Author: Anjali Talchekar

Anjali Talchekar
Anjali Talcherkar is an integrative practitioner specializing in the use of Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM) in addiction treatment. She holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology and Addiction Studies and is currently a 3rd-year Ph.D. candidate in Integrative Medicine. Anjali has assisted at UCLA’s Center for Addictive Behavior, investigating how yoga-based relaxation techniques and meditation aid in recovery from addiction, and in Harvard University’s research department, the Division on Addiction. Anjali is a certified yoga and meditation teacher with knowledge in Ayurveda, an ancient Indian healing tradition. Her dissertation research focuses on combining Eastern approaches with conventional interventions, such as the 12-steps. As a recovered substance abuser, Anjali’s personal experience also motivates and informs her work. Anjali currently divides her time between research, freelance writing, and clinical work.

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