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A quality rehab center can offer hope and support for someone struggling with substance use. Fortunately, there are hundreds of viable treatment facilities to choose from in Louisiana.

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Deciding to turn your life around and get clean and sober from alcohol and drugs is a life-changing event, and may be the most critical one you'll ever make. That's why you don't want to make your Louisiana rehab choice until you've discussed all your options and personal considerations such as needing an private luxury facility or one offering exclusive rehab. We keep our help line at no charge staffed 24/7 to answer these questions and others, such as personal or private insurance eligibility.

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The question of how long recovery takes for an alcohol or drug addiction depends on a number of factors. It starts with the individual, what sort of addiction he or she has, and how severe the dependence is. Some drugs may require only outpatient services, where you can continue to stay at home. Others require an inpatient stay at a residential abuse treatment program. treatments, like those in most other states, offer everything from short-term, 30-day solutions up to 120-day and even longer-term alternatives. Talk to an advisor for more information on finding a recovery clinic in Louisiana for you or your loved ones.

How Long Does Recovering from Drug and Alcohol Addiction Take?

When considering the cost of rehab in Louisiana, look at the expense as an investment in your future and your family's. Most treatment programs are able to take partial payment through any PPO, HMO or private insurance plan you have. If you wish to discuss your eligibility and the expense of treatment in , contact our no-cost hotline to get direct and honest answers to your questions.

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Whether your inpatient residential alcohol and drug addiction recovery with take 30 days or 90 days, beginning treatment now improves your odds of getting and keeping healthy. Choosing a rehab center that can meet your own expectations before you ever begin can also help considerably. When you're ready to book treatment, our helpline advisors can help you get properly placed so you get off on the right foot.

Drug Addiction in Louisiana

Louisiana has seen an increase in drug overdose deaths in recent years and is one of the top 20 states in the U.S. with the highest rates of drug overdose deaths.1 In 2016, there were more drug overdose deaths than homicides in the Orleans and East Baton Rouge parishes in the state. Most of the increases in drug-related deaths are related to an opioid epidemic that has swept the state.2

What’s more, many people needing rehab don’t actually get it. From 2007-2014, more than 83% of individuals with illicit drug abuse or dependence in Louisiana did not receive treatment.3

The Louisiana Department of Health was recently given $8.1 million in funding from the federal government to address the opioid crisis. The money will be used to improve and expand existing opioid-related prevention, treatment, and recovery services in the state.2

Addiction by the Numbers

  • Louisiana experienced a statistically significant increase in the number of drug overdose deaths from 2014 to 2015 (12.4%).1
  • Louisiana has an average of 122 opioid prescriptions per 100 people. This is concerning, as 80% of heroin users say they started out abusing prescription opioids.2
  • In Louisiana, more than 75% of criminal offenders are addicted to drugs or alcohol. They are at a high risk of using illicit substances or alcohol unless they are given treatment before they are released.2
  • The state’s rate for past-month heavy alcohol use among adults age 21 or older was 7.5% for 2010-2014, compared to the national average of 6.7%.3
  • Among individuals with alcohol abuse or dependence aged 12 and older located in Louisiana, more than 92% did not receive treatment from 2010-2014.3

How Much Does Rehab Cost?

Due to the different approaches to treatment and the varying levels of care offered at different treatment facilities, there is no set price for addiction treatment. The cost of rehab will depend on the length of treatment you need, facility amenities, program type, and other services offered.

Inpatient treatment is generally more expensive than outpatient programs due to the associated costs of meals and lodging. Luxury facilities with resort-like amenities are also more expensive. Factors outside of your control such as the recommended length of treatment and the needed treatment services will also impact the cost.

Treatment Options

In 2015, Louisiana had about 160 treatment facilities for substance abuse. These rehab centers include outpatient, hospital, and residential programs. More than half accepted private health insurance, as well as Medicare, Medicaid, and federal military insurance. Almost half offered a sliding-scale fee.4

Almost all programs offered individual, group, family, and marital/couples counseling. Additional services offered at programs included assistance with social services, peer support, social skills development, and substance abuse education.4

Local Resources for Recovering Addicts

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