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There are a number of factors that contribute to the success of an addict going through the recovery process. Everything from the approach that a recovery program takes toward counseling a patient to the location of the center can have an effect. For some, a beach drug recovery facility location can be more effective than a facility located in the middle of a city. While the reasons behind the preferred location may differ by patient, the fact that there is a preference makes it important to find the best treatment facility that meets the particular needs of that patient.

Finding a top-rated oceanfront drug recovery center can be a difficult process unless you know precisely what to look for. Fortunately, the qualities that make for a top center for recovery near the ocean are the same as those for a top addiction recovery center located somewhere else. When narrowing down your search, consider these features of each program:

  • Program methods
  • Program length
  • Success rates
  • Locale

To ease your program selection, a call to 1-888-319-2606 Helpline Information can connect you to knowledgeable professionals who can help you narrow down the available rehab and recovery treatment facilities according to your preferences.

Methods for Treatment

Most oceanfront treatment facilities will likely be of the inpatient setting. To participate in the program, the patient will have to live at the facility under 24-hour supervision.

According to the NSDUH, 23.2 million people over the age of 12 required drug or alcohol abuse treatment in 2007 alone. Differing programs use various methods for treating the recovering addict. Many of these approaches are successful for helping the addict through the detox period as the patient flushes the drugs from his or her body, as well as throughout the drug counseling period. Some may use a more faith-based approach toward treating the patient, while others use a secular approach. Some programs may use an inpatient approach for treatment where the patient is in 24-hour residence during the treatment, while others may use an outpatient approach where the patient only goes to the center to receive medication or for counseling sessions.

Most oceanfront treatment facilities will likely be of the inpatient setting. To participate in the program, the patient will have to live at the facility under 24-hour supervision. This allows the patient to fully concentrate on the recovery process without the distractions of the outside world interfering. It also provides medical support for the patient, which is very important when the patient goes through the potentially dangerous detox process. Medical support is a factor when the recovery process includes medication to deal with co-occurring conditions or when using a tapering-off process for removing the drugs from the patient’s body, since tapering may lead to the onset of withdrawal on occasion.

To find the best treatment center available, the patient should look at the various methods used and choose the ones that they are the most comfortable with. For some, this means choosing a program that emphasizes the aid of a higher power, while for others, this means selecting an outpatient program that allows them to return to their homes every day.

Length of the Program

When looking for a beach rehab program, select one that’s long enough to provide both detox and counseling services for a period of time that will give the patient the tools needed to deal with the addiction. Many inpatient programs offer a 28-day treatment period. Recovery times vary by individual, though, and the initial program length may not be long enough to provide the toolset that the addict needs to remain drug-free after leaving the center. To address this issue, the best programs offer an extendable treatment program that allows the patient to remain within the center and under treatment for as long as needed, well beyond the initial treatment time.

Some residential therapeutic communities offer treatment for as long as six to 12 months. Program length information, as well as other detailed information about facilities located throughout the country, can be found by calling 1-888-319-2606 Helpline Information .

Program Success Rate

No treatment program can offer a 100-percent recovery rate or guarantee that you’ll remain clean and sober once you’re finished with the program. The top programs can show that they have a high rate of success, however, and this success rate should be an important variable when considering a treatment program to enter.



The final determinant should be the locale of the program. Oceanfront recovery facilities are a small amount in the overall number of recovery facilities available. Once you’ve narrowed down the list of available facilities by program method, program length and success rate, however, the list of those with a beachfront locale should be small enough to make choosing a treatment center straightforward.

The final step is simply to find a beach drug recover facility where you feel comfortable. This can be a locale near your home, which allows you to have regular visits from friends or family, or a locale in another region, where you have greater anonymity as you go through the treatment process. For help finding the right oceanfront rehab center for you, call 1-888-319-2606 Helpline Information today.

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