Suboxen vs Zubsolv

Hi...I am a newbie here. I finally got sick of chasing pain pills and decided to visit a suboxen clinic. I was given generic suboxen the first 5 days and for the first time in a very long time I felt "normal" optimistic and completely understand the pros of using this type of medication. The time I spent chasing pills and feeling guilt that turned into deep depression can now be used to start a solid recovery. Issue is the Dr gave me a Free month of zubsolv...I was given the generic suboxen until the pharmacy could get the zubsolv in. 7 days into treatment, going on day 2 on zubsolv I just lay around, sleep and eat. No desire to move. The only info I can find online is from others that had months to years on suboxen and now are being switched to it is not psychosomatic! I took the generic suboxen tablets and zubsolv is also tablet form. The little pieces of info I found online about zubsolv from others also stated to take less because it has a higher absorption rate ( the sub Dr. I saw already had that covered when perscribing). I am a bit paranoid when it comes to big pharma and insurance companies as it is. I am one that knows for a fact no 2 generics are the same. I also know zubsolv is not a generic. Anyways...Does anyone have any long term experience with this med? I prefer to take medications that others have taken safely for years...I know a few people personally that have been on suboxen 10 plus years and they are healthy and safe.....sorry so long, thx
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  • @Supportseeker hello and welcome. i'm glad that you have been able to get off pain pills!!!

    I do not have any experience with that medicine... :/  

    I do hope someone will....

    Can you consult a dr. in your area that may be able to offer you some good info?
  • @dominica...thx for the reply. I am being told that insurance companies are now only covering zubsolv and have dropped suboxen. I am uninsured so I will have the Dr. switch me back asap. This is a very new issue so instead of finding others with experience taking zubsolv I am reading posts about people being upset with their insurance companies. All of this information I am posting is coming from multiple support sites of the web so I could have misinformation...hopfully more people can chime in :)
  • @Supportseeker... I don't have any direct experience with either Suboxone or Zubsolv. I did a little bit of research online, though, and found this link to be helpful:

    You may want to check it out.

    Also, big congrats to you on your decision to free yourself from pain pills. Very proud of you!
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