Top Temecula, Addiction Recovery Centers: Reviews and Ratings

The city of Temecula, California, has a population of about 108,000, a median age of 34, and a median household income of almost $84,000.1

Many people in Temecula and Riverside County suffer from alcohol abuse. In 2017, 18% of Riverside residents reported heavy or binge drinking, and 35% of fatal car crashes involved alcohol.2

Excessive drinking, including binge drinking and heavy drinking, can affect areas of the brain related to coordination, memory, learning, and problem-solving. It can also weaken the heart, increase the risk of strokes and high blood pressure, damage the liver, and increase the risk of cancer.3

Treatment for alcoholism and other addictions usually entails individual and group counseling, as well as other recovery activities such as 12-step meetings. It can include relapse prevention as well as dealing with deeper issues that can drive an addiction, such as trauma or depression. Many programs take insurance or offer payment plans or fees based on a sliding scale.

Are you struggling with abuse of alcohol or other drugs? The recommended course of treatment is medically supervised withdrawal and then entering a rehabilitation program to change behaviors around substance abuse. You can search for detox and treatment centers on this site.

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How to Choose the Best Addiction Rehab Temecula, CA Offers

If you know what amenities you'll want, you can locate Temecula inpatient recovery facilities that fit just about any requirement. From executive treatment for businesspeople to luxury recovery facilities for celebrities, your city offers many options, both low-cost and upscale.

How Long Does Recovering from Drug and Alcohol Addiction Take?

Depending on the type of dependency and intensity, you or someone you care about may be looking at anything from a one month in-patient alcohol or drug rehab facility all the way up to a 4-month or longer one. Certain drug types can be treated with outpatient services while severe cases may necessitate longer-term recovery programs. Fortunately, you can find a Temecula treatment program to fit just about any personal requirement.

How Much Does a Rehab Treatment Center Cost and Is Insurance Accepted?

In determining the cost of treatment in Temecula, CA, you first have to consider the amenities the clinic offers and its locale compared to your own needs. The costs vary considerably for rehab programs. Many will take private insurance, so either check with your provider to see if the price will have partial paid for through your PPO or HMO, or call our number, at no cost for a discreet insurance check.

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Whether you need help recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction or live with a family member who does, our helpline is ready to take your call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is staffed with friendly advisors, there to discuss excellent residential prescription and street drug treatment clinics Temecula, California offers. You can review the costs and benefits of 1-month addiction treatment centers vs 2 or 3-month ones and make sure the treatment center you find is going to give you all you need to get clean and sober.

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