Author: Rebecca Kronman

I work with creative people using creative techniques to help you feel better.

I started my career working with unemployed adults, providing counseling and referrals to a wide variety of services. From there, I transitioned to working with older adolescents and adults involved in the criminal justice system, managing a supportive internship program, helping people prepare for interviews and working one-on-one and in groups for therapy. As a side project, I taught yoga and meditation at Riker’s Island to sentenced inmates. I hold a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Hunter College with a clinical focus; during my time there I extensively studied how trauma manifests in the body and methods for releasing it. My research also included an exploration of power and privilege, a concept that I'm committed to exploring with clients. In my spare time I practice yoga and meditation, which play an important role in my clinical work.

In my professional life, I’ve worked with many people in therapy for the first time. I’ve become adept at creating a safe environment and building trust with people who are apprehensive about the process. I’m a patient and empathetic listener, but I don’t shy away from offering feedback and respectful challenges. I often utilize mindfulness techniques such as breath work and body awareness exercises to look for clues about unconscious feelings. I like to create assignments collaboratively between sessions to test out new techniques, which can help progress go faster and change be more enduring.
  • Credentials:
    LMSW, Social Work - City University of New York-Hunter College
  • Titles:
    LMSW at Private Practice
  • Expertise:
    Treatment of Substance Abuse, Depression, Anxiety and Trauma Using Mindfulness-based Interventions

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