Choosing the Best Inpatient Child Abuse and Addiction Recovery Center

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The repercussions of experiencing child abuse can last a lifetime with many problems in adulthood beginning in those early experiences. Child abuse involves much more than physical harm. It often precedes substance problems, for example, and problems with depression, anxiety,and adult relationships.

While everyone copes with abuse differently, a large number of abuse victims turn to substances as a primary coping mechanism. Child abuse and addiction treatment programs can help you deal with both problems at once, addressing the issue of addiction to drugs, alcohol or a particular behavior while simultaneously addressing issues related to childhood trauma and abuse. These centers offer many benefits that home care or outpatient treatment can’t provide.

A Safe Space


A child abuse history creates a great many needs for psychological safety. A treatment center can provide a safely monitored environment in which you can receive help. Such programs will control visits you while maintaining your privacy and safety. Without the fear of seeing or being intimidated by your abuser, you can focus on your recovery. In many cases, program staff can also help you determine if you can take legal action against your abuser and if you want to pursue that. The safety and support of a treatment center that is experienced in helping abuse survivors can help break through the isolation of struggling with abuse alone. Our staff can help you find the right facility for you. Call 1-888-319-2606 Helpline Information to get the help you need.

Experienced Medical Staff and Help With Detox

Child abuse and addiction rehab facilities have doctors, nurses, addiction specialists and psychologists who can help you safely detox from drugs or alcohol and manage the symptoms of your trauma at the same time. Home detox can be dangerous, and the uncomfortable symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, shaking, sweating and intense cravings, can become so intense that you use drugs or alcohol to stop your suffering. As an added benefit, the staff will monitor you regularly to make sure you don’t relapse. At home, you are likely to have unrestricted access to drugs or alcohol and if trauma symptoms intensify, you are at risk to use again.

Treatment of Sexual Abuse and Addiction Together

“Only dealing with addiction without addressing the abuse may seem easier, but it doesn’t address the underlying causes of your addiction”

Child abuse addiction rehab programs can give you dual services. You can explore your history of child abuse and your addiction at the same time. You’ll need to address both your sexual abuse and your addiction in order to stop using. Only dealing with addiction without addressing the abuse may seem easier, but it doesn’t address the underlying causes of your addiction.

You might find that as you work with certified, experienced professionals, your pain lessens and your desire to use drugs and alcohol isn’t so strong. The American Psychological Association points out that it takes time for life to feel normal again but that the vast majority of abuse survivors found that receiving services or advice from professionals helped them during the recovery process. For help getting in touch with these types of professionals, call 1-888-319-2606 Helpline Information .

Learning Self-Care

According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, child victims of abuse often don’t develop healthy self-esteem. Without healthy self-esteem, you’re less likely to meet your goals, form healthy relationships and treat your body with respect. Treatment center staff can help you develop healthy self-esteem from within. In addition to therapeutic work, many centers also offer optional art programs, spiritual services, nutrition coaching, workout help and other activities designed to teach you healthy self-care.

Assessing Healthy Relationships and Healthy Sexuality

“Addiction and child abuse addiction rehab and recovery centers can teach you to love yourself.”

Child abuse addiction programs work with you on a one-on-one basis to make sure you understand how to be in healthy relationships and how to have a healthy sex life. For many abuse survivors, this process must be done alone without the pressure of worrying about your partner’s feelings. Many couples also abuse drugs or alcohol together so individual programs can help you step back and evaluate if your relationship is an asset to your recovery or a hindrance. You often need distance to figure this out and a recovery program with individual attention can provide that.

Meeting All Your Needs

long term care to patient

Care centers that provide dual services seek to meet all the needs you have to better manage both issues. While you’re in a program to address child abuse, or child abuse and addiction together, you are relieved of the stressors of work, school, home life, chores or caring for your family. Your primary objective is to care for yourself. This act isn’t selfish, but helps you better prepare to meet your life obligations which might include caring for others.

Long-term residential care offers a bevy of benefits that immerse you in the process of caring for yourself and exploring your problems. Still, child abuse and addiction treatment programs that require long stays aren’t the only way to heal. If you want to discuss other options, such as outpatient care or short-term treatment services, we can still help. Call us at 1-888-319-2606 Helpline Information at any time to begin exploring your treatment options.

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