Top Montana Addiction Recovery Centers: Reviews and Ratings

All addiction treatment programs differ from each other in some regard. Just as it’s important to receive treatment, it’s also important to do your research before committing to a program. Ratings and reviews can help you narrow down your search. They cover various program details, such as meals and nutrition, cleanliness, visitor policy, internet/phone policy, staff-to-patient ratio, and more.

5 Drug and alcoholism Recovery Centers and Resources in Montana
  • Rocky Mountain Treatment Center
    Great Falls, MT
    Great - 22 Reviews
    Our philosophy is centered upon recognizing addiction as a chronic, relapsing brain disorder characterized by compulsive use of drugs and/or...
  • Rimrock
    Billings, MT
    Very Good - 23 Reviews
    Rimrock Foundation is the largest treatment center in the Yellowstone Valley region, offering comprehensive care for substance abuse and dual...

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Choosing to turn your life around and get free from drugs and alcohol from alcohol, illicit and prescription drugs is an amazing feat, and may be the most critical one you or your loved one can make. That’s why you don’t want to make your montana rehab choice until you’ve reviewed all your options and personal considerations such as needing an luxury executive program or one offering upscale addiction recovery. We keep our no-cost help line manned 24/7 to answer these questions and others, such as personal or private insurance eligibility

How Long does Recovering from Drug and Alcohol Addiction Take?

The length of rehabilitation for a drug or alcohol addiction depends on a number of factors. It starts with the person, what sort of dependence he or she has, and how severe the dependence is. Some substances may require only outpatient services, where you can get clean without ever having to leave home. Others require an inpatient stay at a residential addiction recovery center. MT rehab, like those in most other states, offer everything from short-term, one month solutions up to 120-day and even longer-term choices. Talk to an advisor for more information on finding a rehab center in montana for you or your loved ones.

How Much Does a Rehab Treatment Center Cost and Is Insurance Accepted?

When determining the price of rehabilitation in montana, look at the expense as an investment in your life and health. Most treatment programs are able to take partial payment through any company or private insurance plan you have. If you wish to review your eligibility and the cost of treatment in MT, dial our toll-free helpline to get direct and honest answers to your questions.

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Whether your MT inpatient-residential alcohol and drug abuse treatment with take 28 days or 90 days, beginning your treatment now improves your chances of getting and keeping healthy. Choosing a treatment clinic that can meet your requirements before you ever arrive at the center can also help immeasurably. When you’re ready to book treatment, our helpline advisors can help you find the right location so you are completely satisfied.

Drug Addiction in Montana

Montana is facing a substance abuse crisis. Public health departments and hospitals report that substance abuse is one of the most serious health problems in Montana communities. The cost of substance abuse in terms of child welfare, healthcare, and the criminal justice system is putting a strain on the state’s budget.1

Drug overdoses are the cause of approximately 2,500 emergency room visits and inpatient admissions each year in the state. 1

Addiction by the Numbers

  • Nearly 250 deaths are attributed to drug overdose per year in Montana.1
  • Past-month heavy alcohol use among adults was higher than the national average according to data from 2010-2014. About 62,000 adults aged 12 and older reported heavy alcohol use per year during that time period.2
  • Only 8% of people in Montana ages 12 and older that struggled with alcohol abuse or dependence received treatment within the previous year, according to 2010-2014 survey data.2
  • Montana data from 2010-2014 found that among individuals ages 12 and older with illicit drug abuse or dependence problems, just 6.9% received treatment within the prior year.2
  • The number of people in substance use treatment in Montana, according to single-day counts, increased from 4,429 in 2013 to 5,064 in 2015.4

How Much Does Rehab Cost?

One of the major reasons people don’t seek treatment is due to the cost, but not every program costs the same. The price can vary greatly from free to hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on the type, length, and location of the program you choose, as well as your insurance policy.

If you have insurance, it’s likely that your provider will cover at least part of your recovery program, if not all. If you’re not sure what your plan entails, call your insurance company for details concerning your specific plan. If you don’t have insurance, many treatment programs offer ways to mitigate the costs of recovery, including scholarships, payment plans, and sliding scales.

Treatment Options

Montana has a variety of inpatient and outpatient drug and alcohol treatment centers located across the state in major cities and towns including Anaconda, Billings, Butte, Box Elder, Fort Benton, Fort Harrison, Great Falls, Harlem, Miles City, Libby, and more.3

In addition to substance abuse treatment for adults, Montana offers specialized addiction treatment programs for adolescents, veterans, trauma survivors, people with co-occurring mental health disorders, and other special populations.3 The Crow Nation Recovery Center also has a Tribal Health Department.3

Local Resources for Recovering Addicts

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