My Tips on Overcoming Pure-OCD

Hello, I like to share my experience pure-ocd and how I've coped with it, so it can be used to help others conquer their pure-ocd.  What I've learned from my pure-ocd experience was that these thoughts are in fact intrusive and not thoughts that I would like to have, act on, or be a part of me.  As soon as I realized and reasoned with myself that these thoughts were not at all the person that I wanted to be I was able to reassure myself not to worry and that these thoughts were no way thoughts of mine because I would never want to be that kind of person.  The kind of person I am talking about is a judgmental, conceited, arrogant, or sexually immoral.

Constantly trying to counteract the intrusive thoughts with reasonable thinking of my own allowed me to eventually realize and be more confident in who I was and who I wanted to be.  Now when I have an intrusive thought I just think to myself "We already been through this countless times, there's no way I would think something like that because I am not that kind of person nor do I want to become that kind of person".  The 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous helped me achieve this sense of reassurance of myself through my return to sanity by a higher power and as well as thorough and fearless introspection (which means looking into one's self thoughts and emotions).

This has worked for me and I hope will help work for others who are suffering from pure-ocd.  I used to have huge anxiety panics even talking with my family at home would resort to me using large amounts of alcohol to cope with the pure-ocd.  I used the alcohol to drown my thoughts away but alcohol only worked for that one night then the next day I woke up depressed, hungover, and the intrusive thoughts still remained.  The pure-ocd got so bad I even tried committing suicide through Tylenol overdose, which hurt so much that I am afraid to commit suicide ever again along with all the risky complications that could go wrong with a suicide attempt.  I hope my experience can help others as well as help myself back to complete health, E-mail me if you have any questions or comments.  I recovered form the comfort of my own home, but that was only because I was incapable of seeking treatment because of how bad my anxiety attacks would be in social situations, I hope sharing my experience helps reach out to others like me who can't attend group meetings for their pure-ocd.
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