Top Thousand Oaks, CA Addiction Recovery Centers: Reviews and Ratings

In Ventura County in 2011, 58 deaths were related to heroin or polysubstance intoxication. The people who overdosed ranged in age from 18 to 77, and 67% of the overdoses were men. Most of the deaths were accidents.1

And overdose is an ever-present risk for people who use heroin or other opioids. But it can happen with other drugs, too, particularly when users combine drugs such as alcohol and sedatives such as Ativan or Valium. From 2005 to 2011, almost a million emergency department visits involved sedatives alone or in combination with opioids or alcohol.2

If you know someone who is abusing drugs, or you are abusing drugs yourself, a rehab center in Thousand Oaks or a nearby area can be the place for you to get your life back on track.

A question people often have when looking for rehabs is how to pay. The cost of the program will hinge on a number of factors. But there are various ways to pay for treatment, including payment plans, sliding scale arrangements, insurance, loans, crowdfunding, and health care credit cards.

Our treatment support specialists are available to help you sift through all the information about rehabs and how to afford them. When you’re ready to talk to someone, reach out to one of them whenever it’s convenient for you.

[1]. Ventura County Health Care Agency. (2013). Transforming Ventura County Communities.

[2]. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. (2014). Benzodiazepines in Combination with Opioid Pain Relievers or Alcohol: Greater Risk of More Serious ED Visit Outcomes. The DAWN Report.

Review 3 Drug and Alcoholism Recovery Centers and Resources in Thousand Oaks, California and 6 Nearby

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How to Choose the Best Addiction Rehab Thousand Oaks, CA Offers

If you've made a decision on what amenities you're looking for, you should be able to locate Thousand Oaks residential abuse treatment programs that suit nearly any need. From executive treatment for businessmen and women to celebrity recovery centers, your city offers many choices, both budget-conscious and top tier.

How Long Should Recovering from Drug and Alcohol Addiction Take?

Depending on the kind of addiction and severity, you or a relative may require anything from a thirty day in-patient drug or alcohol treatment program all the way up to a 120-day or longer one. Some drugs may allow for short-term out-patient programs while severe cases may necessitate longer-term treatment center care. However, you can find a Thousand Oaks treatment facility to fit just about any personal need.

How Much Does a Rehab Treatment Center Cost and Is Insurance Accepted?

In determining the price of rehab in Thousand Oaks, CA, you first have to look at the amenities the center delivers and its location in comparison to your own preferences. There's a wide range in price for rehabilitation facilities. Many take private insurance, so either check with your provider to see if partial coverage can be made through your PPO or HMO, or call our toll-free number for a discreet insurance check.

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Whether you need help getting sober from an addiction or live with a teen who does, our phone line is ready to take your call, around the clock, and is manned by friendly advisors, there to discuss excellent inpatient prescription and illicit drug recovery centers Thousand Oaks, California offers. You can review the specifics of one month addiction recovery clinics versus sixty or ninety day ones and make sure the treatment clinic you decide on is going to give you or your family member everything you'll need to succeed.

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