years for me to finally say, enough is enough of this insanity and that's exactly what I'd been living. But now the sky is the limit and each day I seriously feel SMARTER. My brain is getting back in order. Here, let me post a link I found...or a picture rather...check this out. This should help you. It helped me a TON and still I look at this nearly everyday. Take care!
  • @Thedayistoday I had tried stopped maybe around this time last year and I had stopped for a good while. But had gone back to it with moderate drinking and occasionally over drinking.

    My wife always said I had abused alcohol but didn't consider me an alcoholic but I felt like I was at least go myself, I would drink maybe a six pack and a mixed drink every Monday and would feel irritated if something messed with that routine.

    I guess the last drink I had was at a wedding in September. It's funny I actually feel happy sometimes without drinking before that was the only time I felt happy, so I'm just trying to keep off of it.
  • @gardenman13 it's actually a horrible poison. The more I read when I have a craving, the better I do and that craving goes away. At least you weren't up to 24 beers a night like I was. I'd be so puffy and hungover and throwing up every morning. It became routine. What kind of life was I leading? I wake up now and am not sinusy, not puking, not feeling awful, actually REMEMBER what I did the night before, no panic. I cannot even describe it. For me it was just getting through the hardest part which was the detoxing and setting in my head the NO MORE. You just have to figure out a way that works for you. Quitting cold turkey like I did wasn't the best way to go about it most doctors and people will tell you. But I'm still here and now on day 22. I got through the shakiness, nervousness, horrific cravings, crawling skin, even at a few points thinking bugs were crawling around. It wasn't pretty, but it was necessary. It was all part of the healing process. This is an hourly thing, then a daily thing, then a weekly thing, and through the grace of God and me being one stubborn sob, a monthly thing on its way here in 5 days or so.  
    Hang in there my friend. You have to completely change the way you think about quitting. You have to tell yourself "NO MORE" and be as strong as an ox each day and realize it only gets better. Look at all the sober people in the world. They are successful and HAPPY! I always knew I could be "that guy" and hopefully this is the start of it. If my hopeless ass can do this, anyone can. Good luck!!!
  • @Todayistheday, that's great you're doing so well and yea I had heard it can be bad to just quit cold turkey if you've been on it so long. Glad you're okay with it.

    Did you have any health problems along with it? other than the physically sick feeling?
  • @TheDayIsToday i'm super glad you shared all of that here. that graphic is great about what withdraw is like... also, thank you for sharing your withdraw process... it helps others to know they can get through those horrible days...

    bugs crawling out of skin... wow.

    maybe at some point you can start a new thread and share what you went through that first week or two.... it might help others and give them hope....

    so happy for you and proud of you! you are such an inspiration!
  • @TheDayIsToday... Three weeks, baby! That's fantastic! And a new job, too! I'm really happy for you, my friend!

    You're doing such a great job. Just remember to keep working hard at sobriety, so if you have a bad day you'll have the power to overcome temptations or cravings. A lot of people get complacent and that can spell disaster.

    Your story is an inspiration. I hope your experience shows other people here that anything is possible. I like @dominica's idea of starting a new thread at some point to document your first couple of weeks. So maybe think about that. 

