I. Fell. Down.

Yesterday was day three sober. I relapsed. Today is day one again. I made it through the day though. Went to a meeting. Got up. Dusted myself off. Going on day two. Have high hopes for the future.
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  • @Adler2073 hey there. thank you for sharing...

    that's right... dust yourself off and get right back at it... relapse is common in early recovery....you just keep trying...keep going back to those meetings!! yes....

    keep your dreams alive....have you gotten a sponsor yet??
  • @Adler2073... Relapse is not failure. Always remember that. And you are doing the right thing by getting up and getting on the right path again.

    I often tell people that recovery/sobriety is like any other learned behavior: You have to practice it a bit before you get really good at it. If you were trying to learn a foreign language, you wouldn't expect to be an expert at it as soon as you started, would you? Of course not! You have to learn, practice, fail, learn some more, practice some more; and eventually your brain starts to "get" it. Think of sobriety the same way. You are learning, my friend. And you are getting better at it. And it will eventually "click" in your brain. So attack Day 1 again and know that you're making progress. And it's all about progress, not perfection.

    We're here for you. You know that. And we're behind you 100 percent. 
  • @Adler2073 Thats the spirit. Just keep trying. It took me several tries t stop the opiates. I just kept coming. Kept trying. And finally got it. I wish there was a magic cure for us addicts. But there is not. All we can do is the best we can. Good luck to you.
  • @adler2073 best of luck for your adventure.  I said adventure because you have to control your mind to quit.
  • Thank you for the advice and encouragement.
  • Thank you Dean and dominica! You guys have really been great.
  • I appreciate the uplifting words Tommy. I will get it. I want to live. Not die.
  • @Adler2073 good morning! hope you are doing good today..

    check in when you get a chance!!!

    sending positive, sober vibes your way!
  • Thinking of you this morning, @Adler2073. Give us an update when you can. And remember: We're all rooting for you.
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