Finally! It’s Officially Hip to Be Sober

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Sobriety just got a whole lot cooler.

Activities to celebrate sobriety are popping up in major cities all over the country, as more and more people are choosing to leave the bar scene behind in search of social gatherings that are more meaningful. This shift of abstaining from alcohol comes as a breath of fresh air, indicating that we’re getting fed up with conversations we can’t quite remember the next day.

Instead, we’re looking to deepen our connections with others; thankfully, a wide range of sober pre- and post-work activities are now here to do the trick.

Who Needs the Bar Scene, Anyway?

The buzz likely began with Daybreaker, a New York-based movement that brings pre-dawn sober dance parties to major cities across the globe. It’s an action-packed, alcohol-free rave…one where you can dance the morning away before hitting the office.

Additional sober options include:

  • The Get Down, a sober dance party that allows you to, according to its web site, “shake off the work day, sweat your ass off with 300 of your new best friends, discover moves you didn’t know you had in you and remember how awesome life is.”
  • But the alcohol-free, adrenaline highs don’t end there. Meditation Bar in Austin, Texas, offers “Happy Hour” meditation classes, claiming to leave you happier and MNDFL, New York City’s first boutique meditation studio, “exists to enable humans to feel good.” Known already for being a hip, sober place to hang out, MNDFL offers a variety of classes and a meditation room open to the public for self-guided practice.
  • Juice crawls” have become all the rage,as monthly events for those living in NYC and a Manhattan-based social group, called the Clean Fun Network, was created to connect those committed to a healthy,fun and sober lifestyle.
  • And finally, there’s The Shine, a bi-monthly post-work movement held in both the LA and NYC areas. The Shine was founded in 2014 to create a mindful, connected community; one where alcohol isn’t even a temptation. Instead, specially sourced artisan water is served, along with a healthy dose of meditation, live music, vegan snacks and “enlightertainment”. The response to this alcohol-free, inspirational evening was overwhelming…in fact, tickets sold out to New York City’s inaugural Shine event within a week.

A Growing Trend

In short, the opportunities available for non-drinkers today are gaining traction, as more crave to have all the fun…with none of the morning after regret. Booze, it seems, may finally be losing some of its appeal.

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