    Sending you tons of positivity and continued encouragement. Keep doing the next right thing! :)
  • @TheDayIsToday... And thanks for sharing your experiences with @Gardenman13. I love how people in this community help each other. That's what it's all about. :)
  • @dominica @deand I might do that oneday. Probably sometime this week (the new thread idea). It would be longer than this thread. lol 
    Well I have the easiest test I've never studied for today. Drug test for the new company. :-) I didn't study, so wish me luck! ;-) 
    I will NOT get complacent with this. I know how tough it was to quit to begin with. So no worries there. Ok. Be back later. Gotta go pee in a cup.
  • Day 23 is behind me and Day 24 is today. I guess my name kind of suits the problem. The Day Is Today. The day will ALWAYS be today. Whether it's Day 1 as when I started here, or Day 24 which is today. The day really IS today. NO MORE!
  • One of the wisest men ever once said, "All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us". -Gandalf. Today, and every day, is what one makes of it. One can take the easy ways, or the lazy ways, or cede control of the day to someone or something else, or one can make the at times tough choices, but the good choices, and make the day something that they can feel good about.
  • @leaker Gandalf was a wise man indeed. :-) True though. As I hit day 24 I've done more in the last 24 days productive than I did in the entire year prior. It's quite simply amazing.
  • You are rocking it, @TheDayIsToday. Welcome to Day 24. Make it a great one, my friend!! :)
  • @TheDayIsToday awesome!  i am so happy to be following your journey of sobriety!  congrats big big!!!! :) have a great day!
  • @TheDayIsToday... How are you doing today, my friend? Just want you to know I'm thinking about you. :)
  • @deand thank you Dean. I'm doing wonderfully. Got the call yesterday and start the new career tomorrow as "bossman" so need to be on my game! I was not supposed to start until Monday and bought concert tickets for Saturday and tomorrow is my fiancé's birthday which she took the day off for and now I'm probably working 10 hours...but it's ok. Even I laughed at her last night saying, "Well atleast I'll never forget my start day or your birthday now!" For all I know, I'll be off by concert time Saturday, or not working at all. Hoping for as much.
    We're both very happy I'm starting a great career. Plus the fact I've been looking at it head-on with a great positive attitude and clear head....which was a true rarity the last 30 years. 
    It's Day 27. At least I'm past the amount of beers I'd drink in a day. haha Never drank 27. Think 24 was my absolute max.
    Thank you for thinking of me. That reminds me. I have to figure out some sort of "gift" to get her today for tomorrow. Hmm.
  • That's right. DAY 27. Still sober and getting better everyday. Sunday was a tough day. Football, Nascar, etc. Wanted beer. Didn't drink beer. Life is still good. I know the cravings may never go away, but I need to realize that and come to grips...which is a slow process. Hoping that the cravings will eventually go away, even if it's 3-5 months down the road. I heard they tend to subside a lot after a month or so.
    Take care everyone.
    "Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn."
  • @TheDayIsToday... Yay! Day 27!!! Sooooooo awesome!! I'm really proud of you for getting through the football and NASCAR temptations. Good luck on starting the new job tomorrow! I know you'll do just fine!! And an early happy birthday to your fiancée, too! Life is good, brother!
  • Congrats on day 27! Keep it up man. Hope it gets easier as it goes on.
  • @thedayistoday, great job so far. You are dangerously close to a month of sobriety, and you already have so much to look back on be proud of. Not to mention all the stuff to look FORWARD to!

    The cravings will go away. You know it, but believing it takes time, I think. That will come eventually. I think that cravings during things you are (re)experiencing sober are part of the fear the monster uses to try and get someone to falter. "What if you don't have as much fun without the beer?", "what if a buddy calls and asks if you are enjoying the game and a beer? How can you tell them you aren't drinking? You'll sound like a total wuss!" or something.

    But, the more you do things without alcohol, the more you prove to yourself how much you don't need it. Every time I did something for the first time without drinking, it was a great discovery, and a relief. Either I still enjoyed it and knew I could keep doing it, or I learned that I didn't like it, and didn't need to do it any more.

    Keep the faith!
  • It is all about being committed to your goals and how you accomplish them day by day. Even the single step counts.
    I found this very helpful. You can try too and I hope you will get good results as i did.
  • @Leaker good points... i used to think having a couple beers made an activity better... but i always hated the way it made me feel after that initial buzz.... tired... and not able to feel "right". even after 2 beers i don't like the way it makes me feel.... oh the buzz is great, but that doesn't last...

    music now gives me a good buzz :) and exercise.... i love to sing and dance... even in the store :) i think more people ought to allow themselves to feel it...and move!! 

    life can be great without alcohol and it is!
  • As usual, a very insightful comment, @Leaker! Thanks for being here!
  • @TheDayIsToday,

    So happy for you and congrats on what now is ,I guess, DAY 29 of your sobriety ,if I am correct .Things do not always go smooth every day,one day can be more of a challenge than the next but perseverence and dedication is what counts,they will lead you in the right direction towards recovery,not giving up and staying strong.Every day is a victory over the addiction and I'm sure there are many more to come for you.Be proud of what you have achieved so far and keep going!You can do it!

    Take care and good luck!

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