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Health officials are now reporting a concerning mental health and substance misuse crisis taking place across the country. In June 2020, adults aged 18 and older reported a 12% increase in substance use, with 11% reporting thoughts of suicide.1 Many residents of Orange County are struggling with the same issues. In fact, the number of fentanyl-related deaths in the county more than doubled in 2020.2

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction to drugs and alcohol, there is help available. Start recovery today by getting treatment for addiction at a top rehab center in Seal Beach like one of those listed below.

Review 0 Drug and Alcoholism Recovery Centers and Resources in Seal Beach, California and 18 Nearby
  • TRC Luxury Rehab
    Tarzana, CA
    - 38 Miles Away
    No Rating
    We believe in a balanced and active approach to recovery. Our id to address the underlying issues related to addiction...
  • Life Vessel Treatment and Recovery Centers
    Mission Viejo, CA
    - 25 Miles Away
    Excellent - 3 Reviews
    The Life Vessel Philosophy Life Vessel’s clinical approach to treatment is to address our patients’ substance use disorder alongside any co-occurring...
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  • Pacific Manor Recovery
    Riverside, CA
    - 40 Miles Away
    No Rating
    Pacific Manor Recovery – Your addiction treatment provider of choice. At Pacific Manor Recovery we offer a comprehensive addiction treatment...
  • Vanity Wellness Center
    Woodland Hills, CA
    - 40 Miles Away
    No Rating
    Vanity Wellness Center designed the Addiction & Recovery model of care after decades of research and thousands of hours spent with...
  • Recover Integrity for Men
    Los Angeles, CA
    - 29 Miles Away
    Excellent - 15 Reviews
    Recover Integrity is an exclusive extended care treatment center for men. We are a boutique community program, providing high-quality group...
  • Muse
    Los Angeles, CA
    - 29 Miles Away
    Very Good - 13 Reviews
    At A New Start Treatment and Recovery Center, clients receive high-quality substance abuse care that’s both comprehensive and affordable. The...
  • Inspire Health
    Irvine, CA
    - 19 Miles Away
    Excellent - 2 Reviews
    Inspire's clinical approach to treatment is to address our patients’ substance use disorder alongside any co-occurring mental health disorders and...
  • Banyan Palm Springs
    Cathedral City, CA
    - 92 Miles Away
    Great - 3 Reviews
    The goal of our California addiction treatment center is to help patients create happier, healthier, and more productive futures that...
  • Hathaway Recovery Addiction Treatment Center
    Claremont, CA
    - 31 Miles Away
    Excellent - 8 Reviews
    Hathaway Recovery is a luxury exclusive addiction rehab treatment center in Claremont, California offering recovery from all substances. We are...
  • The District Recovery Community
    Huntington Beach, CA
    - 6 Miles Away
    Excellent - 8 Reviews
    The District Recovery Community is a substance abuse and mental health treatment center located in Orange County, minutes away from...
  • Pacific Sands Recovery Center
    Santa Ana, CA
    - 10 Miles Away
    Excellent - 1 Review
    At Pacific Sands Recovery Center we understand that clients are in treatment to learn how to live their lives differently...
  • Profound Treatment
    Tarzana, CA
    - 38 Miles Away
    Excellent - 2 Reviews
    Located in the heart of West Los Angeles, Profound LA offers individualized treatment for people seeking comprehensive services that encompass...
  • Resurgence California
    Costa Mesa, CA
    - 11 Miles Away
    No Rating
    Resurgence California's treatment philosophy is to focus on the patient as a whole and treating them as more than their...
  • Laguna Treatment Hospital
    Aliso Viejo, CA
    - 23 Miles Away
    Great - 173 Reviews
    As Orange County's first chemical dependency recovery hospital (CDRH), Laguna Treatment Hospital provides research-based clinical and support services for adults...
  • Oceanside Malibu Addiction Treatment Center
    Malibu, CA
    - 48 Miles Away
    No Rating
    Addiction is a complex issue and no single treatment approach is going to work for everyone. That is why a...
  • California Highlands Addiction Treatment
    Banning, CA
    - 70 Miles Away
    Excellent - 11 Reviews
    The goals of California Highlands Addiction Treatment are to effectively treat both addiction and mental health issues. Our use of...
  • Wish Recovery | luxury rehab & detox
    Northridge, CA
    - 41 Miles Away
    No Rating
    Our Story Having a loved one in the family struggling with addiction is both distressing and disheartening. You could literally do...
  • California Highlands Vistas
    Fallbrook, CA
    - 56 Miles Away
    Very Good - 5 Reviews
    CHAT Vistas offers drug treatment programs that are designed with you in mind. We use clinically-proven therapies and techniques that...
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How to Choose Top Rated Alcohol and Drug Rehabs Near Seal Beach, CA

There are 309 drug and alcohol rehabs within 25 miles of Seal Beach, CA, with various types of programs including substance use and mental health treatment, or a combination of both. Rehab programs in Seal Beach provide medical detox, inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, partial hospitalization programs, aftercare, sober living, and mutual help groups.

If you’re considering any of the top-rated rehab programs in Seal Beach, be sure to review the following factors to make the best possible choice:

  • Types of treatment offered. Do they offer detox? Will you need inpatient treatment? Have you decided to attend outpatient treatment and remain living at home? Does the facility offer aftercare?
  • Specialties. Does the rehab facility specialize in treating a specific substance use disorder such as opioid addiction or heroin use?
  • Location. Do you want to remain close to home or are you interested in starting fresh in a new location away from toxic relationships or places that might be triggering?
  • Amenities. What amenities are important to you? Some rehab centers have swimming pools or fitness centers. Others may offer indoor and outdoor activities.
  • Costs. Using insurance to cover some of the cost of treatment can decrease out-of-pocket expenses. Find out whether or not the facility you choose accepts your insurance.

Addiction Statistics in Orange County, CA

Orange County community leaders and residents face a growing challenge when it comes to drug addiction in the region. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic created an increase in illicit drug use, with fewer people seeking addiction treatment. In 2020, the Public Health Institute reported 48% fewer people were treated for withdrawal.4 Meanwhile, the number of overdose deaths in Orange County doubled in 2020, with 432 fatalities attributed to the potent and highly addictive fentanyl.2

An extensive report compiled by the Orange County Health Care Agency and the Orange County Sheriff-Coroner Division revealed some concerning statistics:5

  • The rate of deaths by drug and alcohol overdose has increased by 82% since 2000.
  • Men in Orange County are more than two times likely to die from a drug or alcohol overdose than women.
  • Over half (51.8%) of accidental overdose deaths involved prescription drugs.
  • Women in Orange County are 1.6 times more likely than men to overdose from prescription drugs.

For those struggling with addiction in Orange County, there is hope and help available.

How Much Does a Seal Beach Rehab Treatment Center Cost and Is Insurance Accepted?

There are many factors that determine the cost of Seal Beach drug and alcohol rehab. These may include:

  • The types of treatment offered, such as detox, inpatient, outpatient, etc.
  • How long treatment lasts.
  • Types of medications used, if needed.
  • Types of amenities offered.
  • Where the facility is located.
  • Types of insurance accepted.

Many treatment facilities in Seal Beach accept insurance or may offer financial assistance such as payment plans, scholarships, or grants. To find out which types of addiction treatment your insurance covers, you can use our confidential insurance verification form or contact your provider. 

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