Author: Judith Pinkerton

Founder of Music 4 Life® Center, Judith Pinkerton’s hospital experience in the 1980’s activated her passion when her solo violin music replaced routine post-surgical medication.

Judith works weekly with over 100 clients at American Addiction Centers in Las Vegas, Nevada, receiving the first music therapy license in the USA.

As TEDx speaker, author, trainer, radio show host, and recording artist for accredited workshops, books and healing CDs, Judith’s Music Medicine Protocol is published in the Music and Medicine Journal (Wellman & Pinkerton, 2015).

Everything she does supports healthy lifestyles, practicing healing heart, mind, body and spirit. She believes in thinking differently to save lives and transform lifestyles. The way she practices healing is by using music from all genres in a simple formula that regulates moods. She makes music work through therapy like medicine.

Judith’s leadership has resulted in significant funding to support teams of music therapists, wellness and rhythm facilitators, including her previous role during 20 years as nonprofit music therapy clinic and internship director serving all ages.

As violinist, she has performed with symphonies from Switzerland to Alaska including dozens of stars on the Las Vegas strip, such as Andrea Bocelli and Metallica. Judith inspires clients and audiences to practice healthy life skills infusing music experiences differently.

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  • Credentials:
    Licensed, Board-Certified Music Therapist

    Founder/President of Music 4 Life® Center
  • Organizations:

    Music 4 Life® Center

    American Addiction Centers
  • Expertise:
    Music Therapy

    TEDx Speaker



    Radio Show Host

    Recording Artist for Accredited Workshops, Books and Healing CDs

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