Author: Stanton Peele

Stanton Peele has been innovating in the addiction field since the publication of his first book, Love and Addiction, in 1975, including addiction to activities and experiences other than substances, harm reduction, skills and coping approaches to recovery, values and purpose as antidotes to addiction, and mindfulness/self-acceptance (loving kindness) precepts shared with Buddhist meditation. He has published 250 articles and 12 books, including The Meaning of Addiction (1985), Diseasing of America (1989), The Truth About Addiction and Recovery (1991), 7 Tools To Beat Addiction (2004), Addiction-Proof Your Child (2007), and Recover! Stop Thinking Like an Addict, in 2014. He was the clinical director and designer of the Life Process Program for a residential rehab that is now an on-line program.
  • Credentials:
    Ph.D., J.D.; Licensed Psychologist, Attorney
  • Titles:
    Founder of Life Process Program; Lifetime Achievement Award, Drug Policy Alliance; Mark Keller Award, Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs
  • Organizations:
    Life Process Program; Practical Recovery; Center for Optimal Living; Board Member SMART Recovery, Moderation Management, HAMS Harm Reduction for Alcohol
  • Expertise:
    Addiction Treatment, Values and Purpose in Recovery, Natural Recovery, Prevention, Non-Addictive Child Rearing, Neuroscience, 12-Steps, Sensible Drinking/Substance Use

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