Author: Cassandra Keuma, M.A.

Cassandra Keuma

Cassandra Keuma is a Licensed Practical Counselor Candidate. She has her Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health and is also a 500 hour certified Yoga Therapist.

Cassandra's clinical experience includes youth corrections where she worked with both the general population and the sex offender population, inpatient psychiatric care where she worked with clients with varying degrees of mental illness and those who had attempted suicide, and residential treatment where she worked as a group and individual therapist with clients dealing with addiction to substances.

She is currently working with the University of Utah conducting research on the benefits of mindfulness in treating those with chronic pain while also focusing on reducing their reliance upon highly addictive opiates.

  • Credentials:
    Master's in Clinical Mental Health
  • Titles:
    Licensed Practical Counselor Candidate, 500 Hour Yoga Instructor, Yoga Therapist
  • Expertise:
    Clinical Assessment, Severe Mental Illness, Suicide, Trauma, Yoga/Meditation Therapy

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